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Brown Lab Research Assistant

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Position: Brown Lab Research Assistant
Start Date: Immediately
Work Dates: Summer and Fall 2021 Semesters
Pay: Volunteer or class credit to start
• Pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, biology, public health, or another technical field at UNC Chapel Hill
• Previous experience with microscopy is a plus (but not necessary)
• Willing to work ~10 hours per week
Project Description:
Thought to be eradicated in the Southern US, recent research suggests Hookworm (an intestinal worm) may still be endemic in the Black Belt of Alabama and Mississippi where sanitation is inadequate. The purpose of study is to screen children living in the Black Belt of Alabama for hookworm and other intestinal worms. Using a density-based flotation method, fixed stool samples will be processed and analyzed via microscopy to assess for the presence of intestinal worm ova (eggs).
Job Duties
• Take detailed notes and records
• Receive and organize weekly shipments of samples
• Prepare flotation solutions
• Process fixed stool samples
• Identify ova based on size and morphology
• Count ova on microscope slides
• General lab cleaning
• Upload sample results into an online data management software

If interested, send your CV to Dr. Drew Capone:

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Joe Brown
Research Supervisor
Dr. Drew Capone
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