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Undergraduate Research (Mathematics and Related)

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We are examining the effect of background geometry on solutions to the wave equation. This can be used, e.g., to answer questions about what light waves do near black holes. A region outside of a black hole exists where light can orbit the black hole rather than traveling on straight lines as we are more accustomed to. This is a known obstruction to many measures of dispersion, and one class of projects focuses on finding out precisely what must be lost. This is an undergraduate research opportunity in mathematics. Students, at a minimum, should be familiar with Math 233 and Math 383, though Math 521 may also be helpful. Applicants should provide a resume and a list of relevant coursework (including the textbook used, instructor, and grade received). Please also provide the name of a faculty member within the Department of Mathematics who may be able to speak to your performance in a class.

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Jason Metcalfe
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Jason Metcalfe
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