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Behavioral Neuroscience summer research position in the Besheer Lab

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The Besheer lab is a behavioral neuroscience lab focused on the neurobiological underpinnings of alcohol drinking and alcohol use disorder. One of the major focuses of the lab is how subjective/interoceptive processing contribute to alcohol drinking and relapse. We are currently seeking a summer research assistant to assist in running an experiment designed to manipulate brain regions known to modulate interoceptive processing to determine their roles in alcohol relapse. The student, with instruction and supervision, will be responsible for daily training of animal subjects, assisting with the running of experiments, data collection/analysis, and interpretation of results. Students should be available for 10 h/week (M-F; between 8 am and 5 pm) and must have at least 2 h time blocks at the same time each day. Assuming a good fit, the student may have the opportunity to continue working in the lab for course credit and/or additional experience for the upcoming fall semester and beyond.

If interested, contact Dr. Dennis Lovelock at including a short statement describing your research interests and experience (no prior experience is okay), your schedule/hours of availability for the summer, and any relevant coursework (Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology) taken.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Joyce Besheer
Research Supervisor
Dr. Dennis Lovelock
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