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Aging Brain Clinic Research Assistant


The Aging Brain Clinic is an interdisciplinary clinic (neurology, geriatrics, geropsychiatry, neuropsychology) focused on optimizing cognition to prevent further decline in older adults with cognitive impairment. The clinicians in the clinic all have expertise in managing cognitive impairment and addressing … Read more

Research Assistant in Neurobiology of Addiction Rodent Lab


The Herman Lab is looking for a sophomore or junior to conduct behavioral neuroscience experiments in our addiction-focused laboratory. Responsibilities include tissue processing, immunohistochemistry, and imaging as well as running drug exposure procedures in rats and mice, and assisting other … Read more

Undergraduate Researcher


In the O’Brien Lab, our interests are broadly focused on the kidney and lie in understanding the regulation of kidney development, how the mature cell types are maintained, and how these programs are altered during disease. One of our areas … Read more

Research Assistant


The First Impressions Study investigates how the brain and body respond to first impressions by using questionnaires, blood sample analysis and fMRI scans. As a research assistant, you will help with data collection and management, and you will have access … Read more

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Thank you for your interest in the NERD (Neuroendocrinology of Reproductive Mood Disorders) lab! This is an application for undergraduate students who are interested in joining the NERD (Neuroendocrinology of Reproductive Mood Disorders) lab (Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Andersen, PhD). Students … Read more

Research Assistant: Developmental Personality Neuroscience Lab (DEPENd)


Description of Research: Our lab studies learning, decision-making, and emotion in those with and without personality pathology (i.e., symptoms of personality disorders). In particular, our research investigates abnormalities underlying Borderline Personality Disorder and its development during adolescence and early adulthood. … Read more

Volunteer Research Assistant


This position will support the QUEST Study (Queer Experiences of Stress, Strength, and Transformation), a research project that will investigate sexual orientation identity development among LGBTQ+ youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other sexual minority identities) and the potential … Read more

Undergraduate Research Assistant – Psych/Neuroscience


Our research group investigates neural development in infants with and without risk for intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). We are looking for a research assistant to join our team and help to collect infant electrophysiological (EEG) data for several longitudinal … Read more