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How/Why Research? I decided to be involved in research after a high school research experience in organic chemistry. I got involved in research at UNC by reaching out to the professors and PIs whose research I was interested in. Whether it be sending emails or attending seminars, I made an effort to reach out and learn more about their research. I was also able to get help from the professors of my courses so I could search for a specific area of research that I was interested in.

Research Experience: My research experience at UNC began in my freshman year at the Kabanov Lab. The Kabanov lab researches the use of nanomedicine to address major needs in the medical field, such as the specific targeting of cancers and diseases. In my sophomore year, I also collaborated on a research project in the Pharmacology Department of the UNC School of Medicine. This research concentrated on gathering the biochemical information of a scaffold family called 1,2,3-dithiazoles to develop a concise review of its medical application.

Student Organizations/Clubs: Carolina Cancer Association, Spread Love Foundation.

Random Fun Fact: I took organic chemistry twice.