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Ambassador Office Hours

NameFocusSpecializationsHoursSign UpLocationWould you prefer to do drop in?
Aakanksha GunduBiologyEpigenetics, MedicineMondays 11am-12pmSign up with AakankshaZoom linkAppointment preferred
Alex ReulbachMarine Biology, BiologyTuesdays 12:30 pm- 1:30 pmSign up with AlexZoom details provided upon appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Allie BoyerBiomedical EngineeringBiosensors, enzymes, geneticsThursdays 4-5 pmSign up with AllieZoom LinkAppointment preferred
Anahita GuptaPolicy; BiologyHealth Policy, Human Rights, ImmunologyMondays, 2:15-3:15 pmSign up with AnahitaZoom Linkno
Autumn TuckerNeuroscienceNeuropharmacology; neuroimmunology; medicineTuesdays 2-3Sign up with AutumnZoom linkAppointment preferred
Avery WallPsychologyAttention and memory, psycholinguistics, neuroimagingFridays 12-1Sign up with AveryZoom linkNo preference
Colleen BeredaBiologyGenetics, DNA repair, Gene-Disease ValidityTuesdays 11am-12pmSign up with ColleenZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Colleen McCannBiology, Biomedical EngineeringGenetics, Heart Disease, Cardiology Wednesdays 2-3Sign up with Colleen MZoom linkAppointment preferred
David PeeryComputational ScienceNeuroscience, Bioinformatics, AgricultureMondays 230-330Sign up with DavidZoom linkyes
Divya NarayananNeuroscienceSystems and circuits neuroscience, computational neuroscience Thursdays 1:00-2:00Sign up with DivyaZoom LinkAppointment preferred
Elina ShirolkarStatistics and Computer ScienceR programming, Network Models, SimulationsThursdays 5-6pmSign up with ElinaMeeting ID: 970 2588 8019 Passcode: G8hRGzAppointment preferred
Emily WangComputational
Genetics; Nursing; SchizophreniaFriday 10:30-11:30 amSign up with EmilyZoom linkAppointment preferred
Gargi DixitBioinformaticsBioinformatics, Biostatistics, Medicine, OncologyWednesday 11:15-12:15pmSign up with GargiZoom linkAppointment preferred
Glorimel RodriguezPsychologyRace/ethnicty, discrimination, risk taking Monday 1:15-2:15pmSign up with GlorimelZoom linkAppointment preferred
Hans OhBiology and NeuroscienceNanomedicine, chemical synthesis, breast cancer, chordomaMonday and Wednesday 5:00-6:00 pmSign up with HansZoom linkAppointment preferred
Harshi MatadaBiology and NeurosciencePancreatic Cancer, MedicineWednesday 2:30-3:30 pmSign up with HarshiZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Jen RamaduraiNeuroscience and LinguisticsChild Language Development, Sociolinguistics, Language AcquisitionTuesday 2:30-3:30Sign up with JenZoom linkAppointment preferred
Jessica ChlebowskiBiologyRespiratory, Environmental MedicineMonday 11am-12pmSign up with JessZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Jessie MaHealth Policy and ManagementWomen's health, Biology, AdministrationWednesdays 11am-12pmSign up with JessieAppointment preferred
Jordan KirbyExercise & Sport ScienceExercise Oncology, Mental HealthTuesday 9am -10amSign up with JordanZoom linkAppointment preferred
Julie LeeChemistry, NeuroscienceAlzheimer's Disease, Alcohol Use DisorderMonday 11 am- 12 pmSign up with JuliaZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Kaathya KashyapNeuroscience PTSD, anxiety-related disorders, chronic pain, sexual assaultWednesdy's 10:30am - 11:30amSign up with KaathyaAppointment preferred
Nivi RamasamyNutrition, NeurosciencePublic Health, Nutrition, Obesity, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Electrophysiology, Pre-Clinical Research, Cell Biology Wednesday's 1pm - 2pmSign up with NiviZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Peng XuNeuroscience, PsychologyPharmacology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational NeuroscienceMonday 10 am -11 amSign up with PengZoom linkAppointment preferred
Phoebe PakHealth Policy and Management & NeuroscienceMedicine, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Health Policy, Higher Education, Equity in Health Care systemsMonday 1:30 - 2:30 PM ESTSign up with PhoebeZoom details provided via appointment sign upEmail for appointment
Prisca LimMarine ScienceMarine Chemistry, Nutrient Cycling, Primary ProductivityTue & Thur 1700-1800Sign up with Prisca
Zoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Rachael FisherNeuroscienceAlzheimer's Disease, Alcohol Use DisorderWed 12-1Sign up with RachaelEmail if planning on coming
Rajee GanesanComputational Biology, BioinformaticsFunctional genomics, translational medicine, Crohn's Disease, Immunology, sequencing analysis, autoimmune disordersMondays 1-3 ESTRajeeZoom linkAppointment preferred
Regan CurtisSpanishLatin American culture, reproductive health, gender roles, education, public health, GuatemalaFridays 10-11amSign up with ReganZoom linkNo preference
Reva KodreNeuroscience (pre-nutrition) Cancer Immunology, chemistry, spanish minor, pre-med, pre-nutritionWed. 7-8pmSign up with RevaZoom linkAppointment preferred
Sarah TianBiology, NutritionCancer, molecular biologyThursday 11am-12pmSign up with SarahZoom linkAppointment preferred
Sarah TorzoneBiologyMetabolism; Genetics; BiochemistryFridays 4-5pm, Sundays 4-5pmSign up with SarahZoom linkAppointment preferred
Sneha Makhijani
Sriya KongalaBiology, Pre-medPharmacology, CardiologyThursdays from 3-4 PMSign up with SriyaVirtual appointments preferred
Tarun PrakashChemistry, MathDrug Delivery, Heart simulationMonday 6-7Sign up with TarunZoom linkAppointments preferred
Tina SamodalEnvironmental Health ScienceInfectious Microbiology, Water SanitationTuesday and Thursday 11-12Sign up with TinaZoom details provided via appointment sign upCan do either
Yinuo (Eva) HuLearning Analytics / Computational Social ScienceDiscourse Analysis / Automated FeedbackFriday 4-5 pmSign up with EvaNo
Yolanda SimpsonBiochemistry/ Pharmacology, NeuroscienceMetabolism, Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Fear Conditioning, Behavioral Studies, Alcohol, Liver FibrosisSunday 5-6 pm, Thursday 5:30-6:30 pmSign up with YolandaZoom linkAppointment preferred
Zeke MeltsnerSociological researchQualiative research, sociology, education, child developmentFridays 2-3Sign up with ZekeZoom linkZoom linkAppointment preferred
Zijian LiNutrition, Biochemistry, German minorStructural biology, cell&molecular biology, biophysical and biochemical methodsTuThur 1-2 pmSign up with ZijianZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred