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ACC Undergraduate Research Symposium

This annual symposium showcases undergraduate research from ACC universities. Research from all disciplines is presented through performances, posters, or oral presentations. ACC sports revenues are used to defray some of the expenses of this symposium, including travel support for a small group of UNC students to present.

Become OUR’s ACC Conference Ambassador

The OUR ACC Conference Ambassador’s role is to build community among and provide support to UNC-Chapel Hill Meeting of the Minds presenters.

All full-time undergraduates who are enrolled in baccalaureate programs at UNC-Chapel Hill, are in good academic standing, and who have presented at an ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference are eligible to apply. Currently enrolled students who have served as the OUR ACC Conference Ambassadors in a prior year are eligible to serve again.

The Ambassador is expected to build community among the conference presenters and represent OUR at the conference through various actions, including:

  • Attend the ACC Meeting of the Minds conference
  • Communicate with/meet with presenters as a group before the conference
  • Encourage presenters to attend each other’s presentations
  • Attend as many UNC-Chapel Hill student presentations as possible
  • If possible, take pictures for the OUR website and other marketing materials
  • Talk with the presenters after the conference either individually or in a group to debrief
  • Encourage presenters to submit a blog entry to the OUR Blog about their research project and conference experience
  • Meet with OUR staff to debrief about the conference experience
  • Help OUR staff recruit next year’s Ambassador

To apply for the position, complete this brief application form and submit it to OUR staff and former OUR ACC Conference Ambassadors still on campus will review your application and get back to you.