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Web Designer for Kabanov Lab


The intern will work remotely on a couple of projects to support the Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy updating web pages. If the collaboration on websites updates is successful, there will be other … Read more

National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research


NCCSIR conducts surveillance of catastrophic injuries and illnesses related to participation in organized sports in the US. We track cases through a systematic reporting system with the goal to improve the prevention, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of catastrophic sports-related injuries. … Read more

Research Assistant for Osteoarthritis Study


The purpose of this study is to test a program to help people who have knee or hip osteoarthritis (OA) to increase their physical activity (PA).  After enrollment activities are completed (e.g. informed consent, baseline assessment), participants are randomly assigned … Read more

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Dr. Sandra Soto of UNC’s School of Nursing is looking for an outgoing individual to help with her NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded project. This research study is focused on developing a physical activity intervention for Latinos with osteoarthritis … Read more

Fusion 360 / 3D design position (Custom headset design)


The Pegard LAB (Applied Physical Sciences) is recruiting an undergraduate student to build an initial prototype for a portable biometric monitor. The student’s primary responsibility will be to design a VR headset, with mounts for custom sensors. Thus, candidates with … Read more

Stein Lab Neuroscience Research Assistant


We are seeking a highly motivated undergraduate interested in understanding neurodevelopmental conditions, like autism spectrum disorder. We take light sheet fluorescence microscopy images of mouse brains that recapitulate the clinical macrocephaly phenotype found in patients with the Chd8 heterozygous mutation. … Read more