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Research-Intensive Courses

Every department offers courses in which over half the course is devoted to students conducting original research and presenting research conclusions. Many of these courses are numbered 195, 295, 395, 495, 595, or 695 (these numbers are reserved for undergraduate research experiences). Review the course catalog to obtain course descriptions and specifics about any prerequisites for these courses, since each department is responsible for their own course offerings.

Each semester, most departments also offer other courses which have a substantial research component, but since the amount of time devoted to the research component can change depending on the particular instructor, those courses are not listed here.

Questions about specific courses should be addressed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the relevant department (in the College), or to the person in charge of undergraduate studies in the professional school that is offering the course.

You can search for recent Research-Intensive Courses using the table below.

Course # (e.g. EXSS 395)Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)Instructor
AAAD 395Fall 2018Clegg
ANTH 318Fall 2018Sorensen
ANTH 426Fall 2018Wiener
ANTH 490Fall 2018Stuesse
ARTH 391Fall 2018Douglas
ARTH 396Fall 2018Bauer
ARTH 451Fall 2018Guthrie
ARTH 473Fall 2018Bauer
ARTH 476Fall 2018Valladares
ARTH 52HFall 2018Verkerk
ARTH 592Fall 2018Sherman
ARTH 61Fall 2018Bowles
ARTS 105Fall 2018Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 105Fall 2018Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 116Fall 2018Gruffat
ARTS 202Fall 2018Truong
ARTS 322Fall 2018Truong
ARTS 353Fall 2018Perez-Mendez
ARTS 358Fall 2018Grabowski
ARTS 409HFall 2018Grabowski
ARTS 415Fall 2018Slavick
ARTS 423Fall 2018Hirschfield
ARTS 499Fall 2018Slavick
ARTS 596Fall 2018Gruffat
ARTS 596Fall 2018Nam
ARTS 596Fall 2018Wuerfel
ASIA 496Fall 2018Taj
BIOL 293Fall 2018Coble
BIOL 395Fall 2018Various
BIOL 395Fall 2018Various
BIOL 395HFall 2018Various
BIOL 395HFall 2018Various
BIOL 421LFall 2018Matthysse
BIOL 422LFall 2018Matthysse
BIOL 495Fall 2018Various
BIOL 495Fall 2018Various
BIOL 692HFall 2018Maddox
BMME 691HFall 2018Various
BMME 697Fall 2018Hubbard
CHEM 245LFall 2018Hicks
CHEM 262LFall 2018Eskew
CHEM 395Fall 2018Multiple
CHEM 455Fall 2018Dick
CLAS 691HFall 2018Baragwanath
CLAS 691HFall 2018Downie
CLAS 691HFall 2018James
CLAS 691HFall 2018Rosenmeyer
CMPL 260Fall 2018Koelb
COMM 089Fall 2018Brown
COMM 150Fall 2018Rudinsky
COMM 350Fall 2018Wood
COMM 396Fall 2018Robinson
COMM 396Fall 2018Robinson
COMM 396Fall 2018Striley
COMM 534Fall 2018Brown
COMM 571Fall 2018Watts
COMM 596Fall 2018Acosta
COMM 596Fall 2018Robinson
COMM 635Fall 2018Cunningham
COMM 638Fall 2018Rudinsky
COMM 644Fall 2018Hondros
COMM 660Fall 2018Megel
COMM 693HFall 2018Hondros
COMM 693HFall 2018Silva
COMM 693HFall 2018Watts
COMP 495Fall 2018Nicholas
COMP 495Fall 2018Prins
COMP 495Fall 2018Styner
COMP 691HFall 2018Krishnamurthy
COMP 691HFall 2018Mayer-Patel
COMP 691HFall 2018McMillan
COMP 691HFall 2018Niethammer
COMP 691HFall 2018Pozefsky
COMP 691HFall 2018Singh
COMP 691HFall 2018Snoeyink
COMP 691HFall 2018Styner
DRAM 193Fall 2018Haslett
DRAM 193Fall 2018Rolleri
DRAM 196Fall 2018Cornell
DRAM 196Fall 2018Rolleri
DRAM 290Fall 2018Abbenante
DRAM 290Fall 2018Cornell
DRAM 290Fall 2018Latimer
DRAM 290Fall 2018Rolleri
DRAM 290Fall 2018Smolko
DRAM 393Fall 2018Cornell
DRAM 393Fall 2018Rolleri
DRAM 466Fall 2018Chambers
DRAM 467Fall 2018Chambers
DRAM 468Fall 2018Abbenante
DRAM 470Fall 2018Owen
DRAM 470HFall 2018Owen
DRAM 473Fall 2018Morris
ECON 691HFall 2018Hendricks
ENEC 304Fall 2018Bell
ENEC 393Fall 2018Various
ENEC 395Fall 2018Various
ENEC 493Fall 2018Various
ENEC 593Fall 2018Various
ENEC 693HFall 2018Various
ENEC 698Fall 2018Various
ENGL 274Fall 2018Langbauer
ENGL 292Fall 2018Langbauer
ENGL 304Fall 2018Irons
ENGL 345Fall 2018DeGuzman
ENGL 353Fall 2018Rivard
ENGL 385Fall 2018Larson
ENGL 472Fall 2018Andrews
ENGL 480Fall 2018Anderson
ENGL 89Fall 2018Kim
ENGL 89Fall 2018Viscomi
EXSS 395Fall 2018Multiple
FREN 692HFall 2018Furry
FREN 692HFall 2018Pruvost
FREN 692HFall 2018Tanner
GEOG 437Fall 2018Gray
GEOL 395Fall 2018Various
GEOL 691HFall 2018Various
GEOL 72HFall 2018Coleman
HIST 178HFall 2018Bullard
HIST 398Fall 2018Barney
HIST 398Fall 2018Don Reid
HIST 398Fall 2018La Serna
HIST 398Fall 2018Larres
HIST 398Fall 2018Lindsay
HIST 398Fall 2018Pennybaker
HIST 398Fall 2018Waterhouse
HIST 398Fall 2018Watson
LING 520Fall 2018Smith
MATH 691HFall 2018Assani
MATH 691HFall 2018Christianson
MATH 691HFall 2018Forest
MATH 691HFall 2018Jones
MATH 691HFall 2018McLaughlin, Camassa
MATH 691HFall 2018Metcalfe
MATH 691HFall 2018Miller
MATH 691HFall 2018Mucha
MATH 691HFall 2018Mucha
MUSC 266Fall 2018Anderson
MUSC 300Fall 2018Yang
MUSC 303Fall 2018Wissick
MUSC 305Fall 2018Kris
PHIL 261Fall 2018Brassfield
PHIL 292Fall 2018Swartzer
PHIL 691HFall 2018Bovens
PHIL 691HFall 2018Hofweber
PHIL 691HFall 2018Roberts
PHIL 691H.Fall 2018Neta
PHIL 698Fall 2018Oprea
PHIL 698Fall 2018Oprea
PHYS 295Fall 2018
PHYS 395Fall 2018
PLCY 110HFall 2018Zimmerman
PLCY 395Fall 2018Davis
PLCY 691HFall 2018Krome-Lukens
PLCY 698Fall 2018Krome-Lukens
PSYC 210Fall 2018Harrison
PSYC 210Fall 2018Sathy
PSYC 395Fall 2018Abramowitz
PSYC 395Fall 2018Algoe
PSYC 395Fall 2018Arnold
PSYC 395Fall 2018Bardone-cone
PSYC 395Fall 2018Belger
PSYC 395Fall 2018Boettiger
PSYC 395Fall 2018Campbell
PSYC 395Fall 2018Carelli
PSYC 395Fall 2018Chanon
PSYC 395Fall 2018Daughters
PSYC 395Fall 2018Fitting
PSYC 395Fall 2018Giovanello
PSYC 395Fall 2018Gordon
PSYC 395Fall 2018Gray
PSYC 395Fall 2018Hopfinger
PSYC 395Fall 2018Hussong
PSYC 395Fall 2018Kurtz-costes
PSYC 395Fall 2018Lindquist
PSYC 395Fall 2018Mulligan
PSYC 395Fall 2018Muscatell
PSYC 395Fall 2018Ornstein
PSYC 395Fall 2018Payne
PSYC 395Fall 2018Prinstein
PSYC 395Fall 2018Propper
PSYC 395Fall 2018Reissner
PSYC 395Fall 2018Telzer
PSYC 395Fall 2018Thiele
PSYC 395Fall 2018Youngstrom
PSYC 530Fall 2018Sathy
SOCI 396Fall 2018Aldrich
SOCI 396Fall 2018Perrin
SOCI 423Fall 2018Tyson
SOCI 64Fall 2018Tyson
SOCI 691HFall 2018Aldrich
SPAN 395Fall 2018Alexander
SPAN 692HFall 2018Munoz-Hermoso
AAAD 395Fall 2019Pier
AAAD 410Fall 2019Sahle
AMST 489Fall 2019Herman
ANTH 390Fall 2019King
ANTH 448Fall 2019King
APPL 495Fall 2019Pegard
ARTH 113Fall 2019Williams
ARTH 391Fall 2019String
ARTS 103Fall 2019Mckinsey Sisk
ARTS 103Fall 2019Rager
ARTS 105Fall 2019Cox
ARTS 105Fall 2019Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 105Fall 2019Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 116Fall 2019Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 132Fall 2019Slavick
ARTS 202Fall 2019Truong
ARTS 206Fall 2019Truong
ARTS 233Fall 2019Hirschfield
ARTS 305Fall 2019Wuerfel
ARTS 322Fall 2019Truong
ARTS 353Fall 2019Perez-Mendez
ARTS 409HFall 2019Grabowski
ARTS 416Fall 2019Truong
ASIA 359Fall 2019Yaghoobi
BIOL 293Fall 2019Coble
BIOL 395Fall 2019Various
BIOL 395HFall 2019Various
BIOL 422LFall 2019Matthysse
BIOL 495Fall 2019Various
BIOL 692HFall 2019Maddox
BMME 295Fall 2019Diekman
BMME 295Fall 2019Gallippi
BMME 295Fall 2019Giovannucci
BMME 295Fall 2019Gomez
BMME 295Fall 2019Hu
BMME 295Fall 2019MacDonald
BMME 495Fall 2019Cartee
BMME 495Fall 2019Giovannucci
BMME 495Fall 2019Polacheck
BMME 691HFall 2019Cartee
BMME 691HFall 2019Dayton
BMME 691HFall 2019Frohlich
BMME 691HFall 2019Giovannucci
BMME 691HFall 2019Goldberg
CHEM 245LFall 2019Hicks
CHEM 262LFall 2019Zurcher, Borger
CHEM 395Fall 2019Multiple
CHEM 455Fall 2019Dick
CMPL 382Fall 2019Legassie
CMPL 460Fall 2019Koelb
CMPL 463Fall 2019Warner
CMPL 468Fall 2019Downing
CMPL 469Fall 2019Pichova
CMPL 482Fall 2019Lesher
CMPL359Fall 2019Yaghoobi
COMM 150Fall 2019Rudinsky
COMM 350Fall 2019Adcock
COMM 396Fall 2019Robinson
COMM 396Fall 2019Robinson
COMM 396Fall 2019Striley
COMM 526Fall 2019Mumby
COMM 534Fall 2019Brown
COMM 571Fall 2019Watts
COMM 596Fall 2019Robinson
COMM 635Fall 2019Haslett
COMM 644Fall 2019Hondros
COMM 660Fall 2019Megel
COMM 693HFall 2019Marwick
COMM 693HFall 2019Marwick
COMM 693HFall 2019Striley
COMM 89Fall 2019Brown
COMP 495Fall 2019Bansal
COMP 495Fall 2019Bishop
COMP 495Fall 2019Mayer-Patel
COMP 495Fall 2019Prasan
COMP 495Fall 2019Sturton
COMP 495Fall 2019Styner
COMP 523Fall 2019Terrell
COMP 691HFall 2019Alterovitz
COMP 691HFall 2019Bishop
COMP 691HFall 2019Fuchs
COMP 691HFall 2019Jeffay
COMP 691HFall 2019Lin
COMP 691HFall 2019McMillian
COMP 691HFall 2019Pozefsky
COMP 691HFall 2019Snoeyink
COMP 691HFall 2019Styner
DRAM 193Fall 2019Haslett
DRAM 193Fall 2019Rolleri
DRAM 196Fall 2019Cornell
DRAM 196Fall 2019Rolleri
DRAM 290Fall 2019Cornell
DRAM 290Fall 2019Navalinsky
DRAM 290Fall 2019Rolleri
DRAM 290Fall 2019
DRAM 290Fall 2019
DRAM 393Fall 2019Cornell
DRAM 393Fall 2019Rolleri
DRAM 460Fall 2019Rolleri
DRAM 467Fall 2019Chambers
DRAM 470Fall 2019Owen
DRAM 470HFall 2019Owen
DRAM 473Fall 2019Morris
ENEC 304Fall 2019Bell
ENEC 393Fall 2019Cooke
ENEC 393Fall 2019Gangi
ENEC 393Fall 2019George
ENEC 393Fall 2019Gray
ENEC 393Fall 2019Naess
ENEC 395Fall 2019Dubbs
ENEC 395Fall 2019Hurlbert
ENEC 395Fall 2019Mitchell
ENEC 395Fall 2019Monast
ENEC 395Fall 2019Noble
ENEC 395Fall 2019Rosman
ENEC 493Fall 2019George
ENEC 493Fall 2019Naess
ENEC 593Fall 2019Cooke
ENEC 693HFall 2019Cable
ENEC 693HFall 2019Castillo
ENEC 693HFall 2019Fodrie
ENEC 693HFall 2019Hall
ENEC 693HFall 2019Marchetti
ENEC 693HFall 2019Noble
ENEC 694HFall 2019Fodrie
ENEC 694HFall 2019Paerl
ENEC 698Fall 2019Delesantro
ENEC 698Fall 2019Dubbs
ENEC 698Fall 2019Hall
ENEC 698Fall 2019Hee
ENEC 698Fall 2019McNelis
ENEC 698Fall 2019Naess
ENEC 698Fall 2019Riggs
ENEC 698Fall 2019Rosman
ENEC 698Fall 2019Salvesen
ENEC 698Fall 2019Van Doren
ENGL 149Fall 2019Rivard
ENGL 274Fall 2019Langbauer
ENGL 304Fall 2019Irons
ENGL 385Fall 2019Larson
ENGL 445Fall 2019Dore
ENGL 473Fall 2019McKee
ENGL 487Fall 2019Sawin
ENGL 66Fall 2019Viscomi
ENGL 681Fall 2019Flaxman
EXSS 395Fall 2019Multiple
FOLK 370Fall 2019Hinson
FOLK 77HFall 2019Hinson
GEOG 215Fall 2019Delamater
GEOG 391Fall 2019Riveros-Iregui
GEOG 392Fall 2019Lentz
GEOG 437Fall 2019Clark
GEOG 540Fall 2019Delamater
GEOL 395Fall 2019Various
GEOL 691HFall 2019Various
GEOL 72HFall 2019Coleman
HIST 691HFall 2019
IDST 195Fall 2019Fruehwirth
IDST 195Fall 2019Septer
ITAL 395Fall 2019Iovino
ITAL 692HFall 2019Chambless
LING 496Fall 2019
LING 691HFall 2019
MASC 395Fall 2019Septer, Martens, Rodriguez, Marchetti
MASC 447Fall 2019Gifford
MATH 296Fall 2019
MATH 691HFall 2019Belkale
MATH 691HFall 2019Griffith
MATH 691HFall 2019Hong
MATH 691HFall 2019Marzuola
MATH 691HFall 2019McLaughlin
MATH 691HFall 2019Mucha
MATH 691HFall 2019Rose
MUSC 296Fall 2019Cooper
MUSC 296Fall 2019Huff
MUSC 300Fall 2019Yang
MUSC 302Fall 2019Fischer
MUSC 303Fall 2019Wissick
MUSC 63Fall 2019Macneil
NSCI 395Fall 2019Abramowitz
NSCI 395Fall 2019Chanon
NSCI 395Fall 2019Cohen
NSCI 395Fall 2019Elton
NSCI 395Fall 2019Fredrickson
NSCI 395Fall 2019Frrohlich
NSCI 395Fall 2019Ornstein
NSCI 395Fall 2019Penton
NSCI 395Fall 2019Propper
NSCI 395Fall 2019Reissner
NSCI 395Fall 2019Thiele
PHIL 160Fall 2019Sayre-McCord
PHIL 292Fall 2019Swarter
PHIL 397Fall 2019Roberts
PHIL 424Fall 2019Kohl
PHIL 691HFall 2019Leunissen
PHIL 698Fall 2019Doody
PHIL 698Fall 2019Doody
PHYS 295Fall 2019
PHYS 395Fall 2019
PLCY 195Fall 2019
PLCY 395Fall 2019
PLCY 691HFall 2019Gitterman
PLCY 698Fall 2019Krome-Lukens
POLI 421Fall 2019Bapat
POLI 692HFall 2019Bapat
POLI 698Fall 2019Bickford
POLI 698Fall 2019Hoyman
PSYC 210Fall 2019Jordan
PSYC 210Fall 2019Sathy
PSYC 395Fall 2019Abramowitz
PSYC 395Fall 2019Arnold
PSYC 395Fall 2019Bardone-cone
PSYC 395Fall 2019Belger
PSYC 395Fall 2019Boettiger Cooney
PSYC 395Fall 2019Campbell
PSYC 395Fall 2019Campbell
PSYC 395Fall 2019Chanon
PSYC 395Fall 2019Cohen
PSYC 395Fall 2019Dichter
PSYC 395Fall 2019Gray
PSYC 395Fall 2019Harrison
PSYC 395Fall 2019Hopfinger
PSYC 395Fall 2019Hussong
PSYC 395Fall 2019Klinger
PSYC 395Fall 2019Kurtz-costes
PSYC 395Fall 2019Lindquist
PSYC 395Fall 2019Mulligan
PSYC 395Fall 2019Muscatell
PSYC 395Fall 2019Ornstein
PSYC 395Fall 2019Penn
PSYC 395Fall 2019Prinstein
PSYC 395Fall 2019Propper
PSYC 395Fall 2019Telzer
PSYC 395Fall 2019Youngstrom
PSYC 438Fall 2019Arnold
PSYC 490Fall 2019Griffin
PSYC 530Fall 2019Sathy
PSYC 533HFall 2019Bauer
PSYC 564Fall 2019Algoe
RELI 420HFall 2019Cooper
RELI 485Fall 2019Hammer
RELI 502Fall 2019Lam
RELI 530Fall 2019Styers
RELI 614Fall 2019Mendez
RELI 681Fall 2019Ernst
SOCI 396Fall 2019Fitzgerald
SOCI 64Fall 2019Tyson
SOCI 691HFall 2019Aldrich
SPAN 692HFall 2019Ruiz-Garcia
WGST 290Fall 2019Lau
WGST 695Fall 2019Burrill
AAAD 69.H1Fall 2020Regester
ANTH 195Fall 2020O'Connell
ANTH 295Fall 2020Hinson
ANTH 295Fall 2020Sorensen
APPL 495Fall 2020Freeman
APPL 495Fall 2020Yan
ARTH301Fall 2020Verkerk
ARTS105Fall 2020Mukhopadhyay
ARTS105Fall 2020Mukhopadhyay
ARTS106Fall 2020Truong
ARTS202Fall 2020Truong
ARTS208Fall 2020Mehic
ARTS215Fall 2020Wuerfel
ARTS290Fall 2020Wuerfel
ARTS322Fall 2020Truong
BIOL 293Fall 2020Coble
BIOL 395/395H/495Fall 2020Various
BIOL 422LFall 2020Matthysse
BIOL 692HFall 2020Maddox
BMME 295 001Fall 2020Rizvi
BMME 495 001Fall 2020Magness
BMME 495 002Fall 2020Rizvi
BMME 495 003Fall 2020Franz
BMME 691H 001Fall 2020Franz
BMME 691H 002Fall 2020Sode
BMME 691H 003Fall 2020Macdonald
CLAS 691H/692H.005Fall 2020James
CLAS 691H/692H.041Fall 2020Valladares
CMPL 260.001Fall 2020Koelb
COMM 150 001Fall 2020Rudinsky
COMM 350 001Fall 2020Gerstner
COMM 396 001Fall 2020Robinson
COMM 534Fall 2020Brown
COMM 571 001Fall 2020Watts
COMM 635 001Fall 2020Haslett
COMM 638 001Fall 2020Rudinsky
COMM 644Fall 2020Haslett
COMM 660 001Fall 2020Megel
COMM 691H 001Fall 2020Grossberg
COMM 691H 002Fall 2020Monje
COMM 693H 001Fall 2020Blair
COMP 495Fall 2020Bansal
COMP 495Fall 2020Fuchs
COMP 495Fall 2020Kaur
COMP 495Fall 2020McMillan
COMP 495Fall 2020Munsell
COMP 495Fall 2020Niethammer
COMP 495Fall 2020Porter
COMP 523Fall 2020Terrell
COMP 691HFall 2020Anderson
COMP 691HFall 2020Dewan
COMP 691HFall 2020Pizer
COMP 691HFall 2020Porter
COMP 691HFall 2020Sturton
COMP 692HFall 2020Styner
DRAM 193.001Fall 2020Rolleri
DRAM 196.001Fall 2020Cornell
DRAM 196.002Fall 2020Rolleri
DRAM 290.001Fall 2020Cornell
DRAM 290.002Fall 2020Rolleri
DRAM 290.004Fall 2020Navalinsky
DRAM 393.001Fall 2020Cornell
DRAM 393.002Fall 2020Rolleri
DRAM 467.001Fall 2020Chambers
DRAM 468.001Fall 2020Navalinsky
DRAM 470.001Fall 2020Owen
DRAM 470H.001Fall 2020Owen
DRAM 473.001Fall 2020Morris
ECON 395Fall 2020Fruehwirth
ECON 495Fall 2020Fruehwirth
ECON 560Fall 2020Conway
ECON 580Fall 2020Peter
ENGL 304.001Fall 2020Irons
ENGL 385.001Fall 2020Larson
ENGl 437.001Fall 2020Viscomi
ENGL 495.001Fall 2020Johnson
ENGL 610.001Fall 2020Thrailkill
ENGL 675Fall 2020Larson
EXSS 395Fall 2020Ryan,Eric D
FREN 691HFall 2020Dorothea Heitsch
FREN 691HFall 2020Jessica Tanner
GEOG 691HFall 2020Gray
GEOL 395Fall 2020various
GEOL 691HFall 2020various
GEOL 72HFall 2020Coleman
HIST 398.001Fall 2020Bryant, Chad
HIST 398.002Fall 2020Brundage, Fitz
HIST 398.003Fall 2020Jackson, Jerma
HIST 398.007Fall 2020La Serna
HIST 398.008Fall 2020Naiden
HIST 398.009Fall 2020Sturkey
HIST 691Fall 2020Marcus
ITAL 395Fall 2020Chambless
ITAL 691HFall 2020Chambless
ITAL 691HFall 2020Fritz-Morkin
LING 495Fall 2020
LING 496Fall 2020
LING 520Fall 2020
MATH 296.001Fall 2020Metcalfe
MATH 296.001 (ULA)Fall 2020Metcalfe
MATH 296.002Fall 2020Rose
MATH 296.003 (ULA)Fall 2020Hubbard
MATH 296.004Fall 2020Marzuola
MATH 296.005Fall 2020Assani
MATH 296.006Fall 2020Sawon
MATH 296.007 (ULA)Fall 2020Thomas
MATH 691H.001Fall 2020Christianson
MATH 691H.001Fall 2020Williams
MATH 691H.002Fall 2020Mucha
MATH 691H.003Fall 2020Rose
MATH 691H.004Fall 2020Rose
MATH 691H.005Fall 2020Jones
MATH 691H.006Fall 2020Marzuola
MATH 691H.007Fall 2020Assani
MATH 691H.008Fall 2020Mitran
MUSC 296Fall 2020Harcus
MUSC 302Fall 2020Zwicker
NSCI 276Fall 2020Penton
NSCI 395Fall 2020Carelli
NSCI 395Fall 2020Chanon
NSCI 395Fall 2020Fitting
NSCI 395Fall 2020Fredrickson
NSCI 395Fall 2020Lindquist
NSCI 395Fall 2020Penton
NSCI 395Fall 2020Propper
NSCI 395Fall 2020Robertson
NSCI 395Fall 2020Robinson
PHIL 160Fall 2020Sayre-McCord
PHIL 292Fall 2020Vazquez
PHIL 691HFall 2020Bovens
PHIL 691HFall 2020Morton
PHIL 698Fall 2020Morton
PHIL 698Fall 2020Sankaran
PHYS 295Fall 2020Various
PHYS 395Fall 2020Various
PLCY 195Fall 2020Davis
PLCY 296Fall 2020Feldman
PLCY 691HFall 2020Gitterman
PLCY 698Fall 2020Sasser
POLI 209Fall 2020EhLINGer
POLI 209Fall 2020Globetti
POLI 209Fall 2020Steelman
POLI 490Fall 2020Nyhuis
POLI 692HFall 2020Huber
PORT 396Fall 2020Richard Vernon
PSYC 210Fall 2020Harrison
PSYC 395Fall 2020Abramowitz
PSYC 395Fall 2020Arnold
PSYC 395Fall 2020Chanon
PSYC 395Fall 2020Cohen
PSYC 395Fall 2020Curran
PSYC 395Fall 2020Fredrickson
PSYC 395Fall 2020Gray
PSYC 395Fall 2020Hooker
PSYC 395Fall 2020Hussong
PSYC 395Fall 2020Kurtz-Costes
PSYC 395Fall 2020Ornstein
PSYC 395Fall 2020Propper
PSYC 395Fall 2020Reissner
PSYC 395Fall 2020Sheeran
PSYC 395Fall 2020Stephens
PSYC 395Fall 2020Telzer
PSYC 395Fall 2020Youngstrom
PSYC 438Fall 2020Arnold
PSYC 528Fall 2020Griffin
PSYC 530Fall 2020Canipe
PSYC 533HFall 2020Bauer
SOCI251Fall 2020Pearce
SOCI302Fall 2020Ravenelle
SOCI422Fall 2020Dennis
SOCI691HFall 2020Hagan
WGST 270Fall 2020Lau
WGST 695 (Capstone)Fall 2020Berger
AMST/ASIA 691HFall 2021Visser
ANTH 295Fall 2021Thompson
ANTH 370Fall 2021Hinson
ANTH 395Fall 2021Chua
ANTH 396Fall 2021West
APPL 495Fall 2021Pegard
BIOL 221/LFall 2021Bruno
BIOL 293Fall 2021Several
BIOL 395Fall 2021Several
BIOL 395HFall 2021Several
BIOL 495Fall 2021Several
BIOL 692HFall 2021Maddox
BMME295Fall 2021various
BMME495Fall 2021various
CHEM245LFall 2021Hicks
CHEM262LFall 2021Eskew
CHEM530LFall 2021Freeman
CHIN 551Fall 2021Hsiao
CMPL 382Fall 2021Legassie
CMPL 395Fall 2021Mackenzie
CMPL 450Fall 2021Downing
CMPL 460Fall 2021Koelb
CMPL 477Fall 2021Pichova
CMPL 489HFall 2021Leinbaugh
DRAM 193Fall 2021Rolleri
DRAM 196Fall 2021Cornell
DRAM 196Fall 2021Rolleri
DRAM 290Fall 2021Cornell
DRAM 290Fall 2021Navalinsky
DRAM 290Fall 2021Rolleri
DRAM 393Fall 2021Cornell
DRAM 393Fall 2021Rolleri
DRAM 467Fall 2021Chambers
DRAM 470Fall 2021Bond
DRAM 473Fall 2021Bayang
ECON 058HFall 2021Fruehwirth
ECON 058HFall 2021Fruehwirth
ECON 495Fall 2021Staff
ECON 495Fall 2021Staff
ECON 580Fall 2021Peter
ECON 580Fall 2021Peter
ECON 691HFall 2021Peter
ECON 691HFall 2021Peter
ENGL 120Fall 2021Barbour
ENGL 230Fall 2021Barbour
ENGL 284Fall 2021Langubauer
ENGL 437Fall 2021Viscomi
ENGL 472Fall 2021Rutledge-Fisher
EXSS 395Fall 2021Battaglini
EXSS 395Fall 2021Battaglini
EXSS 395Fall 2021Hanson
EXSS 395Fall 2021Hanson
EXSS 395Fall 2021Hanson
EXSS 395Fall 2021Jensen
EXSS 395Fall 2021Jensen
EXSS 395Fall 2021Kiefer
EXSS 395Fall 2021Kiefer
EXSS 395Fall 2021kiefer
EXSS 395Fall 2021Kucera
EXSS 395Fall 2021Mihalik
EXSS 395Fall 2021Mihalik
EXSS 395Fall 2021Padua
EXSS 395Fall 2021Padua
EXSS 395Fall 2021Pietrosimone
EXSS 395Fall 2021Smith
EXSS 395Fall 2021Stoner
EXSS 395Fall 2021Stoner
EXSS 395Fall 2021Stoner
EXSS 395Fall 2021Stoner
EXSS 395Fall 2021Weight
EXSS 395Fall 2021Weight,Erianne Allen
EXSS 395Fall 2021Wikstrom
EXSS 693HFall 2021Kiefer
EXSS 693HFall 2021Mihilik
EXSS 693HFall 2021Mihilik
FOLK/ANTH 370Fall 2021Hinson
FREN 690Fall 2021Sean Matharoo
GEOG 429Fall 2021Martin
GEOG 691HFall 2021Arce-Nazario
GEOG 691HFall 2021Konrad
GERM 493Fall 2021Rockelmann
GSLL 691HFall 2021Lapushin
HIST 398Fall 2021Andrews
HIST 398Fall 2021Bull
HIST 398Fall 2021Jarausch
HIST 398Fall 2021Jarvis
HIST 398Fall 2021Sturkey
HIST 398Fall 2021Turk
HIST 691HFall 2021Waterhouse
LING 495Fall 2021Mora-Marín
LING 496Fall 2021Pertsova
LING 691HFall 2021Hsu
LING 691HFall 2021Terry
MATH 296Fall 2021Assani
MATH 296Fall 2021Burkhead
MATH 296Fall 2021Green
MATH 296Fall 2021Griffith
MATH 296Fall 2021Marzuola
MATH 296Fall 2021McCombs
MATH 296Fall 2021Metcalfe
MATH 296Fall 2021Thomas
MATH 691HFall 2021Camassa
MATH 691HFall 2021Marzuola
MATH 691HFall 2021Metcalfe
MATH 691HFall 2021Rose
MATH 691HFall 2021Saenz
MUSC 691HFall 2021Anderson
MUSC 691HFall 2021Figueroa
PHIL 396Fall 2021Stroud
PHIL 396Fall 2021Vazquez
PHIL 691HFall 2021Leunissen
PHIL 691HFall 2021Neta
PHIL 691HFall 2021Vazquez
PHIL 692HFall 2021Merino-Rajme
PHYS 295Fall 2021Branca
PHYS 295Fall 2021Erickcek
PHYS 295Fall 2021Gruszko
PHYS 295Fall 2021Heitsch
PHYS 295Fall 2021Janssens
PHYS 295Fall 2021Jeglinski
PHYS 295Fall 2021Kannappan
PHYS 295Fall 2021Reichart
PHYS 395Fall 2021Gruszko
PHYS 395Fall 2021Jeglinski
PHYS 395Fall 2021Knight
PHYS 395Fall 2021Lu
PHYS 395Fall 2021Mann
PHYS 395Fall 2021Scotti
PHYS 395Fall 2021Zhou
PHYS 691HFall 2021Basar
PHYS 691HFall 2021Cahoon
PHYS 691HFall 2021Dolan
PHYS 691HFall 2021Drut
PHYS 691HFall 2021Gladfelter
PHYS 691HFall 2021Mann
PHYS 691HFall 2021Superfine
PHYS 691HFall 2021Tsui
PHYS 691HFall 2021Wilkerson
PHYS 691HFall 2021Wu
PHYS 691HFall 2021Zhou
PLCY 691HFall 2021Gitterman
PLCY 698Fall 2021Sasser
POLI 236Fall 2021Warncke
POLI 692HFall 2021Hartlyn
POLI 692HFall 2021Hartlyn
POLI 693HFall 2021Ballard-Rosa
PORT 691HFall 2021Chloe Hill
PSYC 210Fall 2021Fernandez
PSYC 210Fall 2021Harrison
PSYC 210Fall 2021Parikh
PSYC 528Fall 2021Griffin
SOCI 251Fall 2021Lin
SOCI 252Fall 2021Cai
SOCI 64Fall 2021Tyson
SPAN 691HFall 2021Emil Keme
SPAN 691HFall 2021Hélène De Fays
STOR 496Fall 2021Fraiman
STOR 496Fall 2021Marron
STOR 496Fall 2021Smith
WGST 270Fall 2021Lau
WGST 695Fall 2021Bloesch
AAAD395Fall 2022Samuel
AAAD461Fall 2022Berry
AAAD466Fall 2022Monroe
AAAD487Fall 2022Clegg
AAAD490Fall 2022Brimmer
AAAD691HFall 2022Clegg
AAAD691HFall 2022Sahle
AAAD692HFall 2022Sahle
ANTH/FOLK 370Fall 2022Hinson
ANTH195Fall 2022Staff
ANTH295Fall 2022Staff
ANTH370Fall 2022Hinson
ANTH395Fall 2022Staff
ANTH396/396HFall 2022Staff
ANTH590/590HFall 2022Smith
ANTH691H/692HFall 2022Staff
ARTH 577Fall 2022Cao
ASIA 691HFall 2022Lothspeich
BIOL 102LFall 2022Sregenga
BIOL 221/LFall 2022Bruno
BIOL 293Fall 2022Several
BIOL 295Fall 2022Several
BIOL 395Fall 2022Several
BIOL 395HFall 2022Several
BIOL 495Fall 2022Several
BIOL 692HFall 2022Maddox
BMME295Fall 2022various
BMME495Fall 2022various
BMME691HFall 2022various
CMP 454Fall 2022Wolfe
CMP 490Fall 2022Flaxman
CMPL 489HFall 2022Leinbaugh
DRAM 193Fall 2022Rolleri
DRAM 193Fall 2022Rolleri
DRAM 196Fall 2022Cornell
DRAM 196Fall 2022Rolleri
DRAM 290Fall 2022Cornell
DRAM 290Fall 2022Navalinsky
DRAM 290Fall 2022Rolleri
DRAM 290Fall 2022Snowden
DRAM 393Fall 2022Cornell
DRAM 393Fall 2022Rolleri
DRAM 467Fall 2022Chambers
DRAM 470Fall 2022Morris
DRAM 473Fall 2022Morris
ENEC 395Fall 2022D'anna
ENEC 395Fall 2022Hee
ENEC 395Fall 2022Hurlbert
ENEC 395Fall 2022Love
ENEC 395Fall 2022Noble
ENEC 395Fall 2022Riveros-Iregui
ENEC 395Fall 2022Sebastian
ENEC 693HFall 2022Dubbs
ENEC 693HFall 2022Frankenberg
ENEC 693HFall 2022Hurlbert
ENEC 693HFall 2022Kingsolver
ENEC 693HFall 2022Kittner
ENEC 693HFall 2022Noble
ENEC 693HFall 2022Van Doren
ENEC 694HFall 2022Fodrie
ENEC 694HFall 2022Hall
ENEC 694HFall 2022Martens
ENEC 698Fall 2022Dubs
ENEC 698Fall 2022Hee
ENEC 698Fall 2022Lindquist
ENEC 698Fall 2022Love
ENEC 698Fall 2022Van Doren
ENGL 291Fall 2022Langubauer
ENGL 447Fall 2022Christmas
ENGL 473.1Fall 2022Simpson III,Martin B.
ENGL 473.1 LECFall 2022McKee
ENGL 482.1 LECFall 2022Rivard
ENGL 66.1 LECFall 2022Viscomi
ENGL 666.1 LECFall 2022Deguzman,Maria
ENGL 681.1 LECFall 2022Flaxman
ENGL 693H.1 LECFall 2022Tucker,Karen Elisabeth
ENGL 693H.2 LECFall 2022Daye,Tyree
ENGL 693H.3 LECFall 2022Griest
EXSS 395Fall 2022Defreese,Jonathan D
EXSS 395Fall 2022Hanson
EXSS 395Fall 2022Jensen,Jonathan Arthur
EXSS 395Fall 2022Kucera,Kristen L.
EXSS 395Fall 2022Ondrak
EXSS 395Fall 2022Osborne
EXSS 395Fall 2022Padua
EXSS 395Fall 2022Pietrosimone,Brian G
EXSS 395Fall 2022Popp
EXSS 395Fall 2022Register-Mihalik
EXSS 395Fall 2022Smith,Danielle Marie Kushner
EXSS 395Fall 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Fall 2022Stoner,Lee
EXSS 395Fall 2022Weight
EXSS 693HFall 2022Blue
EXSS 693HFall 2022Hanson
EXSS 693HFall 2022Mihalik
EXSS 693HFall 2022Ondrak
EXSS 693HFall 2022Padua
EXSS 693HFall 2022Petschauer
EXSS 693HFall 2022Popp
EXSS 693HFall 2022Shields
EXSS 693HFall 2022Stoner
FOLK 476Fall 2022Berlinger
GEOG 392Fall 2022Lentz
GEOG 567Fall 2022Song
GEOG 691HFall 2022Emch
GEOG 691HFall 2022Martin
GEOL 395Fall 2022Lees
GEOL 395Fall 2022Lees
GEOL 395Fall 2022Lees
GEOL 395Fall 2022Stewart
GEOL 395Fall 2022Surge
GEOL 691HFall 2022Coleman
GEOL 691HFall 2022Coleman
GEOL 691HFall 2022Kirby
GEOL 691HFall 2022Surge
GEOL 72HFall 2022Coleman
GERM 493Fall 2022Rockelmann
GSLL 691HFall 2022Lapushin
HIST 273Fall 2022Shields
HIST 398Fall 2022Andrews
HIST 398Fall 2022Bull
HIST 398Fall 2022Hunter
HIST 398Fall 2022Jackson
HIST 398Fall 2022Jarausch
HIST 398Fall 2022Reid
HIST 62Fall 2022Shields
HIST 691HFall 2022Turk
HNRS 390Fall 2022Visser
LING 520Fall 2022
MASC 395Fall 2022Marchetti
MASC 395Fall 2022McKee
MASC 395Fall 2022McKee
MASC 395Fall 2022McKee
MASC 395Fall 2022Noble
MASC 395Fall 2022Noble
MASC 395Fall 2022Rodriguez
MASC 395Fall 2022Teske
MATH 296Fall 2022Assani
MATH 296Fall 2022Christianson
MATH 296Fall 2022Huang
MATH 296Fall 2022Marzuola
MATH 296Fall 2022Metcalfe
MATH 296Fall 2022Smirnov
MATH 691HFall 2022Hong
MATH 691HFall 2022Huang
MATH 691HFall 2022Metcalfe
MATH 691HFall 2022Mitran
MATH 691HFall 2022Williams
NSCI 274Fall 2022Penton
NSCI 274Fall 2022Penton
NSCI 693HFall 2022Giovanello
NSCI 693HFall 2022Giovanello
PHIL 397Fall 2022Merino-Rajme
PHIL 691HFall 2022Bovens
PHIL 691HFall 2022Nelson
PHIL 691HFall 2022Vazquez
PHY 295Fall 2022Ayangeakaa
PHY 295Fall 2022Drut
PHY 295Fall 2022Erickcek
PHY 295Fall 2022Jeglinkski
PHY 295Fall 2022Kannappan
PHY 295Fall 2022Lopez
PHY 295Fall 2022Lu
PHY 295Fall 2022Mann
PHY 295Fall 2022Reichart
PHY 295Fall 2022Zhou
PHY 395Fall 2022Cecil
PHY 395Fall 2022Champagne
PHY 395Fall 2022Heitsch
PHY 395Fall 2022Saenz
PHY 395Fall 2022Wu
PHY 395Fall 2022Zhou
PHY 691HFall 2022Drut
PHY 691HFall 2022Gruszko
PHY 691HFall 2022Janssens
PHY 691HFall 2022Wu
PLCY 110HFall 2022Seim
PLCY 195Fall 2022STAFF
PLCY 296Fall 2022STAFF
PLCY 596Fall 2022STAFF
PLCY 691HFall 2022Krome-Lukens
PLCY 696Fall 2022STAFF
PLCY 698Fall 2022Sasser
POLI 209Fall 2022Rueda-Canon
POLI 236Fall 2022Blackington
POLI 490Fall 2022Baumgartner
POLI 490Fall 2022Sahn
POLI 692HFall 2022Hartlyn
PSYC 493/ NSCI 493Fall 2022Buzinski
PSYC 528Fall 2022Griffin
PSYC270Fall 2022Harrison
SOCI 251Fall 2022Pearce
SOCI 691HFall 2022Pearce
WGST 695Fall 2022Bloesch
AAAD 466Fall 2023Monroe
AAAD 691HFall 2023Samuel
APPL 495Fall 2023Freeman & Liu
BIOL 102LFall 2023Sregenga
BIOL 221/LFall 2023Bruno
BIOL 293Fall 2023Several
BIOL 295Fall 2023Several
BIOL 395Fall 2023Several
BIOL 395HFall 2023Several
BIOL 495Fall 2023Several
BIOL 692HFall 2023Maddox
BMME 295Fall 2023various
BMME 495Fall 2023various
BMME 691HFall 2023various
CHEM 395Fall 2023Various instructors
CHEM 692HFall 2023Various instructors
CHIN 551Fall 2023Hsiao
CLAS 242Fall 2023Suzanne
COMM 150Fall 2023Rudinsky
COMM 534Fall 2023Barstow
COMM 635Fall 2023Haslett
COMM 638Fall 2023Rudinsky
COMM 647Fall 2023Hondros
COMM 660Fall 2023Megel
COMM 693HFall 2023Megel
ECON 495Fall 2023Staff
ECON 550Fall 2023Gilleskie
ECON 580Fall 2023Peter
ECON 691HFall 2023Peter
EXSS 395Fall 2023Battaglini
EXSS 395Fall 2023DeFreese
EXSS 395Fall 2023Hanson
EXSS 395Fall 2023Jensen
EXSS 395Fall 2023Mihalik
EXSS 395Fall 2023Ondrak
EXSS 395Fall 2023Padua
EXSS 395Fall 2023Patterson
EXSS 395Fall 2023Petschauer
EXSS 395Fall 2023Popp
EXSS 395Fall 2023Register-Mihalik
EXSS 395Fall 2023Wikstrom
EXSS 693HFall 2023Battaglini
EXSS 693HFall 2023Courtney
EXSS 693HFall 2023DeFreese
EXSS 693HFall 2023Hanson
EXSS 693HFall 2023Kerr
EXSS 693HFall 2023Mihalik
EXSS 693HFall 2023Ondrak
EXSS 693HFall 2023Pietrosimone
EXSS 693HFall 2023Register-Mihalik
FREN 690Fall 2023Matharoo
HIST 398Fall 2023Bryan
HIST 398Fall 2023Bull
HIST 398Fall 2023DuVal
HIST 398Fall 2023Jackson
HIST 398Fall 2023Jarvis
HIST 398Fall 2023Kingsolver
HIST 691HFall 2023Whalen
HIST 70Fall 2023Sweet
ITAL 395Fall 2023Frit
MATH 296Fall 2023Griffith
MATH 296Fall 2023Marzuola
MATH 296Fall 2023Metcalfe
MATH 296Fall 2023Saenz
MATH 564Fall 2023Leiderman
MATH 691HFall 2023Camassa
MATH 691HFall 2023Huang
MATH 691HFall 2023Lou
MUSC 355Fall 2023Andre
MUSC 692HFall 2023Garcia
MUSC 692HFall 2023Neal
NSCI 279Fall 2023Parekh
NSCI 279Fall 2023Parekh
NSCI 395Fall 2023Fitting
NSCI 395Fall 2023Penton
PHYS 295Fall 2023Saenz Hervias
PHYS 395Fall 2023Zhou
PHYS 691HFall 2023Dolan
PHYS 692HFall 2023Gruszko
POLI 209Fall 2023Globetti
POLI 692HFall 2023Huber
POLI 692HFall 2023Huber
PSYC 058fall 2023Arnold
PSYC 210Fall 2023Harrison
PSYC 210Fall 2023Harrison
PSYC 260Fall 2023Buzinski
SPAN 371Fall 2023Hsu
STOR 496Fall 2023
STOR 691Fall 2023
STOR 692Fall 2023
WGST 202Fall 2023Bloesch
WGST 278Fall 2023Else-Quest
WGST 67HFall 2023Bloesch
WGST 695Fall 2023Bloesch
PSYC 435Maymester 2023Arnold
AAAD 487Spring 2019Clegg
ANTH 290Spring 2019Hinson
ANTH 416Spring 2019Hutchinson
ARTH 391Spring 2019Magee
ARTH 396Spring 2019Bowles
ARTH 396Spring 2019Levine
ARTH 454Spring 2019Brachmann
ARTH 458Spring 2019Girardelli
ARTH 466Spring 2019Verkerk
ARTS 106Spring 2019Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 106Spring 2019Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 202Spring 2019Truong
ARTS 205Spring 2019Cox
ARTS 209Spring 2019Gruffat
ARTS 305Spring 2019Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 337Spring 2019Little
ARTS 343Spring 2019Perez-Mendez
ARTS 352Spring 2019Truong
ARTS 368Spring 2019Grabowski
ARTS 402Spring 2019Truong
ARTS 410Spring 2019Hirschfield
ARTS 490Spring 2019Brown
ARTS 490Spring 2019Gruffat
ARTS 515Spring 2019Wuerfel
ARTS 596Spring 2019Grabowski
BIOL 293Spring 2019Coble
BIOL 395Spring 2019Various
BIOL 395Spring 2019Various
BIOL 395HSpring 2019Various
BIOL 395HSpring 2019Various
BIOL 495Spring 2019Various
BIOL 495Spring 2019Various
BIOL 692HSpring 2019Maddox
BMME 495Spring 2019Various
BMME 692HSpring 2019Various
BMME 698Spring 2019Hubbard
CHEM 262LSpring 2019Eskew
CHEM 395Spring 2019Multiple
CHEM 520LSpring 2019Leibfarth
CHEM 530LSpring 2019Freeman
CLAS 692HSpring 2019Baragwanath
CLAS 692HSpring 2019Downie
CLAS 692HSpring 2019James
CLAS 692HSpring 2019Rosenmeyer
CMPL 500Spring 2019Legassie
COMM 120HSpring 2019Striley
COMM 150Spring 2019Rudinsky
COMM 350Spring 2019Adcock
COMM 390Spring 2019Striley
COMM 396Spring 2019Robinson
COMM 430Spring 2019Acosta
COMM 500Spring 2019Blair
COMM 526Spring 2019Mumby
COMM 526Spring 2019Mumby
COMM 561HSpring 2019Craft
COMM 596Spring 2019Coen
COMM 596Spring 2019Marwick
COMM 635Spring 2019Haslett
COMM 647Spring 2019Rankus
COMM 690Spring 2019Brown
COMM 690Spring 2019Brown
COMM 690Spring 2019Rudinsky
COMM 694HSpring 2019Hondros
COMM 694HSpring 2019Silva
COMP 495Spring 2019Bishop
COMP 495Spring 2019Jeffay
COMP 495Spring 2019Niethammer
COMP 495Spring 2019Oliva
COMP 495Spring 2019Pizer
COMP 495Spring 2019Styner
COMP 692HSpring 2019Krishnamurthy
COMP 692HSpring 2019Mayer-Patel
COMP 692HSpring 2019McMillan
COMP 692HSpring 2019Niethammer
COMP 692HSpring 2019Singh
COMP 692HSpring 2019Styner
DRAM 193Spring 2019Haslett
DRAM 193Spring 2019Rolleri
DRAM 196Spring 2019Cornell
DRAM 196Spring 2019Rolleri
DRAM 290Spring 2019Cornell
DRAM 290Spring 2019Latimer
DRAM 290Spring 2019Navalinsky
DRAM 290Spring 2019Rolleri
DRAM 331Spring 2019Perry
DRAM 393Spring 2019Cornell
DRAM 393Spring 2019Rolleri
DRAM 460Spring 2019Bayang
DRAM 466Spring 2019Chambers
DRAM 474Spring 2019Morris
DRAM 475Spring 2019Owen
DRAM 475HSpring 2019Owen
ECON 692HSpring 2019Hendricks
ENEC 393Spring 2019Various
ENEC 395Spring 2019Various
ENEC 493Spring 2019Various
ENEC 593Spring 2019Various
ENEC 694HSpring 2019Various
ENEC 698Spring 2019Various
ENGL 149Spring 2019Rivard
ENGL 274Spring 2019Irons
ENGL 274Spring 2019Irons
ENGL 442Spring 2019Taylor
ENGL 487Spring 2019Falzett
ENGL 638Spring 2019Moskal
ENGL 666Spring 2019DeGuzman
EXSS 395Spring 2019Multiple
FREN 692HSpring 2019Furry
FREN 692HSpring 2019Pruvost
FREN 692HSpring 2019Tanner
GEOG 429Spring 2019Martin
GEOG 697Spring 2019Valdivia
GEOL 234Spring 2019Hudley
GEOL 395Spring 2019Various
GEOL 692HSpring 2019Various
HIST 398Spring 2019Andrews
HIST 398Spring 2019Clegg
HIST 398Spring 2019Jackson
HIST 398Spring 2019Jarusch
HIST 398Spring 2019Morgan
HIST 398Spring 2019Naiden
HIST 398Spring 2019Radding
HIST 398Spring 2019Sturkey
LING 520Spring 2019
MASC 415Spring 2019Mei
MASC 784Spring 2019Miller
MATH 296Spring 2019
MATH 297Spring 2019
MATH 298Spring 2019
MATH 299Spring 2019
MATH 300Spring 2019
MATH 301Spring 2019
MATH 302Spring 2019
MATH 303Spring 2019
MATH 304Spring 2019
MATH 305Spring 2019
MATH 692HSpring 2019Assani
MATH 692HSpring 2019Christianson
MATH 692HSpring 2019Forest
MATH 692HSpring 2019Jones
MATH 692HSpring 2019McLaughlin, Camassa
MATH 692HSpring 2019Metcalfe
MATH 692HSpring 2019Miller
MATH 692HSpring 2019Mucha
MATH 692HSpring 2019Mucha
MUSC 166Spring 2019Weisert
MUSC 266Spring 2019Anderson
MUSC 300Spring 2019Yang
MUSC 302Spring 2019Voice Faculty
MUSC 303Spring 2019Wissick, DiEugenio
MUSC 304Spring 2019Oehler
MUSC 305Spring 2019Ketch, Kris
MUSC 306Spring 2019Alamo
NCSU BME 295Spring 2019Various
NCSU BME 498Spring 2019Various
PHIL 692HSpring 2019Bovens
PHIL 692HSpring 2019Hofweber
PHIL 692HSpring 2019Neta
PHIL 698Spring 2019Howard
PHIL 698Spring 2019Munger
PHIL 698Spring 2019Oprea
PHIL 89Spring 2019Swartzer
PHYS 295Spring 2019
PHYS 395Spring 2019
PLCY 296Spring 2019Summerlin-Long
PLCY 395Spring 2019Davis
PLCY 692HSpring 2019Various
PLCY 698Spring 2019Krome-Lukens
PSYC 210Spring 2019Harrison
PSYC 210Spring 2019Sathy
PSYC 395Spring 2019Abramowitz
PSYC 395Spring 2019Algoe
PSYC 395Spring 2019Belger
PSYC 395Spring 2019Besheer
PSYC 395Spring 2019Buzinski
PSYC 395Spring 2019Cohen
PSYC 395Spring 2019Cooper
PSYC 395Spring 2019Daughters
PSYC 395Spring 2019Dichter
PSYC 395Spring 2019Fitting
PSYC 395Spring 2019Girdler
PSYC 395Spring 2019Gordon
PSYC 395Spring 2019Gottfredson
PSYC 395Spring 2019Gray
PSYC 395Spring 2019Harrison
PSYC 395Spring 2019Hussong
PSYC 395Spring 2019Jones
PSYC 395Spring 2019Kurtz-costes
PSYC 395Spring 2019Lindquist
PSYC 395Spring 2019Lysle
PSYC 395Spring 2019Mulligan
PSYC 395Spring 2019Muscatell
PSYC 395Spring 2019Ornstein
PSYC 395Spring 2019Payne
PSYC 395Spring 2019Prinstein
PSYC 395Spring 2019Propper
PSYC 395Spring 2019Reissner
PSYC 395Spring 2019Robertson
PSYC 395Spring 2019Sheeran
PSYC 395Spring 2019Sheridan
PSYC 395Spring 2019Thiele
PSYC 395Spring 2019Youngstrom
PSYC 438Spring 2019Arnold
PSYC 525Spring 2019Youngstrom
PSYC 564Spring 2019Algoe
SOCI 396Spring 2019Perrin
SOCI 433Spring 2019Hagan
SOCI 692HSpring 2019Aldrich
SPAN 395Spring 2019Marquez Guajardo
SPAN 692HSpring 2019Munoz-Hermoso
AMST 234Spring 2020Frey
AMST 398Spring 2020Rodriguez
ANTH 326Spring 2020King
ANTH 415LSpring 2020Arbuckle
APPL 495Spring 2020
ARTH 151Spring 2020Verkerk
ARTH 391Spring 2020Cao
ARTH 467Spring 2020Verkerk
ARTH 51Spring 2020Brachmann
ARTS 103Spring 2020Rager
ARTS 105HSpring 2020Cox
ARTS 106Spring 2020Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 106Spring 2020Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 116Spring 2020Mukhopadhyay
ARTS 202Spring 2020Cornejo
ARTS 305Spring 2020Keaveney
ARTS 313Spring 2020Nam
ARTS 343Spring 2020Perez-Mendez
ARTS 352Spring 2020Truong
ARTS 355Spring 2020Cox
ARTS 358Spring 2020Grabowski
ARTS 364Spring 2020Marzan
ARTS 368Spring 2020Grabowski
ARTS 402Spring 2020Truong
ARTS 413Spring 2020Nam
ARTS 458Spring 2020Grabowski
ASIA 358Spring 2020Shemer
ASIA 358Spring 2020Shemer
ASIA 390Spring 2020Visser
ASIA 471Spring 2020Yaghoobi
BIOL 293Spring 2020Coble
BIOL 395Spring 2020Various
BIOL 395HSpring 2020Various
BIOL 495Spring 2020Various
BIOL 692HSpring 2020Maddox
BMME 295Spring 2020Diekman
BMME 295Spring 2020Franz
BMME 295Spring 2020Magness
BMME 495Spring 2020Benhabbour
BMME 495Spring 2020Donnelly
BMME 495Spring 2020Franz
BMME 495Spring 2020Giovannucci
BMME 495Spring 2020Gomez
BMME 495Spring 2020MacDonald
BMME 495Spring 2020Pinton
BMME 495Spring 2020Sode
BMME 692HSpring 2020Cartee
BMME 692HSpring 2020Dalyton
BMME 692HSpring 2020Giovannucci
BMME 692HSpring 2020Goldberg
CHEM 262LSpring 2020Zurcher, Borger
CHEM 395Spring 2020Multiple
CHEM 520LSpring 2020Zhukhovitskiy
CHEM 530LSpring 2020Freeman
CLAS 391Spring 2020Downie
CLAS 89Spring 2020Lye
CMPL 473Spring 2020Cushman
CMPL 477Spring 2020Shvabrin
CMPL 489Spring 2020Leinbaugh
CMPL 494Spring 2020Warner
CMPL 500Spring 2020Legassie
COMM 120HSpring 2020Striley
COMM 150Spring 2020Rudinsky
COMM 350Spring 2020Adcock
COMM 396Spring 2020Robinson
COMM 430Spring 2020Acosta
COMM 499Spring 2020Striley
COMM 596Spring 2020Coen
COMM 635Spring 2020Haslett
COMM 647Spring 2020Rankus
COMM 690Spring 2020Brown
COMM 690Spring 2020Brown
COMM 690Spring 2020Rudinsky
COMM 691HSpring 2020Marwick
COMM 694HSpring 2020Striley
COMP 495Spring 2020Bansal
COMP 495Spring 2020Jordan
COMP 495Spring 2020Mayer-Patel
COMP 495Spring 2020Munsell
COMP 495Spring 2020Prasan
COMP 495Spring 2020Reiter
COMP 523Spring 2020Stotts
COMP 580Spring 2020Bishop
COMP 585Spring 2020Pozefsky
COMP 585HSpring 2020Pozefsky
COMP 691HSpring 2020Styner
COMP 692HSpring 2020Alterovitz
COMP 692HSpring 2020Bishop
COMP 692HSpring 2020Fuchs
COMP 692HSpring 2020Jeffay
COMP 692HSpring 2020Lin
COMP 692HSpring 2020McMillian
COMP 692HSpring 2020Styner
COMPL 395Spring 2020Trop
DRAM 193Spring 2020Haslett
DRAM 193Spring 2020Rolleri
DRAM 196Spring 2020Cornell
DRAM 196Spring 2020Rolleri
DRAM 290Spring 2020Cornell
DRAM 290Spring 2020Navalinsky
DRAM 290Spring 2020Rolleri
DRAM 290Spring 2020Snowden
DRAM 393Spring 2020Cornell
DRAM 393Spring 2020Rolleri
DRAM 460Spring 2020Rolleri
DRAM 466Spring 2020Chambers
DRAM 474Spring 2020Morris
DRAM 475Spring 2020Owen
DRAM 475HSpring 2020Owen
DRAM 480Spring 2020Coble
ECON 580Spring 2020Peter
ENEC 393Spring 2020Cooke
ENEC 393Spring 2020Gray
ENEC 393Spring 2020Naess
ENEC 393Spring 2020Rogers
ENEC 395Spring 2020Bruno
ENEC 395Spring 2020Dubbs
ENEC 395Spring 2020Gangi
ENEC 395Spring 2020Hurlbert
ENEC 395Spring 2020Kamens
ENEC 493Spring 2020Delamater
ENEC 493Spring 2020Gangi
ENEC 493Spring 2020Naess
ENEC 694HSpring 2020Cable
ENEC 694HSpring 2020Castillo
ENEC 694HSpring 2020Fodrie
ENEC 694HSpring 2020Hall
ENEC 694HSpring 2020Marchetti
ENEC 698Spring 2020Bell
ENEC 698Spring 2020Boufajreldin
ENEC 698Spring 2020Cooke
ENEC 698Spring 2020George
ENEC 698Spring 2020Kamens
ENEC 698Spring 2020Kirk
ENEC 698Spring 2020Salvesen
ENEC 698Spring 2020Thompson
ENGL 149Spring 2020Rivard
ENGL 274Spring 2020Irons
ENGL 304Spring 2020Irons
ENGL 402Spring 2020Taylor
ENGL 410Spring 2020Johnson
ENGL 472Spring 2020Jones
ENGL 480Spring 2020Anderson
ENGL 482Spring 2020Rivard
ENGL 620Spring 2020Leinbaugh
ENGL 680Spring 2020Warner
ENGL 690Spring 2020Falzett
ENGL 695Spring 2020Thrailkill
ENGL 89Spring 2020Kim, Wise
EXSS 395Spring 2020Multiple
FOLK 380Spring 2020Berlinger
FOLK 424Spring 2020Berlinger
GEOG 392Spring 2020Riveros-Iregui
GEOG 424Spring 2020Olson
GEOG 697Spring 2020Valdivia
GEOL 221Spring 2020Stewart
GEOL 395Spring 2020Various
GEOL 691HSpring 2020Surge
GEOL 692HSpring 2020Various
GSLL 277Spring 2020Koelb
GSLL 295Spring 2020Trop
HIST 692HSpring 2020
IDST 195Spring 2020Fruehwirth
IDST 195Spring 2020Septer
ITAL 692HSpring 2020Chambless
LING 395Spring 2020
LING 495Spring 2020
LING 496Spring 2020
LING 692HSpring 2020
MASC 395Spring 2020Septer, Martens, Rodriguez, Marchetti
MATH 296Spring 2020
MATH 691HSpring 2020Assani
MATH 691HSpring 2020Belkale
MATH 691HSpring 2020Griffith
MATH 691HSpring 2020Hong
MATH 691HSpring 2020Marzuola
MATH 691HSpring 2020McLaughlin
MATH 691HSpring 2020Rose
MUSC 296Spring 2020Bohlman
MUSC 296Spring 2020Kris
MUSC 296Spring 2020Smith
MUSC 296Spring 2020Weisert
MUSC 300Spring 2020Yang
MUSC 302Spring 2020Callahan
MUSC 302Spring 2020Fischer
MUSC 302Spring 2020Lain
MUSC 302Spring 2020Sparks
MUSC 302Spring 2020Zwicker
MUSC 303Spring 2020Byrne
MUSC 303Spring 2020DiEugenio
MUSC 304Spring 2020Hill
MUSC 304Spring 2020Oehler
MUSC 305Spring 2020Fritz
MUSC 305Spring 2020Ketch
MUSC 305Spring 2020Kris
MUSC 305Spring 2020Kris
NSCI 278Spring 2020Robertson
NSCI 395Spring 2020Besheer
NSCI 395Spring 2020Carelli
NSCI 395Spring 2020Chanon
NSCI 395Spring 2020Cohen
NSCI 395Spring 2020Elton
NSCI 395Spring 2020Fredrickson
NSCI 395Spring 2020Giovanello
NSCI 395Spring 2020Lindquist
NSCI 395Spring 2020Miller
NSCI 395Spring 2020Ornstein
NSCI 395Spring 2020Penton
NSCI 395Spring 2020Propper
NSCI 395Spring 2020Robertson
NSCI 395Spring 2020Robertson
NSCI 395Spring 2020Snider
NSCI 395Spring 2020Thiele
PHIL 292Spring 2020Salzberger
PHIL 692HSpring 2020Leunissen
PHIL 698Spring 2020Dougherty
PHYS 295Spring 2020
PHYS 395Spring 2020
PLCY 296Spring 2020Feldman
PLCY 395Spring 2020Johnson
PLCY 691HSpring 2020Gitterman
PLCY 692HSpring 2020Various
PLCY 698Spring 2020Krome-Lukens
POLI 691HSpring 2020Gunderson
POLI 693HSpring 2020Baumgartner
POLI 693HSpring 2020Clark
POLI 693HSpring 2020Jenkins
POLI 693HSpring 2020McGuire
POLI 693HSpring 2020McKeown
POLI 693HSpring 2020Mosley
POLI 693HSpring 2020Roberts
POLI 693HSpring 2020Unah
POLI 698Spring 2020Doody
POLI 698Spring 2020Dougherty
POLI 698Spring 2020Marcoci
PORT 396Spring 2020Rodriguez Ferriera
PSYC 210Spring 2020Harrison
PSYC 210Spring 2020Sathy
PSYC 395Spring 2020Abramowitz
PSYC 395Spring 2020Arnold
PSYC 395Spring 2020Bardone-cone
PSYC 395Spring 2020Baucom
PSYC 395Spring 2020Buzinski
PSYC 395Spring 2020Chanon
PSYC 395Spring 2020Cohen
PSYC 395Spring 2020Daughters
PSYC 395Spring 2020Dichter
PSYC 395Spring 2020Don
PSYC 395Spring 2020Fredrickson
PSYC 395Spring 2020Girdler
PSYC 395Spring 2020Gray
PSYC 395Spring 2020Harrison
PSYC 395Spring 2020Hooker
PSYC 395Spring 2020Hussong
PSYC 395Spring 2020Lindquist
PSYC 395Spring 2020Mulligan
PSYC 395Spring 2020Murphy
PSYC 395Spring 2020Muscatell
PSYC 395Spring 2020Ornstein
PSYC 395Spring 2020Penn
PSYC 395Spring 2020Prinstein
PSYC 395Spring 2020Propper
PSYC 395Spring 2020Robertson
PSYC 395Spring 2020Sheeran
PSYC 395Spring 2020Sheeran
PSYC 395Spring 2020Stephens
PSYC 395Spring 2020Youngstrom
RELI 342Spring 2020Ariel
RELI 426HSpring 2020Cooper
RELI 430Spring 2020Thornton
RELI 501Spring 2020Lambert
RELI 542Spring 2020Ariel
RELI 542Spring 2020Ziad
RELI 581Spring 2020Ernst
ROML 295Spring 2020Gabriel Trop
ROML 295Spring 2020Trop
SOCi 396Spring 2020Fitzgerald
SOCI 419Spring 2020Kurzman
SOCI 692HSpring 2020Aldrich
SPAN 395Spring 2020Lindquist
SPAN 692HSpring 2020Ruiz-Garcia
STOR 493Spring 2020
WGST 471Spring 2020Yaghoobi
WGST 695Spring 2020Booth
AAAD 691.H2Spring 2021Regester
ANTH 395Spring 2021Hinson
ANTH 395Spring 2021King
ARTH466Spring 2021Verkerk
ARTH52Spring 2021Verkerk
ARTH588Spring 2021Levine
ARTS116Spring 2021Mukhopadhyay
ARTS116Spring 2021Mukhopadhyay
ARTS208Spring 2021Grabowski
ARTS214Spring 2021Marzan
ARTS352Spring 2021Truong
ARTS364Spring 2021Marzan
ARTS402Spring 2021Truong
ARTS428Spring 2021Grabowski
ARTS500Spring 2021Wuerfel
ARTS515Spring 2021Wuerfel
ARTS692HSpring 2021Wuerfel
ASIA 331H/PWAD 331H/HIST 335HSpring 2021Lothspeich
BIOL 293Spring 2021Coble
BIOL 395/395H/495Spring 2021Various
BIOL 692HSpring 2021Maddox
BMME 295 001Spring 2021Sode
BMME 295 002Spring 2021Papadopoulou
BMME 295 003Spring 2021Diekman
BMME 295 004Spring 2021Dayton
BMME 295 005Spring 2021Magness
BMME 495 001Spring 2021Hubbard
BMME 495 002Spring 2021Diekman
BMME 692H 001Spring 2021Franz
BMME 692H 002Spring 2021Sode
BMME 692H 003Spring 2021Macdonald
CHEM 395Spring 2021Sode
CLAS 691H/692H.005Spring 2021James
CLAS 691H/692H.041Spring 2021Valladares
CMPL 454.001Spring 2021Collins
CMPL 463.001Spring 2021Warner
CMPL 469.001Spring 2021Pichova
CMPL 490.001Spring 2021Flaxman
COMM 120HSpring 2021Striley
COMM 150 001Spring 2021Rudinsky
COMM 350 001Spring 2021Gerstner
COMM 430 001Spring 2021Acosta
COMM 499Spring 2021Striley
COMM 534Spring 2021Brown
COMM 571 001Spring 2021Lundberg
COMM 596 001Spring 2021Coen
COMM 635 001Spring 2021Haslett
COMM 638 001Spring 2021Rudinsky
COMM 647 001Spring 2021Hondros
COMM 656 001Spring 2021Brown
COMM 657 001Spring 2021Brown,Gruffat
COMM 690 001Spring 2021Rudinsky
COMM 692H 001Spring 2021Grossberg
COMM 692H 002Spring 2021Monje
COMP 495Spring 2021Bansal
COMP 495Spring 2021Dewan
COMP 495Spring 2021Fuchs
COMP 495Spring 2021Jordan
COMP 495Spring 2021Munsell
COMP 495Spring 2021Nirjon
COMP 495Spring 2021Snoeyink
COMP 495Spring 2021Styner
COMP 523Spring 2021Stotts
COMP 585Spring 2021Pozefsky
COMP 585HSpring 2021Pozefsky
COMP 692HSpring 2021Anderson
COMP 692HSpring 2021Dewan
COMP 692HSpring 2021Pizer
COMP 692HSpring 2021Porter
COMP 692HSpring 2021Sturton
DRAM 193.001Spring 2021Rolleri
DRAM 193.002Spring 2021Rolleri
DRAM 196.001Spring 2021Cornell
DRAM 196.002Spring 2021Rolleri
DRAM 290.001Spring 2021Cornell
DRAM 290.002Spring 2021Rolleri
DRAM 393.001Spring 2021Cornell
DRAM 393.002Spring 2021Rolleri
DRAM 460.001Spring 2021Rolleri
DRAM 474.001Spring 2021Morris
DRAM 475.001Spring 2021Owen
DRAM 475H.001Spring 2021Owen
ECON 545Spring 2021Williams
ECON 590.003Spring 2021Peter
ENGL 304.855Spring 2021Irons
ENGL 402.001Spring 2021Taylor
ENGL 430.001Spring 2021Wolfe
ENGL 472.001Spring 2021Jones
ENGL 487.001Spring 2021Sawin
ENGL 494.001Spring 2021Johnson
ENGL 495.003Spring 2021Richards
ENGL 681.001Spring 2021Flaxman
ENGL 695.001Spring 2021Thrailkill
EXSS 395Spring 2021Battaglini,Claudio L
EXSS 395Spring 2021Blackburn,Jonathan T.
EXSS 395Spring 2021Defreese,Jonathan D
EXSS 395Spring 2021Hanson,Erik D
EXSS 395Spring 2021Jensen,Jonathan Arthur
EXSS 395Spring 2021Kerr,Zachary Yukio
EXSS 395Spring 2021Kucera,Kristen L.
EXSS 395Spring 2021Mihalik,Johna K.
EXSS 395Spring 2021Ondrak,Kristin Sutika
EXSS 395Spring 2021Osborne,Barbara J
EXSS 395Spring 2021Popp,Nels
EXSS 395Spring 2021Smith,Danielle Marie Kushner
EXSS 395Spring 2021Stoner,Lee
EXSS 395Spring 2021Weight,Erianne Allen
EXSS 395Spring 2021Wikstrom,Erik A.
EXSS 396Spring 2021Wikstrom,Erik A.
FREN 692HSpring 2021Jessica Tanner
GEOG 295Spring 2021Valdivia
GEOG 296Spring 2021wise
GEOg 493Spring 2021valdivia
GEOG 692Spring 2021delamater
GEOG 692Spring 2021gray
geog 692Spring 2021olson
geog 697Spring 2021riveros iregui
GEOL 395Spring 2021various
GEOL 692HSpring 2021various
HIST 398.001Spring 2021Jackson, Jerma
HIST 398.002Spring 2021Sturkey, William
HIST 398.003Spring 2021Bryant, Chad
HIST 398.004Spring 2021Jarusch, Konrad
HIST 398.005Spring 2021Jarvis, Lauren
HIST 398.006Spring 2021Larres
HIST 398.007Spring 2021MacIntish
HIST 398.008Spring 2021La Serna
HIST 692Spring 2021Marcus
ITAL 692HSpring 2021Chambless
LING 495Spring 2021
MASC395Spring 2021Alecia Septer
MATH 296.001Spring 2021Saenz
MATH 296.002Spring 2021Mucha
MATH 296.003Spring 2021Sawon
MATH 296.004Spring 2021Marzuola
MATH 296.005 (ULA)Spring 2021Thomas
MATH 296.006Spring 2021Assani
MATH 296.008Spring 2021Metcalfe
MATH 296.009 (ULA)Spring 2021Burkhead
MATH 296.010 (ULA)Spring 2021McCombs
MATH 691H.001Spring 2021Assani
MATH 692H.001Spring 2021Christianson
MATH 692H.002Spring 2021Assani
MATH 692H.003Spring 2021Williams
MATH 692H.004Spring 2021Mitran
MATH 692H.005Spring 2021Marzuola
MATH 692H.006Spring 2021Jones
MATH 692H.007Spring 2021Mucha
MATH 692H.008Spring 2021Rose
MUSC 296Spring 2021Bohlman
MUSC 296Spring 2021Weisert
MUSC 300Spring 2021Yang
MUSC 302Spring 2021Callahan
MUSC 302Spring 2021Fischer
MUSC 302Spring 2021Lain
MUSC 302Spring 2021Martin
MUSC 302Spring 2021Sparks
MUSC 303Spring 2021DiEugenio
MUSC 304Spring 2021Oehler
MUSC 304Spring 2021Stevens
MUSC 305Spring 2021Fritz
MUSC 305Spring 2021Kris
MUSC 305Spring 2021Kris
NSCI 395Spring 2021Abramowitz
NSCI 395Spring 2021Chanon
NSCI 395Spring 2021Cohen
NSCI 395Spring 2021Cooper
NSCI 395Spring 2021Dichter
NSCI 395Spring 2021Elton
NSCI 395Spring 2021Fitting
NSCI 395Spring 2021Gaudier-diaz
NSCI 395Spring 2021Giovanello
NSCI 395Spring 2021Hallquist
NSCI 395Spring 2021Lindquist
NSCI 395Spring 2021Muscatell
NSCI 395Spring 2021Penton
NSCI 395Spring 2021Reissner
NSCI 395Spring 2021Robertson
NSCI 395Spring 2021Robinson
NSCI 395Spring 2021Sathy
NSCI 395Spring 2021Sheridan
NSCI 395Spring 2021Thiele
PHIL 292Spring 2021Vaquez
PHIL 691HSpring 2021Merino-Rajme
PHIL 692HSpring 2021Bovens
PHIL 692HSpring 2021Morton
PHIL 698Spring 2021Morton
PHIL 698Spring 2021Sankaran
PHIL 698Spring 2021Sankaran
PHYS 295Spring 2021Various
PHYS 395Spring 2021Various
PLCY 395-001Spring 2021Meier
PLCY 396-001Spring 2021Goldsmith
PLCY 396-002Spring 2021Feldman
PLCY 496-001Spring 2021Johnson
PLCY 692HSpring 2021various
PLCY 698-001Spring 2021Krome-Lukens
POLI 206Spring 2021Jozwiak/Britt
POLI 208Spring 2021Greenberger
POLI 208Spring 2021Hetherington
POLI 208Spring 2021MacKuen
POLI 209Spring 2021EhLINGer
POLI 209Spring 2021Steelman
POLI 209Spring 2021Warncke
POLI 285Spring 2021Nyhuis
POLI 490Spring 2021Baumgartner
POLI 490Spring 2021Nyhuis
POLI 691HSpring 2021Hartlyn
PSYC 210Spring 2021Harrison
PSYC 395Spring 2021Abramowitz
PSYC 395Spring 2021Arnold
PSYC 395Spring 2021Bardone-Cone
PSYC 395Spring 2021Baucom
PSYC 395Spring 2021Boettiger
PSYC 395Spring 2021Buzinski
PSYC 395Spring 2021Cohen
PSYC 395Spring 2021Cooper
PSYC 395Spring 2021Daughters
PSYC 395Spring 2021Dichter
PSYC 395Spring 2021Fredrickson
PSYC 395Spring 2021Giovanello
PSYC 395Spring 2021Gray
PSYC 395Spring 2021Griffin
PSYC 395Spring 2021Harrison
PSYC 395Spring 2021Hussong
PSYC 395Spring 2021Li
PSYC 395Spring 2021Lindquist
PSYC 395Spring 2021Lysle
PSYC 395Spring 2021Ornstein
PSYC 395Spring 2021Prinstein
PSYC 395Spring 2021Propper
PSYC 395Spring 2021Sheeran
PSYC 395Spring 2021Sheridan
PSYC 395Spring 2021Stephens
PSYC 395Spring 2021Telzer
PSYC 395Spring 2021Youngstrom
PSYC 525Spring 2021Youngstrom
PSYC 564Spring 2021Algoe
SOCI251Spring 2021Entwisle
SOCI422Spring 2021Dennis
SOCI692HSpring 2021Hagan
SPAN 371Spring 2021Carmen Hsu
WGST 64Spring 2021Shields
WGST 695 (Capstone)Spring 2021Bloesch
AAAD 487Spring 2022Clegg
AMST 489Spring 2022Herman
AMST 498Spring 2022Alexander
ANTH 395Spring 2022O'Parks
ANTH 490Spring 2022Stuesse
ANTH 692HSpring 2022Agbe-Davies
ANTH 692HSpring 2022Chua
ANTH 692HSpring 2022O'Parks
ANTH 692HSpring 2022Rivkin-Fish
ANTH 692HSpring 2022Sorensen
ANTH 692HSpring 2022West
APPL 493Spring 2022Goldberg
APPL 495Spring 2022Klotsa
APPL 496Spring 2022Goldberg
ARTH 453Spring 2022Magee
ARTH 465Spring 2022Valladares
ARTH 466Spring 2022Verkerk
ARTH 485Spring 2022Bowles
ARTH 588Spring 2022Levine
ASIA 692HSpring 2022Bergeton
ASIA 692HSpring 2022Silva
ASIA 692HSpring 2022Visser
ASIA/JWST 358Spring 2022Shemer
BIOL 221/LSpring 2022Bruno
BIOL 255HSpring 2022Willett
BIOL 293Spring 2022Several
BIOL 295Spring 2022Several
BIOL 395Spring 2022Several
BIOL 395HSpring 2022Several
BIOL 495Spring 2022Several
BIOL 692HSpring 2022Maddox
BIOS 693HSpring 2022
BIOS 694HSpring 2022
BMME295Spring 2022various
BMME495Spring 2022various
CHEM262LSpring 2022Grant
CHEM520LSpring 2022Leibfarth
CHEM530LSpring 2022Freeman
CLAS 391Spring 2022Baragwanath
CMPL 454Spring 2022Wolfe
CMPL 489HSpring 2022Leinbaugh
CMPL 490Spring 2022Flaxman
DRAM 193Spring 2022Rolleri
DRAM 193Spring 2022Rolleri
DRAM 196Spring 2022Cornell
DRAM 196Spring 2022Rolleri
DRAM 290Spring 2022Cornell
DRAM 290Spring 2022Navalinsky
DRAM 290Spring 2022Rolleri
DRAM 393Spring 2022Cornell
DRAM 393Spring 2022Rolleri
DRAM 466Spring 2022Chambers
DRAM 468Spring 2022Navalinsky
DRAM 474Spring 2022Bayang
ECON 495Spring 2022Fruehwirth
ECON 495Spring 2022Fruehwirth
ECON 545Spring 2022Williams
ECON 545Spring 2022Williams
ECON 560Spring 2022Conway
ECON 560Spring 2022Conway
ECON 692HSpring 2022Peter
ECON 692HSpring 2022Peter
ENGL 120Spring 2022Barbour
ENGL 230Spring 2022Barbour
ENGL 284Spring 2022Langubauer
ENGl 402Spring 2022Taylor
ENGL 482Spring 2022Rivard
ENGL 494Spring 2022Johnson
EXSS 395Spring 2022Auscue
EXSS 395Spring 2022Blackburn
EXSS 395Spring 2022Blackburn
EXSS 395Spring 2022DeFreese
EXSS 395Spring 2022Hanson
EXSS 395Spring 2022Jensen
EXSS 395Spring 2022Jensen
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kerr
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kerr
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kerr
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kiefer
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kiefer
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kiefer
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kiefer
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kucera
EXSS 395Spring 2022Kucera
EXSS 395Spring 2022Mihalik
EXSS 395Spring 2022Ondrak
EXSS 395Spring 2022Ondrak
EXSS 395Spring 2022Ondrak
EXSS 395Spring 2022Ondrak
EXSS 395Spring 2022Ondrak
EXSS 395Spring 2022Osborne
EXSS 395Spring 2022Pietrosimone
EXSS 395Spring 2022Pietrosimone
EXSS 395Spring 2022Simth-Ryan
EXSS 395Spring 2022Smith
EXSS 395Spring 2022Smith
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Stoner
EXSS 395Spring 2022Wikstrom
EXSS 395Spring 2022Wikstrom
EXSS 395Spring 2022Wikstrom
EXSS 694HSpring 2022Kiefer
EXSS 694HSpring 2022Mihilik
EXSS 694HSpring 2022Mihilik
GEOG 416Spring 2022Wise
GEOG 692HSpring 2022Arce-Nazario
GEOG 692HSpring 2022Konrad
HIST 398Spring 2022Barney
HIST 398Spring 2022Brundage
HIST 398Spring 2022Hagemann
HIST 398Spring 2022Jackson
HIST 398Spring 2022Whalen
HIST 398Spring 2022Worthen
HIST 692HSpring 2022Waterhouse
ITAL 692HSpring 2022Maggie Fritz-Morkin
LATN 222Spring 2022Babcock
LING 493Spring 2022Pertsova
LING 496Spring 2022Roberge
LING 692HSpring 2022Hsu
LING 692HSpring 2022Terry
MATH 296Spring 2022Assani
MATH 296Spring 2022Burkhead
MATH 296Spring 2022Green
MATH 296Spring 2022Hendrickson
MATH 296Spring 2022Kumar
MATH 296Spring 2022Marzuola
MATH 296Spring 2022McCombs
MATH 296Spring 2022Metcalfe
MATH 296Spring 2022Rossi
MATH 691HSpring 2022Assani
MATH 692HSpring 2022Assani
MATH 692HSpring 2022Marzuola
MATH 692HSpring 2022Metcalfe
MATH 692HSpring 2022Mucha
MATH 692HSpring 2022Rose
MATH 692HSpring 2022Saenz
MUSC 355Spring 2022Figueroa
MUSC 692HSpring 2022Anderson
MUSC 692HSpring 2022Figueroa
MUSC/WGST 188Spring 2022MacNeil
NSCI 278Spring 2022Roberston
NSCI 290Spring 2022Gaudier-Diaz
NSCI 290Spring 2022Penton
PHIL 211Spring 2022Leunissen
PHIL 396Spring 2022Stroud
PHIL 692HSpring 2022Leunissen
PHIL 692HSpring 2022Neta
PHIL 692HSpring 2022Vazquez
PHYS 295Spring 2022Ayangeakaa
PHYS 295Spring 2022Deardorff
PHYS 295Spring 2022Gruszko
PHYS 295Spring 2022Heitsch
PHYS 295Spring 2022Henning
PHYS 295Spring 2022Iliadis
PHYS 295Spring 2022Jeglinski
PHYS 295Spring 2022Kannappan
PHYS 295Spring 2022Reichart
PHYS 295Spring 2022Tsui
PHYS 295Spring 2022Wallace
PHYS 295Spring 2022Wu
PHYS 295Spring 2022Zhou
PHYS 395Spring 2022Branca
PHYS 395Spring 2022Camassa
PHYS 395Spring 2022Drut
PHYS 395Spring 2022Erickcek
PHYS 395Spring 2022Gruszko
PHYS 395Spring 2022Henning
PHYS 395Spring 2022Janssens
PHYS 395Spring 2022Lu
PHYS 395Spring 2022Mann
PHYS 395Spring 2022Seanz Hervias
PHYS 395Spring 2022Superfine
PHYS 395Spring 2022Tsui
PHYS 395Spring 2022Zhou
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Basar
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Cahoon
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Dolan
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Drut
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Falvo
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Gladfelter
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Mann
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Wilkerson
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Wu
PHYS 692HSpring 2022Zhou
PLCY 692HSpring 2022various
PLCY 698Spring 2022Krome-Lukens
POLI 350Spring 2022Gent/Crescenzi
POLI 350Spring 2022Gent/Crescenzi
POLI 693HSpring 2022Anderson
POLI 693HSpring 2022Ballard-Rosa
POLI 693HSpring 2022Baumgartner
POLI 693HSpring 2022Crescenzi
POLI 693HSpring 2022Globetti
POLI 693HSpring 2022Roberts
POLI 693HSpring 2022Ryan
POLI 693HSpring 2022Searing
POLI 693HSpring 2022Treul Roberts
POLI 693HSpring 2022Unah
POLI 698Spring 2022Oprea
PORT 692HSpring 2022Chloe Hill
PSYC 210Spring 2022Harrison
PSYC 210Spring 2022Parikh
PSYC 438Spring 2022Arnold
PSYC 525Spring 2022Youngstrom
RELI 480Spring 2022Ernst
RELI 481Spring 2022Sheikholharam
SOCI 251Spring 2022Entwisle
SOCI 252Spring 2022Cai
SOCI 252Spring 2022Lin
SOCI 423Spring 2022Tyson
SPAN 692HSpring 2022Emil Keme
SPAN 692HSpring 2022Hélène De Fays
STOR 691HSpring 2022Marron
WGST 270Spring 2022Lau
WGST 695Spring 2022Berger
ANTH195Spring 2023Staff
ANTH234/234HSpring 2023Frey
ANTH295Spring 2023Staff
ANTH395Spring 2023Staff
ANTH396/396HSpring 2023Staff
ANTH691H/692HSpring 2023Staff
APPL 295Spring 2023Bai
APPL 495Spring 2023Bai
APPL 495Spring 2023Pegard
APPL 495Spring 2023Yan
ARTH 54HSpring 2023Sherman
ARTH 551Spring 2023Williams
ARTH 588Spring 2023Levine
ARTH 64Spring 2023Cao
ASIA/WGST 471Spring 2023Yaghoobi
BIOL 102LSpring 2023Sregenga
BIOL 293Spring 2023Several
BIOL 295Spring 2023Several
BIOL 395Spring 2023Several
BIOL 395HSpring 2023Several
BIOL 495Spring 2023Several
BIOL 692HSpring 2023Maddox
BMME295Spring 2023various
BMME495Spring 2023various
BMME692HSpring 2023various
CHIN 545/CMPL 545Spring 2023Visser
CLAS 362HSpring 2023Baragwanath
CLAS 391Spring 2023Rives
DRAM 193Spring 2023Rolleri
DRAM 193Spring 2023Rolleri
DRAM 196Spring 2023Cornell
DRAM 196Spring 2023Rolleri
DRAM 290Spring 2023Cornell
DRAM 290Spring 2023Navalinsky
DRAM 290Spring 2023Rolleri
DRAM 393Spring 2023Cornell
DRAM 393Spring 2023Rolleri
DRAM 466Spring 2023
DRAM 474Spring 2023Morris
E NGL 472Spring 2023Fisher
ENEC 395Spring 2023Hee
ENEC 395Spring 2023Kamens
ENEC 395Spring 2023Sebastian
ENEC 437Spring 2023Gray
ENEC 694HSpring 2023Hurlbert
ENEC 694HSpring 2023Van Doren
ENEC 698Spring 2023Bell
ENEC 698Spring 2023Boufajreldin
ENEC 698Spring 2023Hee
ENEC 698Spring 2023McNelis
ENEC 698Spring 2023Sebastian
ENEC 698Spring 2023Van Doren
ENGL 342Spring 2023Richards
ENGL 402Spring 2023Taylor
ENGL 403Spring 2023Epps-Robertson
ENGL 437Spring 2023Viscomi
ENGL 487Spring 2023Lovejoy,Jordan Elizabeth
ENGL 620Spring 2023Leinbaugh
ENGL 680Spring 2023Warner
ENGL 687Spring 2023Deguzman,Maria
ENGL 694HSpring 2023Daye,Tyree
ENGL 694HSpring 2023Griest
ENGL 694HSpring 2023Tucker,Karen Elisabeth
ENGL 695Spring 2023Jack
EXSS 395Spring 2023Defreese
EXSS 395Spring 2023Register-Mihalik
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Blue
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Hanson
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Mihalik
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Ondrak
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Padua
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Petschauer
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Popp
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Shields
EXSS 694HSpring 2023Stoner
FOLK 77Spring 2023Hinson
FOLK/AMST 487Spring 2023Lovejoy
FOLK/ANTH 424Spring 2023Berlinger
FOLK/JWST 481Spring 2023Berlinger
GEOG 429Spring 2023Martin
GEOG 437Spring 2023Gray
GEOG 691HSpring 2023Emch
GEOG 691HSpring 2023Martin
GEOG 697Spring 2023Valdivia
GEOL 395Spring 2023Coleman
GEOL 395Spring 2023Lees
GEOL 395Spring 2023Lees
GEOL 395Spring 2023Moore
GEOL 395Spring 2023Moore
GEOL 691HSpring 2023Stewart
GEOL 692HSpring 2023Coleman
GEOL 692HSpring 2023Coleman
GEOL 692HSpring 2023Kirby
GEOL 692HSpring 2023Rodriguez
GEOL 692HSpring 2023Surge
HIST 398Spring 2023Barney
HIST 398Spring 2023Lindsay
HIST 398Spring 2023Miguel
HIST 398Spring 2023Morgan
HIST 398Spring 2023Naiden
HIST 692HSpring 2023Turk
HIST 72HSpring 2023Hagemann
LING 562Spring 2023
MASC 395Spring 2023Alperin
MASC 395Spring 2023Hall
MASC 395Spring 2023Marchetti
MASC 395Spring 2023Martens
MASC 395Spring 2023Teske
MATH 296Spring 2023TBD
MATH 692HSpring 2023Hong
MATH 692HSpring 2023Huang
MATH 692HSpring 2023Metcalfe
MATH 692HSpring 2023Mitran
MATH 692HSpring 2023Williams
NSCI 278Spring 2023Robertson
NSCI 278Spring 2023Robertson
NSCI 279Spring 2023Parekh
NSCI 279Spring 2023Parekh
NSCI 395Spring 2023Fitting
PHIL 692HSpring 2023Bovens
PHIL 692HSpring 2023Nelson
PHIL 692HSpring 2023Vazquez
PHY 295Spring 2023Lopez
PHY 395Spring 2023Lopez
PHY 691HSpring 2023Dolan
PHY 692HSpring 2023Dolan
PLCY 396Spring 2023STAFF
PLCY 496Spring 2023STAFF
PLCY 596Spring 2023STAFF
PLCY 691HSpring 2023STAFF
PLCY 692HSpring 2023Gitterman
PLCY 692HSpring 2023Goldin
PLCY 692HSpring 2023Iruka
PLCY 692HSpring 2023Moulton
PLCY 692HSpring 2023STAFF
PLCY 692HSpring 2023STAFF
PLCY 692HSpring 2023Sullivan
PLCY 698Spring 2023Krome-Lukens
POLI 209Spring 2023Rueda-Canon
POLI 693HSpring 2023Ballard-Rosa
POLI 693HSpring 2023Crescenzi
POLI 693HSpring 2023Gent
POLI 693HSpring 2023Globetti
POLI 693HSpring 2023Hetherington
POLI 693HSpring 2023Huber
POLI 693HSpring 2023Martinez-Gallardo
POLI 693HSpring 2023Spinner-Halev
POLI 693HSpring 2023Steiner
POLI 693HSpring 2023Unah
POLI 693HSpring 2023Vachudova
PSYC 395Spring 2023Fitting
PSYC 493/ NSCI 493Spring 2023Buzinski
PSYC 525Spring 2023Youngstrom
PSYC270Spring 2023Harrison
ROML 295Spring 2023Lopes de Almeida
SOCI 692HSpring 2023Pearce
WGST 695Spring 2023Booth
AAAD 403Spring 2024Sahle
AAAD 461Spring 2024Berry
AAAD 466Spring 2024Monroe
AAAD 486Spring 2024McGee
AAAD 487Spring 2024Clegg
AAAD 491Spring 2024Janken
AAAD 492Spring 2024Hudani
ASIA/CMPL 442Spring 2024Yaghoobi
BIOL 102LSpring 2024Sregenga
BIOL 221/LSpring 2024Bruno
BIOL 293Spring 2024Several
BIOL 295Spring 2024Several
BIOL 395Spring 2024Several
BIOL 395HSpring 2024Several
BIOL 495Spring 2024Several
BIOL 692HSpring 2024Maddox
BMME 295Spring 2024various
BMME 495Spring 2024various
BMME 692HSpring 2024various
CHEM 395Spring 2024Various instructors
CHEM 692HSpring 2024Various instructors
CLAS 391Spring 2024Janet
COMM 120Spring 2024Striley
COMM 150Spring 2024Rudinsky
COMM 350Spring 2024Kaufman
COMM 430Spring 2024Craft
COMM 499Spring 2024Striley
COMM 638Spring 2024Rudinsky
COMM 647Spring 2024Hondros
COMM 656Spring 2024Brown
COMM 693HSpring 2024Megel
ECON 495Spring 2024Staff
ECON 545Spring 2024Williams
ECON 552Spring 2024Qing
ECON 692HSpring 2024Peter
EXSS 395Spring 2024Jensen
EXSS 395Spring 2024Kerr
EXSS 395Spring 2024Kucera
EXSS 395Spring 2024Petschauer
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Battaglini
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Courtney
EXSS 694HSpring 2024DeFreese
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Hanson
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Kerr
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Mihalik
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Ondrak
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Pietrosimone
EXSS 694HSpring 2024Register-Mihalik
HIST 398Spring 2024Barney
HIST 398Spring 2024Gellman
HIST 398Spring 2024La Serna
HIST 398Spring 2024Radding
HIST 398Spring 2024Reid
HIST 692HSpring 2024Whalen
KOR/CMPL 232Spring 2024Kief
MATH 296Spring 2024TBD
MATH 692HSpring 2024Camassa
MATH 692HSpring 2024Huang
MATH 692HSpring 2024Lou
MUSC 691HSpring 2024TBA
MUSC 692HSpring 2024TBA
NSCI 277Spring 2024Parekh
NSCI 277Spring 2024Parekh
NSCI 278Spring 2024Robertson
NSCI 278Spring 2024Robertson
PHYS 295Spring 2024Lopez
PHYS 395Spring 2024Lopez
PHYS 691HSpring 2024Dolan
PHYS 692HSpring 2024Dolan
POLI 490Spring 2024Jenkins
POLI 693HSpring 2024Anderson
POLI 693HSpring 2024Ballard-Rosa
POLI 693HSpring 2024Bapat
POLI 693HSpring 2024Clark
POLI 693HSpring 2024Crescenzi
POLI 693HSpring 2024Gent
POLI 693HSpring 2024Globetti
POLI 693HSpring 2024Hartlyn
POLI 693HSpring 2024Hetherington
POLI 693HSpring 2024Huber
POLI 693HSpring 2024Kroeger
POLI 693HSpring 2024McGuire
POLI 693HSpring 2024Sahn
POLI 693HSpring 2024Searing
POLI 693HSpring 2024Steiner
POLI 693HSpring 2024Treul
POLI 693HSpring 2024Unah
POLI 736Spring 2024Vachudova
PSYC 210Spring 2024Parikh
PSYC 210Spring 2024Parikh
PSYC 260Spring 2024Buzinski
ROML 295Spring 2024Lopes de Almeida
SOCI 251Spring 2024Entwisle
SPAN 371Spring 2024Lindquist
STOR 496Spring 2024All
STOR 691Spring 2024All
STOR 692Spring 2024All
WGST 695Spring 2024Booth
ARTS 222Summer 2018Truong
ARTS 290Summer 2018English
ARTS 290Summer 2018Truong
BIOL 293Summer 2018Coble
BIOL 395Summer 2018Various
BIOL 395Summer 2018Various
BIOL 395HSummer 2018Various
BIOL 395HSummer 2018Various
BIOL 495Summer 2018Various
CHEM 395Summer 2018Multiple
COMM 636Summer 2018Rudinsky
PHYS 295Summer 2018
PHYS 395Summer 2018
APPL 495Summer 2019
ARTH 153Summer 2019Wellington
ARTS 105Summer 2019Hoffman
ARTS 105Summer 2019Keaveney
ARTS 132Summer 2019Cox
BIOL 293Summer 2019Coble
BIOL 395Summer 2019Various
BIOL 395HSummer 2019Various
BIOL 495Summer 2019Various
CHEM 395Summer 2019Multiple
COMM 150Summer 2019Rudinsky
COMM 636Summer 2019Rudinsky
ENEC 393Summer 2019Naess
GERM 396Summer 2019Langston
GERM 493Summer 2019Langston
PHYS 295Summer 2019
PHYS 395Summer 2019
ANTH 395Summer 2020Rivkin-Fish
BIOL 293Summer 2020Coble
BIOL 395/395H/495Summer 2020Various
COMM 150 001Summer 2020Rudinsky
COMM 636 01MSummer 2020Rudinsky
DRAM 290.001Summer 2020Navalinsky
GEOG 295Summer 2020Gray
PHYS 295Summer 2020Various
PHYS 395Summer 2020Various
EXSS 395Summer 2020 IWikstrom,Erik A.
ANTH 295Summer 2021West
ANTH 395Summer 2021McAnany
ANTH 395Summer 2021Thompson
BIOL 395Summer 2021Several
BIOL 395HSummer 2021Several
BIOL 495Summer 2021Several
BMME295Summer 2021various
BMME495Summer 2021various
MATH 296Summer 2021Forest
SOCI 252Summer 2021Gutin
EXSS 395Summer 2021 Session IOndrak,Kristin Sutika
PHYS 295Summer 2021 Session IJanssens
PHYS 295Summer 2021 Session IScotti
EXSS 395Summer 2021 Session IIOndrak,Kristin Sutika
PHYS 295Summer 2021 Session IIBranca
ANTH195Summer 2022Staff
ANTH295Summer 2022Staff
ANTH395Summer 2022Staff
ANTH396/396HSummer 2022Staff
ANTH691H/692HSummer 2022Staff
BIOL 395Summer 2022Several
BMME295Summer 2022various
BMME495Summer 2022various
CHEM262LSummer 2022Eskew
DRAM 290Summer 2022Bersley
DRAM 393Summer 2022Versenyi
ENGL 284Summer 2022Langauer
PHY 295Summer 2022Drut
PHY 295Summer 2022Weinberg-Wolf
GEOL 396Summer 2022 Session IStewart
MUSC 286Summer 2022 Session IFigueroa
GEOL 396Summer 2022 Session IIStewart
BIOL 395Summer 2023Several
BMME 295Summer 2023various
BMME 495Summer 2023various
COMM 150Summer 2023Rudinsky
EXSS 395Summer 2023Courtney
HIST 398Summer 2023BRUNDAGE
PHYS 295Summer 2023Rodriguez
PSYC 210Summer 2023Harrison
PSYC 210Summer 2023Harrison
PSYC 210Summer 2023Parikh
STOR 496Summer 2023
STOR 691Summer 2023
STOR 692Summer 2023
PSYC 570Buzinski