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How/Why Research? I became involved in research due to several reasons: I am interested in attending a MD/PhD program and I wanted to see if I would enjoy working in the research realm, and I also enjoy learning more about cells, the body as a whole, and how the body reacts to diseases/infections/problems. When I started to look for available research positions, I first spoke with my research mentors so that I could become aware of the important resources available to me. I then used these resources, spoke with several of my professors for advice and to also see if I could become involved in their labs, and also checked the Office of Undergraduate Research website daily for new postings.

Research Experience: I use laboratory techniques such as extraction, distillation, gel purification and gel electrophoresis to study the effects of HIV-1 and HIV-2 on patients and cell lines, and also how effective ART treatments are in patients that regularly and irregularly participate in the treatments, how common mutations are in the patients that irregularly participate, and how to combat and treat these mutations. I am currently learning basic laboratory techniques and am slowly being given more responsibilities on projects and cell lines, and this experience will help me learn more about if I want to work in the research realm, what my interests are, and how to critically analyze and solve problems.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Carolina Health Samaritian Society club and the Mental Health Ambassadors club

Also Happy to Chat about: I am comfortable talking with students who are in low-income situations, students who deal with mental health issues (how to communicate their mental health needs to their PIs), students who have aged out of foster care, students who have no parental support system/students who are financially independent.

Random Fun Fact: I love to ice skate!