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OUR Department Liaisons

The faculty, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students and staff listed below are Department Liaisons. Many of them have posted their willingness to talk with you about research opportunities in their departments in the Database of Research Opportunities. Please feel free to contact and/or make an appointment with them to discuss your interests. The Liaisons have prepared tips on preparing your CV and writing a contact e-mail message, so you might want to review these suggestions before your meeting.

If you are a graduate student, postdoctoral scholar, or faculty member interested in serving as a liaison for undergraduate research, please see the position description (pdf) and contact the Associate Director.

If you are an undergraduate student and your area does not have a Liaison at the moment, we encourage you to contact an OUR Ambassador or make an appointment to speak with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your major.

Department Faculty Student(s)
African, African American & Diaspora Studies Charlene Regester None
American Studies Mathew Swiatlowski Lindsay Oliver
Anthropology Dale Hutchinson Chris Lamack, Abby Gancz
Archaeology Dale Hutchinson Chris Lamack, Abby Gancz
Art & Art History Maggie Cao Hampton Smith
Asian Studies Robin Visser Maggie McKenzie
Biology Gidi Shemer Sarah Wu, Andre Reiter, Emily Shaljian, Hannah Rendulich, John Brown, Nicole Melchiorre
Biomedical Engineering Richard Goldberg None
Chemistry Frank Leibfarth Jenny Hu
Classics Janet Downie None
Communication Sarah Dempsey, Edward Rankus Matthew Williams
Computer Science Diane Pozefsky None
Dramatic Art Mark Perry Isabella St. Onge
Economics Lutz Hendricks None
English & Comparative Literature Hilary Lithgow Ellie Baker, Blythe Gulley, Shraya Changela
Environment & Ecology Leda Van Doren William Reid Brown
Environmental Sciences & Engineering Davis Holcomb ,
Breanne Holmes
William Reid Brown
Exercise & Sports medicine Meridith Petschauer Elliee Rudd, Ashley Dibbert, Kou Yang
Geography Aaron Moody None
Geological Sciences Kevin Stewart Hannah Holtzmann
Germanic & Slavic Languages Gabriel Trop Claire Staresinic
Health Policy & Management Karl Umble None
History Brett Whalen Catherine Blake-Harris
Lingusitics David Mora-Marin Kristen Lavery
Marine Sciences Alicia Septer, Karl Castillo None
Mathematics Richard Rimanyi, Hans Christianson Katrina Lu
Music Lee Weisert Jakob Hamilton
Neurology Jeff DiBerto None
Pharmaceutical Sciences Albert Bowers, Phillip Smith, Tim Wiltshire None
Philosophy Marc Lange Marina Greenfeld
Physics & Astronomy Frank Tsui Margie Bruff
Psychology & Neuroscience Sabrina Robertson Melissa Burroughs,
Nicole DeBryune
Psychology Vicki Chanon Noah Coker
Political Science Navin Bapat Aida Al-Akhdar
Public Policy Anna Krome-Lukens Carolyne Barker
Religious Studies Juliane Hammer Neal Furry
Romance Studies Amy Chambless None
Sociology Howard Aldrich Meghan Watts
Statistics & Operations Research Quoc Tran-Dinh Moreau Mo, Grant Egnatz, Rachel Austin