Post A Research Opportunity

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One valuable resource OUR provides the research community is a searchable database of research opportunities for undergraduates. This database has allowed faculty members to connect with interested and capable undergraduates across the campus. Postings remain in the database for one year or can be removed upon request (e.g. when the position is filled).

In order to post in the database, please fill out this form (onyen authentication required). Posting an opportunity requires you to fill out some essential data about the opportunity:

  • Descriptive Project Title
  • Web page (optional)
  • Description (1,800 characters maximum)
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor’s Department
  • Research Supervisor
  • Contact Information
  • Appropriate Student Majors
  • Position Type (course credit, pay, or volunteer)
  • Position Availability (fall, spring, or summer)

All postings must have a UNC faculty advisor, but research opportunities may be directly supervised by others, who should be listed as the “Research Supervisor.” Many posters use the “Description” section not only to provide specific detail about the opportunity but also to list any pre-requisites or particulars of applying for the opportunity.

Postings will be visible in the database search for one year. OUR will also remove the posting upon request at any time. If you would like to make a change to a posting, you may do by emailing the modified posting to Alternatively, you may post a new opportunity and request removal of the old one.