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Undergraduate Research Assistant

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We are looking for a few volunteer research assistants to help with a project on racial discourse in large American Protestant churches. More specifically, we need assistance in locating video archives for the 113 gigachurches (10,000+ attendees per week), downloading or creating transcripts of the video-recorded religious services or sermons, doing some cleaning of transcripts, and hopefully also helping to code some of the transcripts. We will hold semi-regular research team meetings to talk through challenges, compare notes, and get updates on how various team members are analyzing the data. In this position, you will gain familiarity with an academic research project and qualitative data collection, cleaning, and coding. We do not have any openings for paid positions right now, but that could change. We anticipate offering work-study positions in the fall semester.

The work is asynchronous on your own computer wherever you would like to work. We are hoping RAs can work somewhere between 5-10 hours per week. Please send a brief statement about why you want to get research experience and any interest you have in race and religion along with a CV to Positions available ASAP. Please apply by June 5.

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Dr. Lisa Pearce
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Dr. Lisa Pearce
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