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Innovate Mental Health Treatment for Sexual Assault Survivors with the RISE Study

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The RISE (RCT for Innovating Stress-related eHealth) Study is a first-in-kind research endeavor exploring the efficacy of a smartphone-based intervention designed to prevent the onset of posttraumatic stress symptoms, depression, anxiety, and pain after sexual assault. We highly value our undergraduate research assistant team and strive to create learning opportunities for students that coincide with current study needs. Our students receive training and experience in REDCap (a database-building platform), participant correspondence, screening, consenting, and enrolling participants, clinical experience, and more. For this position, we seek a mature, reliable, and compassionate sophomore or junior who ideally has previous experience with running participants or working with clinical populations. Part of your role will include being on-call during evening, night, and/or weekend shifts to assist in screening, consenting, and enrolling women receiving emergency care for sexual assault.

Students with previous experience or coursework in quantitative and/or qualitative analysis may also be involved in compiling internal reports of study findings. This research assistant position is an especially strong fit for students interested in pursuing careers in clinical research, psychology, medicine, nursing, and public health as you will be mentored and supervised by a team including a clinical psychologist, physician, and those with backgrounds in public health. A minimum two-semester commitment is greatly appreciated.

If interested in applying, please email the following to Dr. Nicole Short: (1) A cover letter describing why you would be an excellent fit for the team and (2) a copy of your resume or CV. Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your application!

Faculty Advisor
Nicole Short, PhD
Research Supervisor
Janhvi Rabadey, Kristen Witkemper
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