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UNC student laboratory assistant position

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UNC student laboratory assistant position (for rising Sophomores) in a Microbiology/Immunology Research Lab in Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. This position is a support position and is NOT a research position at this time. It is for about 10-20 hours per week, but the hours can be very flexible. The student would be responsible for doing activities to support the research in the lab, such as basic lab duties: filling tip boxes, collecting biohazard trash from receptacles and transporting to the autoclave area, autoclaving glassware/lab items, restocking lab supplies, making standard buffers/stock solutions for the lab. Additionally, the student would perform other duties for the lab, including labeling tubes, and updating database records. As the student gets more familiar with the job, they may be able to help with a little research support too, but only after mastering the lab duties. No research skills are required- only attention to details and the ability to follow instructions. This is a very important position in our lab, and we value our student lab assistant. We hope the selected student might be willing to work with us throughout their undergraduate time at Carolina.

Faculty Advisor
Jenny Ting, Ph.D.
Research Supervisor
Michael Thompson
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