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3D Designer for Pedagogical Research in Virtual Reality Language projectoftware Developer

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Piazza Italiana – Romance Studies/Lenovo/CFE (2021)

Project Description:

Our project involves the creation of a VR experience which will be integrated into the curriculum of an elementary Italian language class. Through this experience, our students will learn to interact in a real-world scenario in order to benefit from a set of learning goals associated with the pedagogy of our discipline as well as our university’s general education curriculum. The prototype will consist in the creation of a city center with a variety of shops where students can buy different kinds of food or socialize with friends in a café or restaurant. For example: la gelateria, il mercato, la pasticceria, la panetteria, il bar, il ristorante (in English: ice-cream shop, market, bakery, coffeeshop, restaurant). We will create lesson scripts, physical environments, and task-oriented experiences using an implementation of 2D prototypes into a 3D environment within Mozilla Spoke, using 3D objects derived from libraries such as Sketchfab and EchoAR.

Role: 3D Designer (3D Models)
Position Overview:
The 3D designer role is a part time job during Fall 2021, with a possibility to continue later semesters. This individual will be designing the 3D models for the educational virtual reality project we are creating. The general workflow of the designer will be (1) The curriculum development team will describe their ideas and draft the expected designs together with the designer. (2) The 3D designer will turn these ideas and 2D prototypes into 3D models with their skills and creativity. (3) The designer will then work with the technical team on integrating the designs into the virtual reality environment (in Mozilla Spoke).

What You’ll Do:
Collaborate with a diverse team of undergraduates and faculty coming from a variety of disciplines
Design 3D models of places and objects (food, cafe etc) for the virtual reality environment
Work with the technical team on integrating the designs into the platform

What You’ll Need:
Knowledge of a 3D Design platform (preferably Blender) and experience using it in prior projects
Time and work commitment to the project
Good communication and teamwork skills
Interest in virtual reality and immersive learning
(preferred) Prior exposure to Mozilla Hubs and Mozilla Spoke

What You’ll Get:
Experience in designing for virtual reality and immersive learning
Establish connections with faculty and university personnel
Work closely with the curriculum development
$15 per hour payment
Flexible, personalized, and hybrid work schedule

If interested, please email your resume and a brief description of why you would be a good fit for this position to Dr. Lucia Binotti at

Faculty Advisor
Lucia Binotti
Research Supervisor
Lucia Binotti
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