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FPG Child Development Institute: Brain and Early Experience Lab

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The Brain and Early Experience (BEE) Lab is an interdisciplinary team affiliated with the FPG Child Development Institute. Currently, we are working on the Brain and Early Experience (BEE) Study. The BEE Study is a longitudinal project investigating how prenatal factors (e.g., prenatal nutrition, sleep, stress, and health) and postnatal experiences (e.g., feeding patterns, sleep, and parenting behaviors) may influence infant behavior, cognition, and brain development.

The BEE Lab is seeking responsible and reliable UNC undergraduates interested in gaining research experience to join our team as Research Assistants (RAs). No experience is required, as we will provide motivated students with training. We look for students whose interests correspond strongly with our lab’s goals, and applicants hoping to earn course credit (via PSYC/NSCI 395) are preferred. However, we do offer volunteer positions as well. Please visit the “Our Team” tab on our website ( to find a link to the application.

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Rebecca Stephens
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Rebecca Stephens
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