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How/Why Research?Curiosity was the main reason that drove me to find my passion for research. I found multiple opportunities on the OUR website which offered a lot of different research opportunities. I was able to find positions that aligned with my research interests and contacted the research labs through email. After interviewing I learned more about the research lab and their expectations of me and found the lab that worked best for me. Research has not only given me a better knowledge of the skills necessary in lab but has also allowed me to learn new and interesting things about the research I do.

Research Experiences: My first research experience was with the Frohlich Lab, where I worked with ferrets to understand the causal role of brain oscillation in cognition and psychiatric illnesses. My role in the lab involved training the ferrets to do certain tasks and then help perform surgeries to study the interaction between brain stimulation and neural dynamics. Later, I joined the Social Neuroscience and Health Lab, where I helped conduct the CogIn study which looks at the bi-directional links between social stress and inflammation. I assist with the collection and processing of biodata and serve as an experimenter during the Trier Social Stress Task portion of our study. Additionally, I work in the Flick Lab studying the role the fibrinolytic system has in the development of pancreatic cancer. Being a part of research has become a huge part of my identity at college and I hope to continue doing research throughout my future career.

Student Organizations/Clubs: UNC Samaa, Student Government, UNC Institute of Politics.

Random Fun Fact: I can speak four languages.