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Research Assistant – Politics of Crime in Latin America

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Seeking a research assistant for a project focused on the politics of crime and violence in Latin America. The project focuses on political rhetoric and policy proposals during election campaigns in Brazil and Mexico, particularly with regard to policies proposed to combat crime. The project seeks to understand how “progressive” and “conservative” politicians discuss these issues in high crime areas, and how their messaging is (or is not) distinct.
Opportunity for a student to engage in text-as-data work and develop data collection skills in the field of politics and political communication. The project will also provide the student with the opportunity to learn how a political science research project is developed and executed.

The student would assist with campaign platform text analysis, including cleaning text and identifying relevant political positions. The student must have basic to intermediate Portuguese skills, or at minimum advanced Spanish skills. In particular, appropriate for students with interests/majors in Political Science, PWAD, Global Studies, Public Policy, Communications, Conflict Management, Economics, Latin American Studies, Media and Journalism, and/or Portuguese and Spanish. A resume and short (1-2 paragraph) application letter that discusses student’s interest and relevant qualifications is required.

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Isabel Laterzo
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Isabel Laterzo
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