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How/Why Research? When I came to Carolina, I had no plans to pursue a research opportunity. After taking a few introductory research classes, I realized how fun research could be when it is about something I loved. In the summer before my sophomore year, I found my current job listed as a work-study opportunity and decided to try for the position. I almost was not even offered an interview! Nevertheless, it worked out; I have been working in my current position for two years and am planning to return for a third.

Research Experiences: In my first year at UNC, I had a special CHEM 102 lab experience that focused on developing research skills while also working to develop and execute a research project along with a small group of my peers. Since my sophomore year, I have been working under Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan in the Applied Physiology Lab within the EXSS department. Our research focuses primarily on supplementation and training interventions, along with studying body composition and metabolism. I work both directly with participants during training and testing sessions as well as indirectly via data processing and dietary log assessment.