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Research Mentors

Graduate Student Mentor Award

The Graduate Student Mentor Award (GSMA) was established to recognize and encourage mentoring of undergraduates by graduate students. This award is open to enrolled graduate students in all areas of study. The Office for Undergraduate Research values the support, motivation and perspective that graduate students bring to the undergraduate’s understanding of the researcher experience and the offerings of the university.

Award Criteria

    1. Post an opportunity for an undergraduate in the Database of Research Opportunities. If you have already identified the undergraduate mentee, this criterion does not apply.
    2. Mentor at least one undergraduate research project for 2 semesters in the current academic year, or mentor 2 or more undergraduates in the fall or spring of the current academic year. If you mentored a student during the summer, apply for the August 15 deadline.
    3. Provide a brief summary (3000 characters) of the undergraduate’s accomplishments including any presentations and/or publications that resulted from the project. This summary will be submitted on the online application.
    4. Provide a brief reflective statement (3000 characters) summarizing your graduate mentoring experiences. This statement will also be submitted as part of the online application. Some areas to address in the report:
      • Describe the nature of the interaction between you and the undergraduate student. Please focus on describing the dynamics of the relationship of working with the student, rather than describing the work or research: how rather than what. Be sure to include the undergraduate student’s name.
      • What were your expectations prior to mentoring the student? Compare the experience to your prior expectations. In what ways were those expectations met? In what ways were you surprised (both pleasantly and otherwise)?
      • Add any additional thoughts or responses you believe would be valuable for future graduate mentors and the Graduate Mentoring Program in general.


Any currently enrolled graduate student in good academic standing who mentors at least one undergraduate.

Application Process

The mentor must submit the online application.

Application Deadline

For mentoring in the Summer, August 15
For mentoring in the Fall, December 1
For mentoring in the Spring, April 1