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Celebration Poster Submission 2023

Poster Submission

Fill out this form to submit your poster and abstract. If you have multiple presenters, please do not submit multiple copies of your poster - instead, have one person submit your materials and list all contributors below.
Please enter the department(s) in which the research was conducted. Enter multiple departments or majors separated by semicolons(;), and please list the primary department first.
*If you are the sole presenter, please leave this field blank.* Please list all student contributors to the presentation (not including yourself), and please separate each presenter with a comma.
Please add the text of your abstract here. *If your text has special characters, please upload a PDF below instead*
Please upload your abstract in PDF format. Save your file as LAST NAME-Abstract-YEAR.pdf
Max. file size: 98 MB.
Please upload your poster in PDF format. Save your file as LAST NAME-Poster-YEAR.pdf
Max. file size: 98 MB.