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The Pegard lab is in search of two undergraduate students interested in developing, distributing via PyPI, and helping with the maintenance of two software packages. The collaboration will last 1 year and doing research for credit is possible. For qualifying candidates, and after a trial period, monetary compensation is possible.

Package 1: DeepCGH
under the supervision of Hossein Eybposh, a graduate student in Pegard lab, you will add new functionalities to the package and prepare it for submission to PyPI. You will also write appropriate tests for the package.

Package 2: GradientOptics
Based on tf.Keras deep learning framework, we developed a package to facilitate GPU-accelerated simulation of optical systems. The package aims to be fast, easy to use, and comprehensive. The software engineer will help a team of graduate students develop more functionalities in the package, develop appropriate testing, and eventually distribute the software via PyPI. There will be a scientific publication associated with this work and your contributions will be reflected in the authorship.

Please send me your resume/CV if you are interested.

Faculty Advisor
Nicolas C. Pegard
Research Supervisor
Hossein Eybposh
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