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Locus Biosciences Rotational Program


Locus Biosciences is a clinical-stage precision biotherapeutics company with CRISPR-enhanced phage cocktails, consisting of the most effective bacteria-killing viruses, to eliminate antibiotic-resistant diseases. Their Automation and Informatics Rotational Program aims to advance the careers of recent graduates and early career candidates through an immersive 12-month program in the field of high-throughput robotics and big data.

The 6-month automation rotation will teach recent graduates how to: operate high-throughput robots and fulfill requests for runs, code new methods for liquid handling robots, and facilitate testing and development of new high-throughput assays. The 6-month informatics rotation will teach you how to: deploy schedulers that capture instrument data in the cloud, employ cloud computing to develop novel pipelines and web apps, and explore data visualization that facilitate our scientists.

For more information, see the Locus Biosciences website or go directly to the application.