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Read the new Issue of JOURney, the UNC Journal of Undergraduate Research


The Spring 2021 volume of JOURney: The UNC Journal of Undergraduate Research is now available! This fifth volume of the interdisciplinary journal features 15 original articles that explore current and complex topics in research scholarship. Read the latest volume here. Undergraduate editors Mili Dave and Harrison Jacobs selected outstanding work from the following students:



Social Sciences

“Stress as a Risk Factor for Maternal and Infant Mortality Disparities in the United States: A Comparison of Black and White Women” by Jewel Tinsley & Brianna Halliburton

“Interpersonal Violence and Pregnancy Termination: A Retrospective Study of Women in India” by Morgan Elizabeth Johnson & MacKenzie Ann Mensch

“How Do Fox News and CNN Portray Russia’s 2016 Election Interference? An In-Depth Look at Gatekeeping and Tone Bias” by Collins K. Alexander

“An Integrative Approach to Biculturalism: Analysis of Acculturative Strategies’ Effects on Asian Adolescents’ Psychosocial Well-Being and Ethnic Identity Development” by Lang Duong

“The Employment Effects of COVID-19” by Kassia Gibbs & Rashmi Patwardhan

Natural Sciences

“Impact of Winter Ocean Warming and Reduced Heterotrophy on the Physiological Response of the Temperate Coral Oculina arbuscula” by Tyler Christian

“The Association Between Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Mild Cognitive Impairment Through Visualizations Provided by Diffusion Weighted Imaging and Diffusion Tensor Imaging” by Shivam Gandhi

“Ecological Role of a Cosmopolitan Testate Rhizopod, Paulinella ovalis, in the Microbial Food Web of a Eutrophic Estuary” by Luke Townsend

“The Incidence and Prevention of Catastrophic Injuries in Track and Field Due to Falls from Same and Different Levels: Applications of Haddon’s Injury Prevention Countermeasures and Matrix” by Christina Vu

“Contributors of Diarrheal Disease in Bokaro, Jharkhand, India” by Mehal Churiwal, Annika Alicardi, Hannah Feinsilber, Lauren McCormick, & Naijha Nsehti

Popular Sciences Feature

“Cancer: Does the Answer Lie in the Stars?” By Pradyun Ramesh


“SITA: Her Portrayal and Role in India” by Aleeshah Nasir

“Apostle of Post-Impressionism: Virginia Woolf and the British Embrace of the French Avant-Garde” by Reanna Brooks

“The Self-Conscious Object: Invitation to a Beheading, Pnin, & Pale Fire” by Brett Harris

“Using Concept Algebra to Build Quantitative Models of Genre: An Ethnomusicological Case Study of Merengue and Bachata” by Niazi Murataj