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Sarah Broyhill


How/Why Research? I have a special interest in women’s reproductive health as a career path, so I looked specifically for UNC professors doing research on that topic. I emailed and met with a professor that was performing research I was interested … Continued

Hannah-Marie Santos


How/Why Research? Since I enrolled in UNC, I knew I wanted to start in research as soon as possible. I wanted my first week of classes at UNC to also be my first week in a lab setting! I was … Continued

Jake McGillion-Moore


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because it allowed me to be part of neuroscience in a way that advances the field as a whole while also furthering my knowledge of neuroscience. Once I was set on getting involved, … Continued

Haven Ross


How/Why Research? I got involved with research to connect all that I have learned to real world. Being able to apply what I have learned in school answered a lot of questions I had regarding the importance of my educational … Continued

Ava Davis


How/Why Research? I have a neurological condition that affects my vision. With this in mind, I came into UNC knowing I wanted to partake in research involving vision, neuroscience, and low-income communities. Research Experience: In the fall of 2021, I … Continued

Rohan Udeshi


How/Why Research? I really wanted to get involved in research through my interest in medical Ophthalmology. I wanted to discover how researchers learn and treat ocular diseases apart from how clinical Ophthalmologists treat. I got involved through scrolling through research … Continued

Kevin Gomez-Gonzalez


How/Why Research? I got involved in research because I wanted to explore topics that impacted by community beyond what I felt possible in my role as a student journalist. This process included consulting with fellow journalists and students, community leaders … Continued

Tiffanie Lee


How/Why Research? Before I got involved with the Strahl lab, I talked with a lot of older students to learn about their experiences with scientific research at Carolina and attended OUR’s “Getting Involved in Research” workshop in order to determine … Continued

Paula Bravver


How/Why Research? I became involved in research to better understand the scientific process as well to gain the skills outside of a classroom environment to become a better scientist. I joined the lab in the spring of 2020 through browsing … Continued

Roger Yu


How/Why Research? I got involved in this research because of my interest in the sciences as well as it was a work-study opportunity for me. I then reached out to my current mentor Dr.Button who hired me as a work-study … Continued