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Stein Lab Neuroscience Research Assistant

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We are seeking a highly motivated undergraduate interested in understanding neurodevelopmental conditions, like autism spectrum disorder.

We take light sheet fluorescence microscopy images of mouse brains that recapitulate the clinical macrocephaly phenotype found in patients with the Chd8 heterozygous mutation. Using a series of computational tools and machine learning techniques, we are training an algorithm to ‘learn’ how to identify the millions of cells that are located in the mouse brain.

Please visit our website for additional project details:

We expect high quality work, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent time management. In this research experience, you will learn about:

– Our mouse model and overall experimental pipeline to generate light sheet images
– Basic machine learning techniques
– A new software tool (Segmentor) to train our machine learning algorithm

As part of the Stein Lab, you are welcome to attend our weekly lab meetings and journal clubs. Some undergraduates may be able to perform wet lab experiments, pending high achievement in this project and project availability.

At minimum, you are expected to:

1) Trace nuclei (10 hours per week, 50 nuclei/week)
2) Attend weekly meetings
3) Complete 1 training image for recommendation letter consideration.

Please include your resume and/or CV and a brief summary of your research interests/career aspirations.

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Jason Stein
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Jason Stein
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