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Ambassador Office Hours

NameFocusSpecializationsHoursSign UpLocationWould you prefer to do drop in?
Aakanksha GunduBiologyEpigenetics, MedicineMondays 11am-12pmSign up with AakankshaZoom linkAppointment preferred
Alex ReulbachMarine Biology, BiologySign up with AlexZoom details provided upon appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Allie BoyerBiomedical EngineeringBiosensors, enzymes, microdevices and pharmacoengineeringWednesdays 5-6Sign up with AllieZoom LinkAppointment preferred
Anahita GuptaPolicy; BiologyHealth Policy, Human Rights, ImmunologyTuesdays 5-6 pm, or email to make an appointmentSign up with AnahitaZoom LinkNo
Autumn TuckerNeuroscienceNeuropharmacology; neuroimmunology; medicineSign up with AutumnZoom linkAppointment preferred
Avery WallPsychologyAttention and memory, psycholinguistics, neuroimagingThursday 5-6PMSign up with AveryZoom linkNo preference
Colleen BeredaBiologyGenetics, DNA repair, Gene-Disease ValiditySign up with ColleenZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Colleen McCannBiology, Biomedical EngineeringGenetics, Heart Disease, Cardiology Tuesdays 12:45-1:45Sign up with Colleen MZoom linkAppointment preferred
David PeeryComputational ScienceNeuroscience, Bioinformatics, AgricultureThursdays 2-3 PMSign up with DavidZoom linkYes
Divya NarayananNeuroscienceSystems and circuits neuroscience, computational neuroscience Thursdays 1:00-2:00Sign up with DivyaZoom LinkAppointment preferred
Elina ShirolkarStatistics and Computer ScienceR programming, Network Models, SimulationsThursdays 5-6pmSign up with ElinaMeeting ID: 970 2588 8019 Passcode: G8hRGzAppointment preferred
Emily WangComputational
Genetics; Nursing; SchizophreniaFriday 10 - 11 amSign up with EmilyZoom linkAppointment preferred
Gargi DixitBioinformaticsBioinformatics, Biostatistics, Medicine, OncologySign up with GargiZoom linkAppointment preferred
Glorimel RodriguezPsychologyRace/ethnicty, discrimination, risk taking Sign up with GlorimelZoom linkAppointment preferred
Hans OhBiology and NeuroscienceNanomedicine, chemical synthesis, breast cancer, chordomaWednesday 4-5 pmSign up with HansZoom linkAppointment preferred
Harshi MatadaBiology and NeurosciencePancreatic Cancer, MedicineFridays 1-2 pmSign up with HarshiZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Jen RamaduraiNeuroscience and LinguisticsChild Language Development, Sociolinguistics, Language AcquisitionTuesday 2:30-3:30Sign up with JenZoom linkAppointment preferred
Jessica ChlebowskiBiologyRespiratory, Environmental MedicineThursday 10:00-11amSign up with JessZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Jessie MaHealth Policy and ManagementWomen's health, Biology, AdministrationSign up with JessieAppointment preferred
Jordan KirbyExercise & Sport ScienceExercise Oncology, Mental HealthThursday 1:00PM-2:00PMSign up with JordanZoom linkAppointment preferred
Julie LeeChemistry, NeuroscienceAlzheimer's Disease, Alcohol Use DisorderTuesday 3-4 pmSign up with JuliaZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Kaathya KashyapNeuroscience PTSD, anxiety-related disorders, chronic pain, sexual assaultTuesday 4:30 - 5:30 pmSign up with KaathyaMeeting ID: 524 680 3758Appointment preferred
Nivi RamasamyNutrition, NeurosciencePublic Health, Nutrition, Obesity, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Electrophysiology, Pre-Clinical Research, Cell Biology Mon 2:30-3:30, Wed/Fri 12:30-1:00Sign up with NiviZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Peng XuNeuroscience, PsychologyPharmacology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational NeuroscienceTuesday 14:30-15:30Sign up with PengZoom linkAppointment preferred
Phoebe PakHealth Policy and Management & NeuroscienceMedicine, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, Health Policy, Higher Education, Equity in Health Care systemsSign up with PhoebeZoom details provided via appointment sign upEmail for appointment
Prisca LimMarine ScienceMarine Chemistry, Nutrient Cycling, Primary ProductivityTuesdays & Thursdays 1300-1400Sign up with Prisca
Zoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred
Rachael FisherNeuroscienceAlzheimer's Disease, Alcohol Use DisorderTuesday 9:30 AM - 11 AMSign up with RachaelZoom linkEmail if planning on coming
Rajee GanesanComputational Biology, BioinformaticsFunctional genomics, translational medicine, Crohn's Disease, Immunology, sequencing analysis, autoimmune disordersTuesdays 3:20-5:00RajeeZoom linkAppointment preferred
Regan CurtisSpanishLatin American culture, reproductive health, gender roles, education, public health, GuatemalaFridays 10-11amSign up with ReganZoom linkNo preference
Reva KodreNeuroscience (pre-nutrition) Cancer Immunology, chemistry, spanish minor, pre-med, pre-nutritionSign up with RevaZoom linkAppointment preferred
Sarah TianBiology, NutritionCancer, molecular biologySign up with SarahZoom linkAppointment preferred
Sarah TorzoneBiologyMetabolism; Genetics; BiochemistryThursday 3:30-4:30pm, Sunday 4-5pmSign up with SarahZoom linkAppointment preferred
Sneha Makhijani
Sriya KongalaBiology, Pre-medPharmacology, CardiologyThursdays from 3-4 PMSign up with Sriya appointments preferred
Tarun PrakashChemistry, MathDrug Delivery, Heart simulationSign up with TarunZoom linkAppointments preferred
Tina SamodalEnvironmental Health ScienceInfectious Microbiology, Water SanitationWednesdays 10-1Sign up with TinaZoom details provided via appointment sign upCan do either
Yinuo (Eva) HuLearning Analytics / Computational Social ScienceDiscourse Analysis / Automated FeedbackFriday 11:00-12:00 amSign up with EvaNo
Yolanda SimpsonBiochemistry/ Pharmacology, NeuroscienceMetabolism, Drug Discovery, Drug Development, Fear Conditioning, Behavioral Studies, Alcohol, Liver FibrosisSign up with YolandaZoom linkAppointment preferred
Zeke MeltsnerSociological researchQualiative research, sociology, education, child developmentSign up with ZekeZoom linkAppointment preferred
Zijian LiNutrition, Biochemistry, German minorStructural biology, cell&molecular biology, biophysical and biochemical methodsTue 1:30-4:00 pmSign up with ZijianZoom details provided via appointment sign upAppointment preferred