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Zoe Wade


How/Why Research? After running cross-country and track in high school and developing a stress fracture in my foot during my senior year, I became interested in Exercise and Sports Science (EXSS) research, especially studies involving injury recovery. I cold emailed … Read more

Charlotte Rubin


How/Why Research? When I came to Carolina, I wanted to get involved in research to engage with my major and the material I was learning in class in a more active and meaningful way. I also wanted to explore potential … Read more

Rodina Eliwa


How/Why Research? I first was introduced to the idea of research through an IDST198 class I was in last year. We had many guest speakers talk about research and about how to get involved. I started really thinking about my … Read more

Georgia McLeod


How/Why Research? Coming into my first year at Carolina, I knew I wanted to get involved in clinical research because I was excited by the idea of a project that would directly affect patients. After lots of searching and several … Read more

Madelyn Coble


How/Why Research? My explorative personality made research my priority in my undergraduate education. I received my research position by taking the class IDST 184 with Dr. Pleasants. Thanks to our unit on constructing a cold email, I carefully created and … Read more

Rishyendra Medamanuri


How/Why Research? My goal with research is to apply my computer science skills in various fields to foster innovation. I got involved in research by finding suitable labs and then cold-emailing professors. Research Experience: I have limited research experience in … Read more

Rashmi Ramanujam


How/Why Research? I was interested in working with genetics after participating in a high school summer research program and taking a genetics course during my senior year of HS. I explored my combined interest in plants and genetics by working … Read more

Gabriel Gong


How/Why Research? Research was something that I always found interesting but never knew how to get into until I got into college. In order to get involved, I applied to various Research Assistant work-study positions for labs that had interesting … Read more

Akhil Malakapalli


How/Why Research? I decided to pursue research because I am excited about learning and applying skills related to solving real problems. I began to be involved in high school by reaching out to professors studying what I was interested in. … Read more

Qingyang (Claire) Sun


How/Why Research? I knew I would like to fit into a research career as I like the vibe of being in a lab, so I actively looked for research opportunities once I entered UNC. I first got involved in research … Read more