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Local Siouan Project Field School (Archaeology)

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Have you ever wanted to participate in an archaeological excavation? And do so locally, near your own backyard? This course will give you the opportunity to do just that while earning six (6) hours of college credit and living in Chapel Hill! This year’s Research Laboratories of Archaeology (RLA) field school, taught by Drs. Heather Lapham and Steve Davis, will take place during Summer Session 1 (May 11-June 16, 2022). Investigations will be based locally, continuing the RLA’s long-standing Siouan Project begun in the 1980s to understand how Native Siouan-speaking peoples living in what is today central North Carolina navigated new challenges and opportunities brought about by European settlement and colonization in the region.

This summer’s field school will begin to assess two new areas that have significant potential to contain important Native American settlements during the late pre-contact and contact periods. The first area we plan to investigate is along New Hope Creek near Chapel Hill, where historical evidence and local tradition suggest the presence of one or more archaeological sites that were occupied into the contact period. Our second study area is along Eno River in Hillsborough, where previous UNC field schools have excavated extensively at the Wall, Fredricks, Jenrette, and Hogue sites. This summer’s work will investigate adjacent landforms with the expectation of identifying additional important sites. We will be working in collaboration with Duke Forest on New Hope Creek and Classical American Homes Preservation Trust, which owns historic Ayr Mount (est. 1815) and surrounding property along Eno River.

The Field School is open to undergraduate students and anyone with a college degree. Participants must enroll in Anthropology 451 for 6 credit hours. This course fulfills the Experiential Education, Historical Analysis, and World Before 1750 general education requirements and the Archaeology Major requirements for a field school. There are no formal prerequisites, but potential students must fill out a Field School Application Form by MARCH 15.

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Heather Lapham
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Heather Lapham
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