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Aging Brain Clinic Research Assistant

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The Aging Brain Clinic is an interdisciplinary clinic (neurology, geriatrics, geropsychiatry, neuropsychology) focused on optimizing cognition to prevent further decline in older adults with cognitive impairment. The clinicians in the clinic all have expertise in managing cognitive impairment and addressing factors that affect cognition including, polypharmacy, sleep, and mood. We provide evaluation and treatment of cognitive disorders as well as implement interventions within the clinical setting to focus on modifiable factors contributing to cognitive impairment.

We are looking for a research assistant to help us with our clinical research. Tasks will include collecting outcome and quality improvement measures with our patients, obtaining consents, and assisting with data management in a registry. We are looking for a 4-8 hour per week (preferably on Wednesday mornings) commitment for at least one year. This is a great opportunity for a pre-health professions student interested in getting exposure to a clinical setting and developing skills in clinical research. Students with an interest in cognitive or memory disorders, behavior disorders, or geriatrics are encouraged to apply.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Heidi Roth
Research Supervisor
Dr. Amy Abramowitz
Type of Position
Application Deadline