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Undergraduate Research Assistants Needed for a Data Science Project

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I’m a PhD student in the sociology department, and I’m currently seeking undergraduate research assistants to support me in the data collection process for my dissertation project. This project lies at the intersection of social science and computational methods. It aims to examine the cross-country diffusion of public interests in feminism by analyzing Google Trends data from nearly 200 countries.

As a research assistant, your responsibilities will include:
– Attending weekly or biweekly meetings with the research supervisor, either in person or via Zoom
– Collecting Google Trends data related to searches on feminism for selected countries
– Translating non-English terms or queries into English
– Writing R codes and/or replicating existing scripts
– Cleaning and wrangling data
– Producing descriptive statistics and data visualizations

Proficiency in coding with R and basic knowledge of statistical analysis are required. Additionally, I’m looking for research assistants who possess an open mindset, are eager to learn, pay close attention to detail, can stick to a schedule, and follow through on deliverables. The research assistantship will begin in Summer 2023 (as soon as can be arranged) and will continue into the coming academic year. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

Faculty Advisor
Scott Duxbury
Research Supervisor
Yunlin Li
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