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Research Methods Courses

Research Methods Courses will teach you the methods that scholars in a given discipline use to ask and pursue research questions. Please consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your major department if you have specific questions about courses that teach research methods.

You can search for recent Research Methods Courses using the table below.

Course # (e.g. EXSS 395)Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)Instructor
ANTH 411Fall 2018Steponaitis
ANTH 414Fall 2018Hutchinson
ARTH 154Fall 2018Girardelli
ARTH 159Fall 2018Ozerkevich
ARTH 270Fall 2018Pardo
ARTH 285Fall 2018Levine
ARTS 103Fall 2018Cornejo
ARTS 105Fall 2018Hoffman
ARTS 106Fall 2018Lee
ARTS 106Fall 2018Truong
ARTS 106Fall 2018Truong
ARTS 202Fall 2018Mabry
ARTS 205Fall 2018Cox
ARTS 89Fall 2018Marzan
BIOL 293Fall 2018Coble
BIOL 421LFall 2018Matthysse
BIOL 422LFall 2018Matthysse
BIOL 446Fall 2018Harris
BIOL 461Fall 2018White, Tucker
BIOL 526Fall 2018Vision
BIOL 553Fall 2018Hedrick, Servedio
BIOL 692HFall 2018Maddox
CHEM 421Fall 2018Leibfarth
CHEM 431Fall 2018Hogan
CMPL 250Fall 2018Legassie
CMPL 450Fall 2018Downing
COMM 170Fall 2018Fallah
COMM 170Fall 2018Faulkner
COMM 170Fall 2018Marks
COMM 170Fall 2018Parker
COMM 170Fall 2018Ryan
COMM 170Fall 2018Watts
COMM 224Fall 2018Mattheis
ECON 400Fall 2018Lich-Tyler
ECON 400Fall 2018Lich-Tyler
ECON 470Fall 2018Verdier
ENEC 490Fall 2018Van Doren
ENEC 562Fall 2018Umbanhovar
ENGL 127Fall 2018Moskal
ENGL 266Fall 2018O'Shaughnessey
ENGL 268HFall 2018M Taylor
GEOG 370Fall 2018Various
GEOG 392Fall 2018Lentz
GEOG 410Fall 2018Song
GEOG 477Fall 2018Moody
GEOG 491Fall 2018Chen
GEOG 541Fall 2018Delamater
GEOG 591Fall 2018Arce-Nezario
GEOL 520Fall 2018Lees
HIST 691Fall 2018Worthen
LING 422Fall 2018Moreton
MASC 101Fall 2018Castillo
MASC 401Fall 2018Arnosti
MASC 52Fall 2018Mei
MASC 55Fall 2018Marten
MASC 59Fall 2018Teske
PHYS 281LFall 2018Qin
PHYS 331Fall 2018Oldenburg
PHYS 358Fall 2018Heitsch
PLCY 460Fall 2018Moulton
PLCY 581Fall 2018Gutierrez
PLCY 581Fall 2018Johnson
PLCY 581Fall 2018Johnson
POLI 209Fall 2018Sentementes
POLI 209Fall 2018Severenchuk
POLI 209Fall 2018Wager
POLI 281Fall 2018Gustafson
POLI 288Fall 2018Bassi
PSYC 225Fall 2018Buchin
PSYC 230Fall 2018Pancani
PSYC 250Fall 2018Grimes
PSYC 260Fall 2018Goranson
PSYC 270Fall 2018Harrison
PSYC 490Fall 2018Gonzalez
PSYC 501Fall 2018Wiss
SOCI 251Fall 2018Andrews
SOCI 251Fall 2018Ifatunji
SOCI 252Fall 2018Cai
SOCI 252Fall 2018Lin
SPAN 376Fall 2018Ruiz-Garcia
SPAN 621Fall 2018Binotti
BIOS 500HFall 2018-present
BIOS 511Fall 2018-present
BIOS 545Fall 2018-present
BIOS 600Fall 2018-present
BIOS 610Fall 2018-present
BIOS 662Fall 2018-present
BIOS 663Fall 2018-present
BIOS 664Fall 2018-present
BIOS 665Fall 2018-present
BIOS 666Fall 2018-present
BIOS 667Fall 2018-present
BIOS 668Fall 2018-present
BIOS 669Fall 2018-present
BIOS 670Fall 2018-present
BIOS 680Fall 2018-present
AMST 210Fall 2019Kotch
AMST 210Fall 2019Rodriguez
ANTH 490Fall 2019Stuesse
ASTR 502Fall 2019Law
BIOL 226Fall 2019Taylor
BIOL 434Fall 2019Matera
BIOL 446Fall 2019Harris
BIOL 528Fall 2019Laederach
BIOL 542Fall 2019Maddox, Bloom
BIOL 553Fall 2019Hedrick, Servedio
CHEM 431Fall 2019Hogan
CMPL 250HFall 2019Brodey
CMPL 251Fall 2019Fisher
COMM 170Fall 2019Childs
COMM 170Fall 2019Clancy
COMM 170Fall 2019Marks
COMM 170Fall 2019Olson
COMM 170Fall 2019Parker
COMM 170Fall 2019Plunpton
COMM 170Fall 2019Watts
COMM 224Fall 2019Parker
COMM 464Fall 2019Perucci
COMM 89Fall 2019Monje
COMP 290Fall 2019Jordan
ECON 400Fall 2019Allen
ECON 470Fall 2019Hansen
ECON 470Fall 2019Verdier
ECON 510Fall 2019Parreiras
ECON 511Fall 2019Parreiras
ENEC 432Fall 2019Van Doren
ENEC 563Fall 2019Umbanhovar
ENGL 265HFall 2019Fisher
ENGL 266HFall 2019O'Shaunessey
ENGL 268Fall 2019Thrailkill
ENGL 268HFall 2019Thrailkill
EXSS 273Fall 2019Goerger
EXSS 273Fall 2019Kerr
EXSS 273Fall 2019Kucera
FOLK 202Fall 2019Falzett
GEOG 370Fall 2019Page
GEOG 370Fall 2019Song
GEOG 391Fall 2019Qiu
GEOG 477Fall 2019Moody
GEOG 491Fall 2019Arce-Nazario
GEOG 591Fall 2019Liang
GEOG 592Fall 2019Liang
GEOL 520Fall 2019Lees
HIST 398Fall 2019
MASC 444Fall 2019Marchetti
NSCI 225Fall 2019Buchin
NSCI 320Fall 2019Penton
NSCI 427Fall 2019Giovanello
PHIL 155Fall 2019Kotzen
PHIL 384Fall 2019Bovens
PHIL 384Fall 2019Porter
PHIL 89Fall 2019Bovens
PHYS 281LFall 2019Janssens
PHYS 331Fall 2019Oldenburg
PHYS 332Fall 2019Heitsch
PLCY 460Fall 2019Moulton
PLCY 581Fall 2019Hemelt
PLCY 581Fall 2019Hemelt
POLI 209Fall 2019Hoyman
POLI 210Fall 2019Conover
POLI 211Fall 2019Reynolds
POLI 281Fall 2019Szypszak
POLI 282Fall 2019Clark
POLI 283Fall 2019Weidenfeld
POLI 288Fall 2019Roberts
PSYC 245Fall 2019McNiel
PSYC 270Fall 2019Harrison
PSYC 490Fall 2019Campbell
PSYC 501Fall 2019Wiss
PSYC 559Fall 2019Gonzalez
PSYC 601Fall 2019Griffin
RELI 697Fall 2019Matienberg
SOCI 251Fall 2019Pearce
SOCI 252Fall 2019Cai
SOCI 277Fall 2019Guo
SPAN 621Fall 2019Binotti
WGST 202Fall 2019Shields
ANTH 411Fall 2020Steponaitis
ARTH151Fall 2020Guthrie
ARTH160Fall 2020Douglas
ARTH270Fall 2020Wu
BIOL 226Fall 2020Taylor
BIOL 422LFall 2020Matthysse
BIOL 434Fall 2020Matera, Matson
BIOL 441LFall 2020Hastie
BIOL 446Fall 2020Harris
BIOL 525Fall 2020Furey
BIOL 542Fall 2020Maddox, Bloom
CMPL 254.001Fall 2020Rodriguez
COMM 170Fall 2020Chowdhury, Childs, Plumpton, Marks, Jones, Olson
COMM 224.001Fall 2020Misra, Wood
COMM 464.001Fall 2020Perucci
COMP 435Fall 2020Sturton
COMP 590Fall 2020Duggirala
ECON 400 001Fall 2020Allen
ECON 400 002Fall 2020Allen
ECON 470 001Fall 2020Verdier
ECON 470 002Fall 2020Verdier
ECON 590 002Fall 2020Babii
ENGL 105I.003Fall 2020O'Shaugnessy
ENGL 105I.007Fall 2020Clark
ENGL 105I.008Fall 2020Current
ENGL 105I.010Fall 2020Lithgow
ENGL 105I.014Fall 2020Current
ENGL 105I.015Fall 2020O'Shaugnessy
ENGL 105I.018Fall 2020Skjellum
ENGL 105I.023Fall 2020Skjellum
ENGL 105I.024Fall 2020Maloney
ENGL 105I.025Fall 2020Groff
ENGL 105I.026Fall 2020Frost
ENGL 105I.032Fall 2020Schroeder
ENGL 105I.034Fall 2020Rivard
ENGL 105I.037Fall 2020Weed
ENGL 105I.046Fall 2020Porter
ENGL 105I.047Fall 2020Meckley
ENGL 105I.052Fall 2020Gutierrez
ENGL 105I.103Fall 2020Meckley
ENGL 129H.001Fall 2020Christmas
ENGL 223.001Fall 2020Cushman
ENGL 227.001Fall 2020Wolfe
ENGL 266-001Fall 2020O'Shaugnessy, Thrailkill, Rice, Kinsigner
ENGL 268H-001Fall 2020Rice, Thrailkill, Kinzinger
ENGL 318-001Fall 2020Pappoe
ENGL 359-001Fall 2020Ramirez
ENGL 666-001Fall 2020DeGuzman
ENGL 89-001Fall 2020Lithgow-Bovens
ENGL 89-005Fall 2020Baker
ENGL 89H-001Fall 2020Richards
ENGL105I.050Fall 2020Gutierrez
EXSS 273Fall 2020Kucera,Nedimyer, Goerger
Folk 476Fall 2020Berlinger
Folk 481Fall 2020Berlinger
GEOG 130Fall 2020Olson
GEOG 141Fall 2020Havice, Riveros Iregui
GEOG 370Fall 2020Arce Nazario
GEOG 370Fall 2020Vina
GEOG 391Fall 2020Moody
GEOG 392Fall 2020Lentz
GEOG 435Fall 2020Valdivia
GEOG 464Fall 2020Pickles
LING 422Fall 2020
NSCI 427Fall 2020Giovanello
PHIL 384Fall 2020Bovens
PHIL 384Fall 2020Passinsky
PHIL 384Fall 2020Passinsky
PHYS 281LFall 2020Janssens, Levy, Levy
PHYS 331Fall 2020Oldenburg, Drut
PHYS 332Fall 2020Heitsch
PLCY 460-001Fall 2020Moulton
PLCY 581-001Fall 2020Gutierrez
PLCY 581-002Fall 2020Johnson
PSYC 220Fall 2020Fitting
PSYC 270Fall 2020Harrison
PSYC 390Fall 2020Buchin
PSYC 463Fall 2020Gariepy
PSYC 490Fall 2020Jones
PSYC 559Fall 2020Gonzalez
SOCI 252Fall 2020Cai
SOCI 252Fall 2020Men-jung
SPAN 375Fall 2020Binotti
SPAN 621Fall 2020Binotti
WGST 202Fall 2020Shields
AMST 201Fall 2021Douglas
AMST 276Fall 2021Alexander
AMST 290Fall 2021Douglas
ANTH 411Fall 2021Steponaitis
ANTH 414Fall 2021Zurek-Ost
ANTH 414LFall 2021Zurek-Ost
BIOL 422LFall 2021Matthysse
BIOL 434Fall 2021Matera
BIOL 441/LFall 2021Hastie
BIOL 461Fall 2021Umbenhowar
BIOL 525/LFall 2021Furey
BIOL 542Fall 2021Maddox
CMPL 55Fall 2021Rodriguez
ECON 390Fall 2021Marsh
ECON 390Fall 2021Marsh
ECON 400Fall 2021Handy
ECON 400Fall 2021Handy
ECON 400Fall 2021Handy
ECON 400Fall 2021Handy
ECON 400HFall 2021Handy
ECON 400HFall 2021Handy
ECON 470Fall 2021Verdier
ECON 470Fall 2021Verdier
ECON 470Fall 2021Verdier
ECON 470Fall 2021Verdier
ECON 590Fall 2021McDuff
ECON 590Fall 2021McDuff
EDUC 408Fall 2021Mills-Koonce
ENGL 105iFall 2021Current
ENGL 105iFall 2021Lithgow
ENGL 120Fall 2021Wolfe
ENGL 81Fall 2021Moskal
ENGL 89Fall 2021Frost
ENGL 89HFall 2021Ross
EXSS 273Fall 2021Goerger
EXSS 273Fall 2021Goerger
EXSS 273Fall 2021Kerr
EXSS 273Fall 2021Kucera
JWST 697Fall 2021Rose
LING 458Fall 2021Mora-Marín
MUSC 254Fall 2021Elmi
MUSC 56Fall 2021Elmi
NSCI 320Fall 2021Penton
NSCI 421Fall 2021Snider
NSCI 427Fall 2021Giovanello
PHIL 330Fall 2021Merino-Rajme
PHIL 340Fall 2021Pryor
PHIL 381Fall 2021Nelson
PHIL/ENEC 368Fall 2021Quanbeck
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Fall 2021Bovens
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Fall 2021Bovens
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Fall 2021Munoz
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Fall 2021Oprea
PHYS 281LFall 2021Kowalewski, (Levy), Wu
PHYS 281LFall 2021Kowalewski, (Levy), Wu
PHYS 281LFall 2021Kowalewski, (Levy), Wu
PHYS 281LFall 2021Kowalewski, (Levy), Wu
PHYS 281LFall 2021Kowalewski, (Levy), Wu
PHYS 331Fall 2021Czejdo, (Liu), Oldenburg
PHYS 331Fall 2021Czejdo, (Liu), Oldenburg
PHYS 331Fall 2021Oldenburg
PHYS 332Fall 2021Heitsch
PHYS 332Fall 2021Heitsch, Rider
PHYS 332Fall 2021Heitsch, Rider
PLCY 075Fall 2021Addo
PLCY 310Fall 2021Shadmehr
PLCY 460Fall 2021Hsu
PLCY 460Fall 2021Moulton
PLCY 581Fall 2021Bao
PLCY 581Fall 2021Gutierrez
POLI 281Fall 2021Hoellerbauer
POLI 281Fall 2021Laterzo
POLI 287Fall 2021Gent
POLI 442Fall 2021Ballard-Rosa
PSYC 220Fall 2021League
PSYC 220Fall 2021Parekh
PSYC 230Fall 2021Hopfinger
PSYC 230Fall 2021Roth
PSYC 245Fall 2021Janos
PSYC 250Fall 2021Adeyanju
PSYC 250Fall 2021Jorgensen
PSYC 270Fall 2021Farrer
PSYC 270Fall 2021Harrison
PSYC 270Fall 2021Parikh
PSYC 463Fall 2021Gariepy
PSYC 517Fall 2021Daughters
PSYC 559Fall 2021Gonzalez
ROML 295Fall 2021Mackenzie
WGST 202Fall 2021Booth
WGST 573Fall 2021Else-Quest
AMST 210Fall 2022Kotch
ANTH148Fall 2022Hilton
ANTH151Fall 2022Briggs
ANTH175Fall 2022Alexander
ANTH238Fall 2022West
ANTH252Fall 2022Briggs
ANTH284Fall 2022Delgaty
ANTH290Fall 2022Smith
ANTH315Fall 2022Hilton
ANTH318Fall 2022Sorensen
ANTH411/411LFall 2022Steponaitis
ANTH414/414LFall 2022
ANTH520Fall 2022
ANTH541Fall 2022
ARTH 113Fall 2022Williams
ARTH 151Fall 2022Essif
ARTH 160Fall 2022Douglas
ARTH 272Fall 2022Moore
ARTH 277Fall 2022Douglas
ARTH 279Fall 2022String
BIOL 422LFall 2022Matthysse
BIOL 434Fall 2022Matera
BIOL 461Fall 2022Parker
BIOL 525/LFall 2022Furey
BIOL 542Fall 2022Maddox
CLAS 056HFall 2022James
CMPL 89Fall 2022Collins,Marsha S
ENEC 492Fall 2022Boufajreldin
ENGL 74.1 LECFall 2022Wolfe
ENGL 89Fall 2022Cowdery
ENGL 89Fall 2022DeGooyer
ENGL 89.2 LECFall 2022DeGooyer
ENGL 89HFall 2022Richards
ENGL 89H.1 LECFall 2022Richards
ENGL 89H.2 LECFall 2022Ross
EXSS 273Fall 2022Courtney
EXSS 273Fall 2022Kerr
EXSS 273Fall 2022Kucera
EXSS 273Fall 2022Shields
GEOG 215Fall 2022Delamater
GEOG 391Fall 2022Moody
GEOG 410Fall 2022Song
GEOG 477Fall 2022Moody
GEOL 435Fall 2022Sebastian
GSLL 481Fall 2022Rose
IDST 190-017Fall 2022Berlinger
MUSC 120Fall 2022Bohlman
MUSC 120Fall 2022Garcia
NSCI 175Fall 2022Gaudier-Diaz
NSCI 175Fall 2022Parekh
NSCI 175Fall 2022Parekh
NSCI 175Fall 2022Robertson
NSCI 221Fall 2022Penton
NSCI 225Fall 2022Stephens
NSCI 423Fall 2022Robertson
NSCI 434Fall 2022Hopfinger
PHIL 330Fall 2022Merino-Rajme
PHIL/PLCY 364Fall 2022Schwarz
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Fall 2022Mu–oz
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Fall 2022Mu–oz
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Fall 2022Zhang
PHYS 281LFall 2022Ayangeakaa
PHYS 281LFall 2022Ayangeakaa
PHYS 281LFall 2022Ayangeakaa
PHYS 281LFall 2022Ayangeakaa
PHYS 331Fall 2022Nicholson
PHYS 331Fall 2022Nicholson
PHYS 331Fall 2022Nicholson
PHYS 332Fall 2022Heitsch
PHYS 332Fall 2022Heitsch
PHYS 332Fall 2022Heitsch
PLCY 460Fall 2022Moulton
PLCY 581Fall 2022Bao
PLCY 581Fall 2022Gutierrez
POLI 150Fall 2022Bapat
POLI 281Fall 2022Chan
PSYC 180Fall 2022Li
PSYC 250Fall 2022Li
PSYC 260Fall 2022Leshin
PSYC 260Fall 2022West
PSYC 517Fall 2022Aurora
PSYC210Fall 2022Harrison
SOCI 252Fall 2022Manrique
SPAN 371Fall 2022Hsu
SPAN 375Fall 2022Binotti
SPAN 682Fall 2022Binotti
WGST 202Fall 2022Booth
BIOL 422LFall 2023Matthysse
BIOL 434Fall 2023Matera
BIOL 461Fall 2023Yitbarek
BIOL 525/LFall 2023Furey
BIOL 542Fall 2023Maddox & Prunet
CHEM 101LFall 2023Eskew
CHEM 102LFall 2023McNamee
CHEM 241LFall 2023Tiani
CHEM 481LFall 2023Erie
CHEM 482LFall 2023Moran
CHEM 742LFall 2023Glish
COMM 170Fall 2023Chebrolu
COMM 170Fall 2023Youakim
COMM 224Fall 2023Silva
COMP 495Fall 2023All
COMP 523Fall 2023Stotts
COMP 537Fall 2023Eskandarian
COMP 590Fall 2023Szafir
COMP 590Fall 2023Sengupta
COMP 691HFall 2023All
COMP 692HFall 2023All
ECON 400Fall 2023Handy
ECON 400Fall 2023Handy
ECON 400HFall 2023Handy
ECON 470Fall 2023Hill
ECON 470Fall 2023Kedagni
EXSS 273Fall 2023Kucera
EXSS 273Fall 2023Kerr
EXSS 273Fall 2023Kerr
HIST 174HFall 2023Aydin
HIST 59Fall 2023Gellman
MUSC 120Fall 2023Andre
MUSC 120Fall 2023Katz
MUSC 270Fall 2023Bohlman
MUSC 381Fall 2023Neal
NSCI 175Fall 2023Robertson
NSCI 175 FYLFall 2023Gaudier-Diaz
NSCI 221Fall 2023Penton
NSCI 490Fall 2023Fitting
PHYS 281LFall 2023Jones
PHYS 331Fall 2023Rider
PHYS 332Fall 2023Heitsch
POLI 209Fall 2023Rueda-Canon
POLI 239Fall 2023Lemke-Dampfling
POLI 239Fall 2023Machtei
POLI 281Fall 2023Martin
POLI 281Fall 2023Wang
POLI 281Fall 2023Martin
POLI 281Fall 2023Wang
POLI 281Fall 2023Vanegas/Tarillo
POLI 287Fall 2023Gent
POLI 288Fall 2023Bassi
POLI 288Fall 2023Bassi
POLI 381Fall 2023Sahn
PSYC 220Fall 2023Stephens
PSYC 250Fall 2023Stephens
PSYC 490Fall 2023Maheux
PSYC 601Fall 2023Griffin
SOCI 101Fall 2023Shelton-Ormond
SOCI 469Fall 2023Franklyn
SOCI180Fall 2023Frankenberg
SPAN 371Fall 2023Hsu
SPAN 375Fall 2023Campuzano
SPAN 376Fall 2023Ruiz-Garcia
STOR 320Fall 2023Giacomazzo
STOR 320Fall 2023McLean
STOR 445Fall 2023Ziya
STOR 445Fall 2023Kulkarni
ANTH 415Spring 2019Arbuckle
ANTH 418Spring 2019Steponaitis
ANTH 676Spring 2019Sorensen
ARTH 113Spring 2019Williams
ARTH 200Spring 2019Rovine
ARTH 200Spring 2019Valladares
ARTS 103Spring 2019Cornejo
ARTS 103Spring 2019Perez-Mendez
ARTS 104Spring 2019Blanco
ARTS 104Spring 2019Dekemper II
ARTS 105Spring 2019Keaveney
ARTS 105HSpring 2019Cox
ARTS 202Spring 2019Mabry
ARTS 206Spring 2019Truong
ARTS 214Spring 2019Marzan
ASIA 69Spring 2019Yaghoobi
ASTR 502Spring 2019Law
BIOL 293Spring 2019Coble
BIOL 423LSpring 2019Grant
BIOL 434Spring 2019Searles
BIOL 441LSpring 2019Harris
BIOL 451LSpring 2019Bill
BIOL 471Spring 2019Kingsolver
BIOL 525Spring 2019Furey
BIOL 563Spring 2019Umbanhowar
BIOL 692HSpring 2019Maddox
CHIN 463Spring 2019Visser
CMPL 251Spring 2019Fisher
COMM 170Spring 2019Balthrop
COMM 170Spring 2019Ryan
COMM 170Spring 2019Watts
COMM 224Spring 2019Silva
COMM 574Spring 2019Dauber
ECON 400Spring 2019Turchi
ECON 400HSpring 2019Turchi
ECON 470Spring 2019Guilkey
ECON 470Spring 2019Hansen
ECON 470Spring 2019Mccoy
ENEC 563Spring 2019Umbanhovar
ENGL 255Spring 2019Johnson
ENGL 305Spring 2019Geiser
ENGL 680Spring 2019Flaxman
GEOG 370Spring 2019Various
GEOG 391Spring 2019Chen
GEOG 491Spring 2019Chen
GEOG 577Spring 2019Song
GEOG 591Spring 2019Arce-Nezario
GEOG 592Spring 2019Liang
GEOG 594Spring 2019Liang
HIST 302HSpring 2019McReynolds
HIST 692Spring 2019Worthen
LING 460Spring 2019Pertsova
LING 573Spring 2019Mora-marin
LING 574Spring 2019Mora-marin
MASC 051Spring 2019Alperin
MASC 053Spring 2019Arnosti
MASC 057HSpring 2019Scotti
MASC 101Spring 2019White
MASC 108Spring 2019Bane
MASC 314Spring 2019McKee
MASC 401Spring 2019Teske
PHYS 281LSpring 2019Qin
PHYS 331Spring 2019Oldenburg
PLCY 460Spring 2019Assumpcao
PLCY 460Spring 2019Handa
PLCY 581Spring 2019Johnson
PLCY 581Spring 2019McConnaughy
POLI 209Spring 2019Rabinowitz
POLI 209Spring 2019Rabinowitz
POLI 209Spring 2019Sentementes
POLI 209Spring 2019Severenchuk
POLI 287Spring 2019Gent
POLI 691HSpring 2019Hartlyn
PSYC 225Spring 2019Buchin
PSYC 230Spring 2019Pancani
PSYC 260Spring 2019Goranson
PSYC 270Spring 2019Harrison
PSYC 490Spring 2019Gonzalez
PSYC 490Spring 2019Penton
PSYC 490Spring 2019Robertson
PSYC 531Spring 2019Thissen
PSYC 601Spring 2019Griffin
PWAD 69Spring 2019Yaghoobi
SOCI 251Spring 2019Entwisle
SOCI 251Spring 2019Mosi
SOCI 252Spring 2019Lin
SPAN 371Spring 2019Binotti
SPAN 376Spring 2019Ruiz-Garcia
SPAN 682Spring 2019Binotti
AMST 202Spring 2020Dulken
AMST 203SPring 2020Cobb
AMST 287Spring 2020Richotte
ANTH 294Spring 2020Aragon
ANTH 89Spring 2020Nonini
APPL 390Spring 2020Freeman
ARTH 089Spring 2020Cao
ARTH 156Spring 2020Bauer
ARTH 158Spring 2020Holmberg
ARTH 387Spring 2020Bowles
ASIA 252Spring 2020Aragon
ASIA 69Spring 2020Yaghoobi
BIOL 226Spring 2020Miller
BIOL 423LSpring 2020Grant
BIOL 451LSpring 2020Kier, Hedrick
BIOL 471Spring 2020Kingsolver, Pfennig
BIOL 476LSpring 2020Hurlbert, Sockman
BIOL 563Spring 2020Umbanhowar
CMPL 251Spring 2020McGowan
CMPL 255HSpring 2020Brodey
CMPL 450Spring 2020Baker
COMM 170Spring 2020Lundberg
COMM 170Spring 2020Ryan
COMM 224Spring 2020Silva
COMM 574Spring 2020Dauber
COMM 89Spring 2020Monje
COMP 290Spring 2020Jordan
ECON 400Spring 2020Allen
ECON 400HSpring 2020Allen
ECON 470Spring 2020Guilkey
ECON 510Spring 2020Parreiras
ECON 511Spring 2020Parreiras
ENEC 563Spring 2020Umbanhovar
ENGL 127Spring 2020Moskal
ENGL 264Spring 2020Rivkin-Fish, Thrailkill
ENGL 71HSpring 2020Weed-Buzinski
ENGL 89Spring 2020Cowdery
ENGL 89Spring 2020Frost
ENGL 89Spring 2020Lithgow, Bovens
ENGL 89HSpring 2020Ross
EXSS 273Spring 2020Kerr
EXSS 273Spring 2020Kucera
EXSS 430Spring 2020Weight
FOLK 202Spring 2020DeCosimo
GEOG 215Spring 2020Goel
GEOG 232Spring 2020Lentz
GEOG 370Spring 2020Arce-Nazario
GEOG 370Spring 2020Cochran-Ferdouz
GEOG 456Spring 2020Arce-Nazario
GEOG 491Spring 2020Vina
GEOG 493Spring 2020Faculty
GEOG 591Spring 2020Liang
GEOG 592Spring 2020Liang
HIST 398Spring 2020
HIST 398Spring 2020
HIST 398Spring 2020
HIST 398Spring 2020
HIST 398Spring 2020
HIST 398Spring 2020
HIST 398Spring 2020
LING 401Spring 2020
NSCI 320Spring 2020Penton
NSCI 405Spring 2020Penton
PHIL 384Spring 2020Cruise
PHIL 384Spring 2020Morton, Doody
PHIL 384Spring 2020Wendt
PHYS 281LSpring 2020Janssens
PHYS 331Spring 2020Oldenburg
PLAN 491Spring 2020Vina
PLCY 460Spring 2020Handa
PLCY 460Spring 2020Lauen
PLCY 581Spring 2020Gutierrez
PLCY 581Spring 2020Johnson
POLI 209Spring 2020Roberts
POLI 210Spring 2020Roberts
POLI 281Spring 2020Roach
POLI 282Spring 2020Globetti
POLI 283Spring 2020Schmitt
POLI 284Spring 2020Schmitt
POLI 285Spring 2020Gunderson
POLI 488Spring 2020Mehlhaff
POLI 691HSpring 2020Gunderson
PSYC 225Spring 2020Buchin
PSYC 260Spring 2020MacCormack
PSYC 270Spring 2020Harrison
PSYC 430Spring 2020Mulligan
PSYC 514Spring 2020Griffin
PSYC 531Spring 2020Thissen
PWAD 69Spring 2020Yaghoobi
RELI 697Spring 2020Hammer
SOCI 251Spring 2020Entwistle
SOCI 252Spring 2020Cai
WGST 202Spring 2020Bloesch
ANTH 370Spring 2021Hinson
ARTH159Spring 2021Bauer
ARTH161Spring 2021Cao
ARTH247Spring 2021Valladares
BIOL 451LSpring 2021Kier, Hedrick
BIOL 471Spring 2021Kingsolver, Pfennig
BIOL 528Spring 2021Laederach
BIOL 563Spring 2021Umbanhowar
CMPL 220H.001Spring 2021Brodey
CMPL 232.001Spring 2021Kief
CMPL 240.001Spring 2021Pollman
COMM 089.001Spring 2021MONJE
COMM 170Spring 2021Watts, et al.
COMM 224.001Spring 2021Chowdhury, Misra, Plumpton
COMM 574.001Spring 2021Dauber
ECON 400 001Spring 2021Allen
ECON 400H 001Spring 2021Allen
ECON 470Spring 2021Guilkey
ECON 470Spring 2021Hill
ECON 520Spring 2021Hendricks
ECON 590 001Spring 2021Babii
ENGL 105.007Spring 2021Hammer
ENGL 105.010Spring 2021Hammer
ENGL 105.016Spring 2021Sabelawski
ENGL 105.019Spring 2021Ramirez
ENGL 105I.002Spring 2021O'Shaugnessy
ENGL 105I.003Spring 2021Clark
ENGL 105I.004Spring 2021Fowler
ENGL 105I.005Spring 2021Fletcher
ENGL 105I.008Spring 2021Schnitzler
ENGL 105I.012Spring 2021Berland
ENGL 105I.015Spring 2021Mitchell
ENGL 105I.017Spring 2021Remetir
ENGL 105I.018Spring 2021Lithgow
ENGL 105I.022Spring 2021Gutierrez
ENGL 105I.022Spring 2021O'Shaugnessy
ENGL 105I.024Spring 2021Gutierrez
ENGL 105I.025Spring 2021Blom
ENGL 105I.026Spring 2021Bontempo
ENGL 266.001Spring 2021Marquis
ENGL 359-001Spring 2021Ramirez
ENGl 53-001Spring 2021Christmas
ENGL 59-001Spring 2021Daye
ENGL 71HSpring 2021Weed
ENGL 89HSpring 2021Ross
EXSS 273Spring 2021Kerr, Kucera, Shields
Folk 380Spring 2021Berlinger
Folk 424Spring 2021Berlinger
Folk 487Spring 2021Sawin
GEOG 130Spring 2021Havice
GEOG 370Spring 2021Arce Nazario
GEOG 370Spring 2021Vina
GEOG 464Spring 2021Pickles
LING 401Spring 2021
LING 422Spring 2021
NSCI 405Spring 2021Penton
NSCI 490Spring 2021Gaudiez-Diaz
PHIL 384Spring 2021Dougherty
PHIL 384Spring 2021Wendt
PHYS 281LSpring 2021Janssens, Levy, Levy
PHYS 331Spring 2021Oldenburg, Drut
PLCY 460-001Spring 2021Handa
PLCY 460H-001Spring 2021Lauen
PLCY 581-002Spring 2021Bao
PLCY 581H-001Spring 2021Hemelt
POLI 288Spring 2021Bassi
POLI 488Spring 2021Bassi
PSYC 250Spring 2021McLaughlin
PSYC 270Spring 2021Harrison
PSYC 390Spring 2021Buchin
PSYC 430Spring 2021Mulligan
PSYC 463Spring 2021Gariepy
PSYC 601Spring 2021Griffin
SOCI 252Spring 2021Cai
SOCI 252Spring 2021Men-jung
SPAN 679Spring 2021Graham
WGST 202Spring 2021Lau
ANTH 418Spring 2022Steponaitis
ANTH 490Spring 2022West
ANTH251Spring 2022Davis
ARTH 152Spring 2022Desplanque
ARTH 155Spring 2022Hunkins
ARTH 156Spring 2022Bauer
ARTH 160Spring 2022Douglas
ARTH 269Spring 2022Brachmann
ARTH 285Spring 2022Dickey
ASIA/PWAD69ÂSpring 2022Yaghoobi
BIOL 451/LSpring 2022Kier
BIOL 461Spring 2022Umbenhowar
BIOL 471Spring 2022Kingsolver
BIOL 471Spring 2022Kingsolver
BIOL 476/LSpring 2022Sockman
BIOL 528/LSpring 2022Laederach
BIOS 500HSpring 2022
BIOS 511Spring 2022
BIOS 600Spring 2022
BIOS 611Spring 2022
BIOS 645Spring 2022
BIOS 662Spring 2022
BIOS 663Spring 2022
BIOS 664Spring 2022
BIOS 665Spring 2022
BIOS 667Spring 2022
BIOS 668Spring 2022
BIOS 669Spring 2022
BIOS 680Spring 2022
Chin 463Spring 2022Visser
CLAR/ARTH 465ÂSpring 2022Valladares
ECON 400Spring 2022Handy
ECON 400Spring 2022Handy
ECON 470Spring 2022Guilkey
ECON 470Spring 2022Guilkey
ECON 470Spring 2022Handy
ECON 470Spring 2022Handy
ECON 470Spring 2022Handy
ECON 470Spring 2022Handy
ECON 590Spring 2022McDuff
ECON 590Spring 2022McDuff
ENGL 105iSpring 2022Current
ENGL 120Spring 2022Wolfe
ENGL 268Spring 2022Taylor
ENGL 268HSpring 2022Taylor
ENGL 302Spring 2022Pappoe
ENGL 71HSpring 2022Kym
EXSS 273Spring 2022Kerr
EXSS 273Spring 2022Kiefer
EXSS 273Spring 2022Kucera
EXSS 273Spring 2022Shields
GEOG 370Spring 2022Arce-Nazario
GEOG 392Spring 2022Lentz
GEOG 594Spring 2022Liang
LING 203Spring 2022Becker
LING 401Spring 2022Rodriquez
LING 460Spring 2022Pertsova
MUSC 255Spring 2022Elmi
MUSC 286Spring 2022Elmi
NSCI 405Spring 2022Penton
NSCI 490Spring 2022Reissner
PHIL 335Spring 2022Worsnip
PHIL 351Spring 2022Roberts
PHIL 360HSpring 2022MacLean
PHIL/PLCY 364Spring 2022Schwarz
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Spring 2022Bovens
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Spring 2022Sayre-Mccord
Heydari Fard
PHYS 281LSpring 2022Ayangeakaa, (Kowalewski), Robinson
PHYS 281LSpring 2022Ayangeakaa, (Kowalewski), Robinson
PHYS 281LSpring 2022Ayangeakaa, (Kowalewski), Robinson
PHYS 281LSpring 2022Ayangeakaa, (Kowalewski), Robinson
PHYS 281LSpring 2022Ayangeakaa, (Kowalewski), Robinson
PHYS 331Spring 2022Czejdo, (Drut), Miller
PHYS 331Spring 2022Czejdo, (Drut), Miller
PHYS 331Spring 2022Drut, Miller
PLCY 310Spring 2022Shadmehr
PLCY 460Spring 2022Lauen
PLCY 581Spring 2022Gutierrez
POLI 281Spring 2022Martin
POLI 281Spring 2022Martin
POLI 691HSpring 2022Hartlyn
PSYC 220Spring 2022Fitting
PSYC 220Spring 2022League
PSYC 230Spring 2022Dopheide
PSYC 245Spring 2022Bardone-Cone
PSYC 245Spring 2022Janos
PSYC 260Spring 2022West
PSYC 270Spring 2022Parikh
PSYC 270Spring 2022Fernandez
PSYC 270Spring 2022Harrison
PSYC 463Spring 2022Gariepy
PSYC 467Spring 2022Adeyanju
WGST 202Spring 2022Bloesch
WGST 402Spring 2022Booth
WGST 573Spring 2022Else-Quest
ANTH143Spring 2023Hilton
ANTH151Spring 2023Briggs
ANTH252Spring 2023Briggs
ANTH298Spring 2023Hilton
ANTH315Spring 2023Hilton
ANTH419Spring 2023West
ANTH437Spring 2023Hoke
ANTH446Spring 2023Sorensen
ANTH450Spring 2023Stuesse
ANTH523Spring 2023Moreton
APPL 089Spring 2023Freeman
APPL 089Spring 2023Freeman
ARTH 150Spring 2023Cao
ARTH 152Spring 2023Desplanque
ARTH 159Spring 2023Bauer
ARTH 267Spring 2023Douglas
ARTH 269Spring 2023Brachmann
ARTH 274Spring 2023Brachmann
BIOL 451/LSpring 2023Hedrick
BIOL 461Spring 2023Parker
BIOL 528/LSpring 2023Laederach
ENEC 669Spring 2023Pfennig
ENGL 295Spring 2023Langbauer
EXSS 273Spring 2023Kerr
EXSS 273Spring 2023Kerr
EXSS 273Spring 2023Kiefer
EXSS 273Spring 2023Kucera
EXSS 273Spring 2023Shields
GEOG 216Spring 2023Taillie
HIST 127Spring 2023DuVal
HIST 259Spring 2023Hagemann
IDST 112-001Spring 2023Kotch
LING 455Spring 2023Symbolic Logic
LING 493Spring 2023Internship in Linguistics
NSCI 175Spring 2023Parekh
NSCI 221Spring 2023Penton
NSCI 222HSpring 2023Thiele
NSCI 427Spring 2023Giovanello
NSCI 434Spring 2023Hopfinger
NSCI 490Spring 2023Fitting
PHIL 352Spring 2023Lange
PHIL 381Spring 2023Stroud
PHIL 390Spring 2023Slank
PHIL/ENEC 368Spring 2023Napolitano
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Spring 2023Bovens
PHIL/POLI/ECON 384Spring 2023Oprea
PHYS 281LSpring 2023Qin
PHYS 281LSpring 2023Qin
PHYS 281LSpring 2023Qin
PHYS 281LSpring 2023Qin
PHYS 281LSpring 2023Qin
PHYS 331Spring 2023Drut
PHYS 331Spring 2023Drut
PHYS 331Spring 2023Drut
PLCY 310Spring 2023Shadmehr
PLCY 460Spring 2023Lauen
PLCY 581Spring 2023Gutierrez
POLI 150HSpring 2023Crescenzi
POLI 202Spring 2023McGuire
POLI 239Spring 2023Machtei
POLI 281Spring 2023Foster
POLI 281Spring 2023Martin
POLI 281Spring 2023Ryan
POLI 281Spring 2023Ryan
POLI 281Spring 2023Wang
POLI 281Spring 2023Wang
POLI 287Spring 2023Gent
POLI 291Spring 2023Martin
POLI 384Spring 2023Oprea
POLI 412Spring 2023Globetti
POLI 691HSpring 2023Huber
POLI 691HSpring 2023Huber
PSYC 180Spring 2023Li
PSYC 260Spring 2023Buzinski
PSYC 260Spring 2023Leshin
PSYC 260Spring 2023West
PSYC210Spring 2023Harrison
PSYC559Spring 2023Gonzalez
SOCI 251Spring 2023Entwisle
SOCI 252Spring 2023Cai
SPAN 371Spring 2023Hsu
SPAN 371Spring 2023Lindquist
SPAN 376Spring 2023TBA
SPAN 621Spring 2023Binotti
SPAN 679Spring 2023Graham
STOR590Spring 2023Tran Dinh Sr
WGST 202Spring 2023Bloesch
ASIA 089Spring 2024Tamura
BIOL 451/LSpring 2024Hedrick
BIOL 471Spring 2024Kingsolver
BIOL 476Spring 2024Sockman & Hurlbert
BIOL 528/LSpring 2024Laederach
CHEM 101LSpring 2024McNulty
CHEM 102LSpring 2024McNamee
CHEM 241LSpring 2024Motley
CHEM 482LSpring 2024Kanai
COMM 170Spring 2024Dauber
COMM 224Spring 2024Corbin
COMM 224Spring 2024Eakle
COMM 490Spring 2024Monje
COMP 290Spring 2024Jordan
COMP 495Spring 2024All
COMP 523Spring 2024Stotts
COMP 691HSpring 2024All
COMP 692HSpring 2024All
ECON 400Spring 2024Handy
ECON 470Spring 2024Handy
ECON 470Spring 2024Handy
ECON 470Spring 2024Hill
EXSS 273Spring 2024Kucera
EXSS 273Spring 2024Kiefer
EXSS 273Spring 2024Kerr
HIST 448HSpring 2024Aydin
HIST/EURO 252Spring 2024Hagemann
HIST/EURO/WMST 259Spring 2024Hagemann
MUSC 271Spring 2024Katz
NSCI 175Spring 2024Parekh
NSCI 221Spring 2024Penton
NSCI 490Spring 2024Chanon
NURS 302Spring 2024Varies
PHYS 281LSpring 2024Qin
PHYS 331Spring 2024Drut
POLI 150Spring 2024Bapat
POLI 209Spring 2024Rueda-Canon
POLI 281Spring 2024Lim
POLI 281Spring 2024Martin
POLI 281Spring 2024Martin
POLI 281Spring 2024Nitsova
POLI 281Spring 2024Case
POLI 287Spring 2024Gent
POLI 488Spring 2024Bassi
POLI 490Spring 2024Pratt
POLI 691HSpring 2024Globetti
POLI 784Spring 2024Wang
POLI 789Spring 2024Bassi
PSYC 180Spring 2024Li
PSYC 180Spring 2024Li
PSYC 250Spring 2024Stephens
PSYC 260Spring 2024Frye
PSYC 260Spring 2024Chandler
PSYC 490Spring 2024Rodebaugh
PSYC 490Spring 2024Rodebaugh
PSYC 490Spring 2024Maheux
PSYC 505Spring 2024Griffin
PSYC 534Spring 2024Gates
PSYC 559Spring 2024Gonzalez
PSYC 601Spring 2024Mulligan
ROML 295Spring 2024Lopes de Almeida
SOCI 101Spring 2024Shelton-Ormond
SOCI 469Spring 2024Franklyn
SPAN 371Spring 2024Lindquist
SPAN 372Spring 2024Hsu
SPAN 376Spring 2024Ruiz-Garcia
SPAN 376Spring 2024TBA
SPAN 621Spring 2024Binotti
STOR 320Spring 2024Giacomazzo
STOR 445Spring 2024Chen
STOR 455Spring 2024McLean
WGST 202Spring 2024Booth
ANTH 451Summer 2018Steponaitis
ARTS 102Summer 2018Coleman
ARTS 102Summer 2018Farrington
ARTS 121Summer 2018Anderson
BIOL 293Summer 2018Coble
CLAR 650Summer 2018Magness
COMM 170Summer 2018Burgchardt
COMM 170Summer 2018Hammond
COMM 224Summer 2018Jiang
COMM 690Summer 2018Edwards, Robinson
MASC 490Summer 2018Rosman, Flemming
PHYS 281LSummer 2018Qin
PLCY 460Summer 2018Moulton
PLCY 581Summer 2018Summerlin-Long
POLI 288Summer 2018Bassi
COMM 170Summer 2019Jones
COMM 170Summer 2019Plunpton
COMM 170Summer 2019Ryan
COMM 690Summer 2019Merritt
ECON 400Summer 2019Lich
ECON 400Summer 2019Malkova
EXSS 273Summer 2019Sheilds
EXSS 273Summer 2019Sheilds
GEOG 370Summer 2019Staff
PHYS 281LSummer 2019Janssens
ANTH 423Summer 2020Hutchinson
ARTH242Summer 2020Gates-Foster
COMM 690Summer 2020Merritt
ECON 400 001Summer 2020Minaev
ECON 400 001Summer 2020Mullen
ECON 400 002Summer 2020Nikolic
EXSS 273Summer 2020Shields
GEOG 370Summer 2020Arce Nazario
GEOG 370Summer 2020Murray
GEOG 477Summer 2020Moody
PHYS 281LSummer 2020Janssens, Levy, Levy
PLCY 460Summer 2020Moulton
PLCY 581Summer 2020Johnson
ANTH 423Summer 2021Hutchinson
EXSS 273Summer 2021Shields
GEOG 370Summer 2021Arce-Nazario
PLCY 460Summer 2021Moulton
PLCY 581Summer 2021Johnson
POLI 287Summer 2021Gent
EXSS 273Summer 2021 - SSIShields
AMST 276Summer 2021 Session IAlexander
ECON 400Summer 2021 Session IMullen
ECON 400Summer 2021 Session IMullen
POLI 281Summer 2021 Session ILaterzo
ECON 400Summer 2021 Session IILuo
ECON 400Summer 2021 Session IILuo
POLI 281Summer 2021 Session IISurminsky (Porter)
EXSS 273Summer 2021- SSIShiedls
ANTH151Summer 2022Briggs
ANTH175Summer 2022Alexander
ANTH318Summer 2022Sorensen
ARTH 151Summer 2022Muhammad
ARTH 250Summer 2022Moore
BIOL 476Summer 2022Sockman
EXSS 273Summer 2022Shields
EXSS 273Summer 2022Shields
PHYS 281LSummer 2022Kowalewski
Poli 287Summer 2022Gent
PSYC 220Summer 2022Stephens
PSYC 250Summer 2022Gomes
PSYC 260Summer 2022Leshin
PLCY 460Summer 2022 Session IMoulton
EXSS 273Summer 2022- SS1Shields
EXSS 273Summer 2022- SS1Shields
BIOL 476Summer 2023Sockman & Hurlbert
CHEM 101LSummer 2023Grant
CHEM 102LSummer 2023Borger
CHEM 241LSummer 2023Tiani
CHIN 356Summer 2023Visser
COMM 170Summer 2023Russo
COMM 170Summer 2023Boyles
COMM 224Summer 2023Foster
COMP 495Summer 2023All
COMP 691HSummer 2023All
COMP 692HSummer 2023All
ECON 400Summer 2023Staff
ECON 400Summer 2023Staff
EXSS 273Summer 2023Shields
EXSS 273Summer 2023Shields
NSCI 175Summer 2023Parekh
NSCI 175Summer 2023Parekh
NSCI 175Summer 2023Gaudier-Diaz
NURS 302Summer 2023Varies
PHYS 281LSummer 2023Marshall
POLI 287Summer 2023Gent
PSYC 220Summer 2023Stephens
PSYC 250Summer 2023Li
SOCI 101Summer 2023Shelton-Ormond
SOCI 469Summer 2023Franklyn
WGST 101Summer 2023Lofstrom