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Ambassador Office Hours

Please see below to sign up for office hours with one of our OUR Student Ambassadors.

NameFocusSpecializationsHoursSign Up
AdrianaBiologymRNA Therapeutics, Lipid nanoparticlesMondays 5-6pmSign up with Adriana
AndrewBiology, Neuroscience, Pre-GraduateMolecular Biology, Drug DeliveryMonday/Thursday 2-3pmSign up with Andrew
AryamanChemistry, Math, Pre-healthMolecular biochemistryWednesdays 6-7pmSign up with Aryaman
AvaNeuroscience, Psychology, Pre-healthEEG, Optometry, Neuro-ResearchWednesdays 2-3:15pmSign up with Ava
BrendonChemistry, BiologyHIV Research, Biomedical engineering, polymer chemistryMonday/Friday 10-1pmSign up with Brendon
ChristopherCS, Sociologyopinion dynamics, social media analyticsSign up with Christopher
CorinneBiomedical Engineeringbiomolecular engineering, biosensors, synthetic biology, protein enginering, electrochemistryMonday 12-1pm, Tuesday 5-6pmSign up with Corinne
DanielBiostatistics, Public HealthBusinessMondays 3-4pmSign up with Daniel
DevanshiNutrition, ChemistryDentistryWednesdays 5-6pmSign up with Devanshi
DivyaBiostatistics, Sociology, Public HealthSocial Epidemiology, Women's health, Asian American StudiesWednesdays 3- 4pmSign up with Divya
EmilyMathematics and Data ScienceMathematics and Data ScienceTuesdays 5-6pmSign up with Emily
Hannah-MarieNeuroscience, Women's and Gender StudiesImmunology, vision, animal modelsMondays 6-7pm Sign up with Hannah-Marie
IsabellaBiostatistics, Public HealthEpidemiology, MicrobiologyMondays 5-6 pmSign up with Isabella
JackquelineBiologyMolecular Biology, ImmunologyMondays 3pm-4pmSign up with Jackqueline
JacksonMedical AnthropologyHuman development, environmental stressFridays 12-1pmSign up with Jackson
JakeNeuroscience, Biology, Business AdministrationNeurology (Alzheimer's, Tau,)Wednesdays 9:30-11:30amSign up with Jake
Joe DanicaBiology, Neuroscience, Pre-HealthMedicine, PathologyTuesdays 5:00-6:00pmSign up with Joe Danica
JohnNeuroscience Pre-HealthEpigenetics, Protein PurificationSaturdays 2-3 at Cafe Converge in the Genome Science BuildingSign up with John B
John HBiologyMicrobiology, Marine Sciences, BioinformaticsMondays 1-2pmSign up with John H
KendraBiology, Pre-HealthCell Biology, Metabolism, Lipid HomeostasisThursdays 4-5pmSign up with Kendra
MalakLegal Studies and Political ScienceNorth African Political Systems, Criminal Justice in the USMondays 9:00 AM-11:30AMSign up with Malak
MarianaPsychology/NeuroscienceIntersection between psychology and educationFridays 2:00-3:00Sign up with Mariana
MiaPsychology and NeuroscienceMolecular and behavior pharmacology, Psychedlics, positive affectMonday 4-5pmSign up with Mia
MorganPublic HealthSocial Epidemiology, Maternal and Child HealthTuesdays 1-2pmSign up with Morgan
NeilBiology, Chemistry, Pre-HealthGene Therapy, Drug Development, MedicineFridays 11am-12pmSign up with Neil
ParthBiology, Neuroscience, Pre-HealthMedicine, Developmental StudiesFridays 8am-9amSign up with Parth
RamiHealth Policy and Management, Pre HealthCancer Research, Diagnostic Development, Clinical Research, Translational Research, NeuroscienceWednesdays 10-11AMSign up with Rami
RaseelBiology; Pre-HealthNutritional & Neonatal researchWednesdays 2-4pmSign up with Raseel
RohanBiology; Pre-HealthOphthalmology, Gene TherapyWednesdays 1-2pmSign up with Rohan
RubyNeuroscienceNeuroscience, PsychologyMondays 2-3pm Sign up with Ruby
Sarah ANeuroscience, pre-healthsports medicine, EXSS, clinical researchMondays 1-2pmSign up with Sarah A
Sarah BBiology, pre-healthwomen's reproductive health, endometriosisSundays 5:30-6:30pmSign up with Sarah B
ShaniBiology, pre-researchGene therapy, molecular biology, AAVWednesdays 11:10am-12:10pmSign up with Shani
SophiaBiologyHematology, EM, BiochemWednesdays 5-6pmSign up with Sophia
StevenChemistry, Pharmaceutical SciencesSynthetic chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering,immunologyFridays 5-6pm Sign up with Steven
TiffanieBiology, prehealthNeurology, BME, Clinical ReserachFridays 1:30-2:30pm Sign up with Tiffanie
TimothyFine art, Art HistoryConceptual art, performance art, art pedagogyFridays 1-2pmSign up with Timothy
VishalPsychology, NeuroscienceLearning sciences, affective science, cognitive psychology/neuroscienceFridays 12-1pmSign up with Vishal
ZaneChemistryEnvironmental issuesWednesdays 3-4pmSign up with Zane
ZhihanBiologyMolecular Biology, Genetics, GenomicsThursdays 3:30-4:30pm Sign up with Zhihan