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How/Why Research? I was introduced to the various examples of neuroscience research and research techniques at UNC through my NSCI 175 class. My professor made sure to incorporate relevant research studies into each unit, one of which sparked my interest in systems neuroscience and sensation. As a Music double major, I intrigued by the neural mechanisms underlying hearing, so I researched faculty at UNC whose research aligned with my interests. I reached out to Dr. Kato via email to learn more about his research, and subsequently joined the lab!

Research Experience:┬áMy first research experience was at NYU’s Neuroscience institute, where I studied the characteristics of brain oscillations during sleep of epileptic mice. Later, I joined the Kato Lab, where I currently perform histological analysis of mouse brains to dissect the neural pathways of fast auditory processing. Understanding the detailed neural connectivity of the auditory brain is important to gain a more complete picture of how these mechanisms can fail in hearing disorders. I also conduct research analyzing how the locations of different portions of the auditory processing center can vary based on sex, age, and genotype in mice.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Carolina Scientific Magazine, Creative Futures.

Random Fun Fact: I love taking on challenging baking projects like croissants and layered cakes!