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How/Why Research? I discovered my passion for Statistics & Analytics after pursuing an environmental research internship at the NCSU Department of Statistics during high school. I was offered to participate in the Carolina Research Scholars Program at UNC Chapel Hill, where I enrolled in IDST 194, a course that introduced me to the plethora of research opportunities available at UNC. I also combined my love for statistical research with my passion for entrepreneurship by working as a market researcher for a local tech startup. I learned more about the research projects within UNC’s Department of Statistics and was selected for a position under the mentorship of Prof. Shankar Bhamidi, where I am researching epidemic spread within dynamic contact networks.

Research Experience: I am currently conducting research under Professor Shankar Bhamidi in the UNC Statistics and Operations Research Department. I am researching and developing SIR Model simulations for predicting the epidemic spread of viruses (such as COVID-19) through a population. I am also researching methods of network and cluster diffusion, branching processes, and agent-based modeling using EpiModel. Analyzing contagion spread creates a better understanding of the effectiveness of different protocols and precautions taken during the time of an epidemic. Exploring the connections between various layers of connected networks, including social, epidemic, and information networks, allows individuals to make knowledgeable decisions when choosing to make changes to set protocols.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Carolina Analytics and Data Science (CADS)

Random Fun Fact: I am a member of the UNC Club Gymnastics team!