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Undergraduate Research Assistant: Adolescent Binge Alcohol Exposure

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Effect of adolescent binge alcohol exposure on behavioral flexibility:

We study brain mechanisms underlying the effects of alcohol binge drinking during adolescence. We use rats as an animal model for human behavior in order to observe brain measurements that are too invasive to detect in people. Most of our experiments involve exposing rats to binge levels of alcohol during adolescence, then testing how behavior and neurophysiology is changed during adulthood. We currently need a student to help with running the rodent behavioral assays. Specifically, we will determine how adolescent alcohol changes behavior in an Attentional Set Shifting Task. The behavioral data you generate will be linked to neuronal activation/silencing via DREADDs (Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs). Student researchers are a valuable part of our research team. You will have real responsibilities and contribute directly to the data we generate to learn about the brain.

Availability: The primary experiment will require 3-4 hours per day for bouts of time (11 consecutive days), but will have gaps for days/weeks in between bouts.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Donita Robinson
Research Supervisor
Dr. Carol Dannenhoffer
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