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How/Why Research? I have always been interested in why people make the decisions they do, and I learned that research is the best avenue for exploring that. I got involved in research through work-study positions and emailing professors.

Research Experience: My research focused on how an individual’s political affiliation and personality affects their reluctance to get vaccinated. I found that individuals high in neuroticism and openness to experience are less vaccine hesitant, and this is largely due to the fact that individuals high in these traits are more likely to identify as liberal. This research is useful as it could help public health officials create programs to better inform those who are vaccine hesitant and approach vaccine hesitancy in new ways.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Carolina Psychology and Neuroscience Ambassadors, Mental Health Ambassadors, Carolina International Relations Association

Random Fun Fact: I can practically quote very episode of Frasier, Friends, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.