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How/Why Research? As an avid scuba diver and wildlife enthusiast from a young age, marine research has always been something I was interested in. Marine research became a passion of mine during high school after I conducted marine research on invasive lionfish in the Caribbean. When I arrived at UNC, I was determined to join a marine lab that would allow me to conduct marine research in the field. Through IDST-194, a class that introduces students to how research on campus is conducted, I was able to find and join the Bruno Lab of Marine Ecology and Conservation during my fall semester of freshman year.

Research Experience: I currently work in the Bruno Lab of Marine Ecology and Conservation where I have studied algae predation in the Galápagos and am currently performing a meta-analysis on Acropora coral restoration in the Caribbean. My goal for this research project is to develop an Acropora coral restoration database that will promote more effective coral restoration. This summer I will be traveling to the Galápagos to study the effects of temperature on the metabolism of various marine organisms. This research will illuminate the effects of rising temperatures due to climate change on marine organisms. As a NOAA Hollings Scholar, I will also be conducting marine research as an intern in a NOAA lab in the summer of 2022.

Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC JOURney, Carolina Scientific, UNC-CH Scuba Club.

Random Fun Fact: I worked as a dive guide in Cozumel, Mexico and went diving with whale sharks the summer before my freshman year at UNC.