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Database of Research Opportunities

Our Database of Research Opportunities allows you to identify research projects that match your interests.

If you wish to browse all currently available opportunities, choose “All majors” in the drop-down list below. If instead you wish to restrict your search to opportunities suggested for your major or minor field of study, select one particular field from the list. The results are arranged chronologically with the most recent postings at the top. Alternatively, you can type in multiple space-separated keywords. This search will only return results that exactly match one or more of the keywords.

If you decide to contact one or more of these faculty, try to show that you have read and thought about the information they provided. Most faculty will also expect you to include some information about yourself in your initial inquiry, so you might want to include a resume.

Postings are displayed until faculty members request their removal, or for one year. Faculty, post-docs, and graduate students can submit postings here.