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Peer Writing Advisors

SURF Peer Writing Advisors are previous SURF recipients who have volunteered to work with students.  All SURF Peer Writing Advisors have been trained by the UNC Writing Center to help you with the SURF application process and ensuring that you are communicating your ideas effectively.  After you complete the form requesting a SURF Peer Writing Advisor, an advisor will be assigned to you who is as closely aligned with your research interest as we have advisors available.  Your assigned advisor will then reach out to you to set up a meeting.  It is advised that you meet with your writing advisor multiple times to review your proposal before submitting.

Requesting a SURF Peer Advisor requires that you have a rough draft of your proposal and a good sense of your research project. If you are still working on developing an idea for a research project or if you have not written a draft of your proposal, visit the SURF website to learn more about the proposal submission process and guidelines. When you have completed a rough draft, submit this form and we will connect you with a peer advisor. You can also request assistance with your proposal from the UNC Writing Center.