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How/Why Research? I found my passion in research after completing a semester-long research project in high school. I loved how my curiosity was encouraged and that the field created a never-ending cycle of learning. I began seeking a research position at UNC the spring of my freshman year by emailing professors from the Biology department whose research interested me. I was accepted into a summer position at ClinGen, part of the Berg lab, doing a biocuration study on the MYH7 gene. Later, I received a follow-up email from a lab that was originally full, offering a new opening for the fall semester. I was selected for the position within the Sekelsky lab where I am researching my own project mapping the protein-protein interaction of Blm helicase and Top3a.

Research Experiences: I started my research experience as a volunteer in a dry lab before expanding to also conduct a project for course credit within a wet lab. Each of these settings are unique, but present their own perks and challenges for me to conquer. My favorite research opportunity so far has been completing Biology 395/495 with the Sekelsky lab. Being in the lab for <10 hours per week has really helped me dive deeper into my project and take a look into a career in research. I have learned key skills for achieving my goal like conducting experiments, interpreting results, and engaging in scientific communication and teamwork.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society.

Random Fun Fact: I did competitive Irish dancing for 10 years!