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Research Assistant in Psychiatry

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Start date: As soon as can be arranged.
End date: Until we reach the participant recruitment goal.
The number of work hours per week: 10-15 hours.

Position Description:
The primary function of this position will be to work closely with Dr. Grace Wu for The Carolina Blue Project. The Carolina Blue Project, in partnership with the Department of Psychiatry, aims to understand work-related stress, psychological distress, eating behaviors, and cardiovascular disease risk factors among North Carolina law enforcement officers.

The Research Assistant will be responsible for the following:
1) Scheduling, arranging, reminding, and following the completion of an in-person assessment for approximately 300 law enforcement officers at UNC Biobehavioral Laboratory or local law enforcement departments. This will involve setting up appointment slots with the study team (the PI and another Research Assistant), emailing officers to arrange for, and then remind of, the appointment, and guild officers to the lab and tracking the completion of the lab visit.
2) Preparing equipment for in-person assessment and performing non-invasive in-person data collection at UNC Biobehavioral Laboratory or at local law enforcement departments, such as measuring officers’ blood pressure, height and weight, and waist and hip size.
3) Travel to local law enforcement departments with the PI and research team for data collection or visit leaders of local law enforcement departments with the PI if necessary.
4) Entering and managing data to REDCap and Excel spreadsheet if necessary (training will be provided to the RA).

Qualifications required:
Student at UNC-Chapel Hill who is interested in research activities.
Responsible, independent, good communication, detail-oriented person.
CITI-trained to meet IRB approval.
Able to work at least 10 hours each week.
Able to meet bi-weekly with the PI and research team to report progress and troubleshoot.

The Research Assistant will be listed as co-authors for all The Carolina Blue Project conference presentations. The Research Assistant will also be encouraged to utilize the data from The Carolina Blue Project to conduct an independent research project and submit the results to conference presentations or peer-reviewed journals as a first author. For more information on the project, please visit our website at: or send your CV to the PI, Dr. Grace Wu, at

Faculty Advisor
Grace Wu
Research Supervisor
Grace Wu
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