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De Luca Foundation Training Initiative for Undergrads


The De Luca Foundation (DLF), in partnership with Delsys, Inc. (Natick, MA), is pleased to announce a training initiative for research-minded undergraduate and graduate students. This initiative provides an educational opportunity for Trainees to learn from real-world experiences while performing cutting-edge industry research that directly contributes to the development of next generation sensing solutions for improving human health, communication, and movement.

DLF Trainees will have the opportunity to work in an industrial R&D setting under the mentorship of Research Advisors at Delsys in close collaboration with their academic research advisors. This DLF initiative provides year-round training opportunities through co-ops and fellowships that span 4-, 6-, or 12-month terms with the potential for Trainees to translate their experience into a research capstone, practicum, thesis, or dissertation in collaboration with their academic institution. The program offers a $4,000 monthly stipend.

DLF Trainees are involved in a wide spectrum of research projects that focus on translating future innovations from research to marketplace, in one of three focus areas:

  • Hardware:¬†Exploring novel bio-instrumentation circuits to develop flexible wearable constructs that integrate multi-sensing modalities, which include neural/EMG sensing, inertial sensing, force sensing, and pressure distribution technologies
  • Software:¬†Design and implementation of software supporting our core research areas with applications in next-generation neural interface technology, computer vision algorithms for tracking human movement, and the development of augmentative and alternative communication systems
  • Algorithms: Develop and evaluate signal processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision-based algorithms to process information from physiological signals for characterizing speech, biomechanics, and control of human movement.

For more information, visit the DLF website.