Checklist #2 and Optional Items

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Please send one email message to with the current year and name of your program and “materials” (i.e. “2016 SURF materals”) in the subject line and include required items 1-3 and 6 as attachments and item 4 in the body of your message.

Each document attached (final report, PowerPoint, evaluation, photo release) should be saved noting the year, your last name and first name, and the title of the document. For example, your final report should be saved as “20xx_LastName_FirstName_SURFreport” and your PowerPoint as “20xx_LastName_FirstName_SURFpresentation”.

Also, please ask your faculty advisor to send a separate message to with the current year and name of your program and “approval” (i.e. “20xx SURF approval”) in the subject line and include the text in item 5 in the body of the message.

Please submit the following materials between August 6 and August 27. After OUR has received and approved all 6 items, we will process your final check for payment to the address you specify in item 4. Checks for approved projects will be disbursed on September 27. At that point you may pick up your check or we will send it to you.

Please note: Checks will not be released until these 6 items have ALL been approved, not just received, by OUR. In many cases, the Final Report and/or PowerPoint requires editing before approval, so it is in your best interest to submit your materials early to receive prompt payment.

  1. Final Report
    Please prepare a reflective, one-page summary of the work you accomplished with your program’s support. We want to know both what you did and what you learned about research and yourself. In a narrative format, please answer: What type of research activities you engaged in this summer? What types of skills you learned from your experience? How has this research experience affected your interests and career goals? Attach it as a WORD file (1-inch margins, 12pt. Times New Roman font, single-spaced). Please include your name and the title at the top of your reflection.
  2. PowerPoint
    Please prepare a three-slide PowerPoint presentation designed to be understood by a GENERAL AUDIENCE (i.e., your friends and family), which we will post on the OUR website. Please follow the following guidelines:

    • Slide #1:
      • Project title
      • Student’s name and major
      • Faculty advisor and faculty’s Dept.
      • Photo(s). These photos are used for publicity about students’ research. The photo should provide a clear view of the student’s face. In addition, the photo should help portray the student’s research. For example, a student researching water quality in the Neuse river might show himself or herself with an image of the river in the background; a student studying in a historical archive might take a picture of herself or himself in or in front of the archive; or a student researching dance performance might show himself or herself dancing. If this is a joint project with another student then you both may be in the photo with a caption indicating the name of each student.
        If your project makes it difficult to take an action shot that shows your face and your research at the same time, you may submit two photos: one showing your research in progress, and a second photo for a headshot.
        Be sure to complete and return the Photo and Video Release.
    • Slide #2:
      • What is your research question?
      • Why does your research question matter?
    • Slide #3:
      • What are your results?
      • Why are your results important to your scholarly or research community?
      • Why are your results important to a general audience?

    To get an idea of what we need, you can view past projects elsewhere on this website.

  3. Evaluation and Reporting Requirements
    Please complete the evaluation and attach it as a WORD file.
  4. Address to use for your final check
    When you submit items 1-3 and 6 to using the current year and name of your program and “materials” (i.e. “20xx SURF materals”) in the subject line, please include your name and the address we should use to mail your final check in the body of your email message.
  5. Faculty approvals
    Please ask your faculty advisor to review your project summary and PowerPoint prior to submitting them. Before we can issue your final check, we need your faculty advisor to send an email message to with the current year and name of your program and “approval” (i.e. 20xx SURF approval) in the subject line and the following text in the body of the message: “I have reviewed __________ (student’s name) Project Summary and PowerPoint and I approve of the content. The PowerPoint summary is suitable for display on the OUR website.”
  6. Photographs and Photo Releases
    Complete the Photo and Video Release and attach it as a WORD file. A signed photo release form is required for every identifiable person in photographs that you provide in your final materials.


How Your Materials Will Be Used

The PowerPoint you submit will be posted publicly online. If your mentor would like any results to be withheld for any amount of time, please let us know, and we will not post your PowerPoint online until given permission. (We need to be notified of this in advance of the deadline.) We will also pull anonymous quotes from the summary and evaluation for promotional materials and for donors.

Optional Items
  1. Carolina Research Scholar Program
    This program offers several ways for undergraduates to contribute to a community of research, scholarship and creative performance at UNC-Chapel Hill. Participants will be invited to receive appropriate training and serve as peer advisors. Participants will also be invited to register for the OUR Speaker’s Bureau and talk about their experiences during Sophomore Reorientation and other campus venues. Students meeting progtram requirements will receive the designation “Carolina Research Scholar” on their transcripts. To learn more about the program, including instructions on how to register, please visit the CRS Program page.
  2. OUR Fall Reception
    We are planning a reception in your honor early in the Fall. We hope you will enjoy meeting other students who conducted research over the summer as well as faculty, administrators, and some of the donors who are essential to the program. We will be sending more details and the invitation by email after classes start.