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The ReGaiN (Rehabilitation of Gait and Neurorehabilitation) is looking for a few research assistants to assist with biomechanics data processing (Vicon motion capture, C-Motion Visual3D, NI Labview, MATLAB& Simulink) and the potential to assist with live data collections. We are seeking highly motivated students that can dedicate 4-8 hours per week to the lab. We aim to make the experience mutually beneficial with teaching experiences on new equipment/software and adding to your portfolio. We are targeting biomedical engineering students, computer science students with a medical focus, and biology & neuroscience students with a strong technical and/or coding background.

There are several projects to assist with in the lab, including: a powered ankle exoskeleton study for patients with stroke, a metronome study exploring the use of explicit&implicit feedback for patients with Parkinson’s Disease, a prediction study for determining when trips are to occur in patients with stroke, and a study exploring the use of propulsion training in patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Much of the processing is similar among all studies, and can be delegated according to need. At this time, most assistance is needed with data collections and setup of the exoskeleton study and data processing in the Parkinson’s Disease metronome study.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Michael Lewek
Research Supervisor
Dr. Chelsea Parker & Dr. David Rowland
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