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How/Why Research? I came into college knowing that I was interested in neuropharmacology and medicine, especially within mental health and disorders. I was encouraged to get involved in research at UNC to explore this path further and get some hands-on experience. I didn’t know much about the process coming in but I started by searching neuropharmacology at UNC and looking through the faculty pages that came up to learn more about their specific projects. I reached out to those that fit my interests to ask about available positions and briefly outline my interests and qualifications. After a few interviews, I chose a lab studying neuroimmunology in alcohol use disorders. This lab experience has been invaluable in helping me develop both important lab skills

Research Experiences: I work in the Crews Lab in the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies, where I have primarily been working on a project studying the effects of alcohol abuse on Alzheimer’s pathology. We primarily use mice models to observe the relationships between the two disorders, in terms of neuroimmunology and neuropharmacology. I’ve been able to get some experience with almost every aspect of the process to develop basic and diverse skills and slowly start moving to more advanced skills. I’ve also learned a lot from working with grad students and faculty in the lab who have given me advice about my goals and provided incredibly useful mentorship. My roles shift throughout different stages of the project but I have spent the majority of my time treating the mice, preparing brain tissue for observation, and analyzing protein and mRNA samples.

Student Organizations/Clubs: GlobeMed, Web Dev Carolina.

Random Fun Fact: I cross-stitch and do embroidery!