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How/Why Research? Coming into Carolina, I knew I wanted to be involved in laboratory research regarding DNA and contribute to something I am passionate about. I attended several research seminars and took IDST 184, both of which introduced me to research on UNC’s campus. I got involved in research my first-year by reaching out to a peer that currently works in the lab. After discussing about the lab with her, I knew this was a topic I would enjoy working on and an opportunity that would allow me to develop meaningful relationships with my mentors. I reached out to the lab manager and expressed my interests and qualifications in an interview. I was thrilled to get the position and working in the lab has been one of my most fulfilling experiences at UNC.

Research Experience: I work in Dr. Strahl’s Lab in the UNC School of Medicine. The lab focuses on histone post-translational modifications, which regulate the structure and function of chromatin and influence gene transcription. Specifically, I study the yeast metabolic cycle of S. cerevisiae, how histone crotonylation and acetylation are influenced in different conditions, and the role of YEATS domain. I have had the opportunity to perform new laboratory techniques, such as Western Blotting, SDS-PAGE gels, and TCA extraction. Throughout my time as a research assistant, I have been able to interact with wonderful mentors at the lab, find a research topic that I am passionate about, and contribute to the scientific community. Surrounded by UNC’s research-intensive environment, I have often witnessed students feel overwhelmed about how to get involved with research. My advice for students would be to approach finding a research position with an open-mind and be willing to get involved in new topics as you never know what doors it may open. I am happy to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to reach out to me!

Student Organizations/Clubs: Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), Carolina Cancer Association, Pre-Health Students and Career Prep.

Random Fun Fact: I have lived in Scranton, PA, for 13 years but still have not watched an episode of The Office.