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Engage in Research Serving Sexual Assault Survivors

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The Better Tomorrow Network is the world’s first research network dedicated to improving treatments and care for survivors of sexual assault. We’re rapidly expanding our research portfolio, and are delighted to grow our team of undergraduate research assistants, as well.

This research assistant position consists of 2 key parts: Task/project time and on-call teleconsent time.

Research assistants will contribute 4 hours per week toward task/project time. We strive to align tasks/projects with students’ learning goals in order to make this experience as rewarding as possible. Examples of areas where current and past research assistants have received training and experience include: REDCap (a database-building platform), Excel, protocol development, fundraising, literature searches, and more.

Research assistants will also be on-call for 16 hours per week during evening, night, and/or weekend shifts to screen, consent, and enroll people receiving emergency care for sexual assault. Research assistants will receive thorough training – including multiple mock enrollments – prior to taking their first on-call shift. While on-call, we expect research assistants to (1) be reachable by phone and (2) be able to access their computers from a private location for teleconsent within 30 minutes of being called. This means that you’d be free to do other things (including sleep) while on-call. Research assistants sign up for shifts that align with their schedules one month in advance.

This research assistant position is an especially strong fit for students interested in pursuing careers in clinical research, psychology, medicine, nursing, and public health. Prior research experience is appreciated, but not required.

If interested in applying, please email the following to Kristen Witkemper: (1) A cover letter describing why you would be an excellent fit for the team and (2) a copy of your resume or CV. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all openings are filled. Selected applicants will be able to choose whether to start onboarding in March, April, or May.

Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your application!

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Samuel McLean, MD, MPH
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Kristen Witkemper, MPH
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