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Volunteer Research Assistant

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This position will support the QUEST Study (Queer Experiences of Stress, Strength, and Transformation), a research project that will investigate sexual orientation identity development among LGBTQ+ youth (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other sexual minority identities) and the potential relationships between sexual minority identity development and mental health disparities, including depression and suicidality. You can learn more about the Quest Study at .

We are looking for volunteer research assistants (RAs) to join our team. RAs on our team get involved in different aspects of the research, which can include conducting literature searches, reading and summarizing the literature on a topic, recruiting participants, collecting data, data entry, analyzing data, interpreting results, and preparing reports of findings. Training for research tasks will be provided. Our team typically meets weekly or biweekly, depending on how much is going on with our projects.

Unfortunately, we do not have funds to pay RAs, but students find the experience worthwhile because you can learn new knowledge and skills, you gain an experience for your resume, and this experience can help prepare you for a graduate program. We ask that RAs devote at least 5 hours per week to our research and commit to be involved for at least 2 semesters. (Summers are optional.) If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer RA, please email Magdelene Ramon (, Project Manager, your resume and a cover letter outlining why you are interested in this work, any research experience or skills, other relevant experience, and relevant coursework.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Will Hall
Research Supervisor
Magdelene Ramon
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