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A student in IDST 184 presents her own research to the class

Many students at UNC start their research in a class. Taking a class is a great way to find out what research is like in a particular field, to learn techniques for conducting research, and to begin to do your own research. Students who don’t have time to pursue research outside class also find this a great way to work on projects they care about while leaving time for extracurricular activities, athletics, jobs, and other responsibilities.

There are many classes that involve research principles, but the Office for Undergraduate Research has identified some courses that make research a major component of the class. Research Exposure Courses introduce students to a research topic and include at least one complete research project by the student. Many of these are designed for people who are new to the field, and they will provide training in how to conduct the research project. Research Intensive Courses will spend more than 50% of class time on original research. Research Methods Courses provide training in the methodologies and techniques used by particular fields to conduct research. Databases of some of the courses in these areas that are offered at UNC Chapel Hill are in databases at the links below. These courses also count toward the Carolina Research Scholar Program.

Students who are interested in research can also take IDST 184 or IDST 194. These one-credit, pass-fail courses are offered each semester and introduce students to research in a variety of fields. In each class session, different researchers from UNC (IDST 194) or triangle-area companies and non-profits (IDST 184) talks to the class about the research they are doing right now and what research looks like in their fields.

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