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How/Why Research? I discovered my passion for both cognitive psychology and research in high school when I took an independent research class and studied the Google Effect – the phenomenon where you are more likely to forget information you know you can look up. This experience propelled me to seek out more research opportunities in cognitive psychology once arriving at Carolina, and, after sending out my fair share of rejected applications, I joined an attention and memory lab that spring. I have gotten my research positions through cold emailing, traditional job applications (including the work-study application), the Gil Internship, and non-UNC summer research programs, so I am happy to talk to students interested in applying to any of these!

Research Experiences: I currently work in the Mulligan Lab studying attention and memory phenomena such as the Testing Effect, as well as the Arnold Lab, where I study factors that influence pronoun comprehension. I am also working on a project examining patterns of brain volume loss in Alzheimer’s patients at NIRAL, and I spent a year in the Weisshaar Lab looking at gender and racial discrimination in hiring. I hope to continue doing research in the future, specifically focusing on learning and memory research that has educational applications.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Helping Give Away Psychological Science, Psi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa.

Random Fun Fact: When I’m not researching the brain, I enjoy creating brain-related embroideries.