Grad Students & Postdocs

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Graduate students and postdocs are a critical part of mentoring undergraduate research at UNC-Chapel Hill. You might help students learn to do research while teaching a class or recitation section, while consulting with students during office hours, by assisting students in labs, or by finding a way that students can get involved in helping you do your research.

If you are passionate about helping make research a bigger part of the undergraduate experience, you should consider becoming a Graduate Research Consultant. A faculty member can ask you directly to participate in this program, but you can also signal your interest to faculty members outside your department by submitting your information to our GRC interest database.

If you are working on a research project and there is a place for undergraduate researchers to get involved, post the details to our research opportunity database.

You can find out more about mentoring undergraduates and encouraging them to get involved in research at these links.

If you have other questions, please email us at